Saturday, October 29, 2011

301/365-11 Rush-ish-Design-ish-Job.

how this ^ happened.

the design wanted to be emulated

The overnight design. Nice but got an e-mail in the morning that it looks good but need
some adjustments. So he asked me to go meet him to do it. Was a bit reluctant since I wanted
to do work and wall, and I expected myself to be done before 3pm.

The concepts worked out in front of him.

Chose this in the end because he liked the first one,
but he didn't want it too look to much like it's a direct borrowed
reference of Mr&Mrs Fragrance's logotype.
'cause he needs to send the design
to the print guy on the day itself (today donno when)

Yeah. And I got an unexpected payment 0.o
I declined at first but heck, after that he just gave
it anyway and I was thinking that I still had my own
financial debts to settle regarding my 2 separate bank
accounts. So I cast aside my shame for a bit and took
the cash. Man, financial burden sucks XD

I lazy put watermarks. Maybe not now la. But next time.
Perhaps I still haven't got tricked by people who'd steal my artwork
or whatever, but not like I have great design anyways. So why bother?

Already watermarked. I don't care if you use my own artwork,
but this is a company work so. Yeah. If you still wanna steal it, go ahead,
I wanna see how far your copying skills can go XD
If you wanna use it or whatever, use la. I couldn't care less really.
Since this is just the jpeg anyways. Even if you print it and blow it up,
it won't look good. And if you trace it, well, enjoy your work XE

But it wouldn't harm to just ask permission sometimes. Heh.


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