Tuesday, November 01, 2011

303/365-11 Dragonwyrm Valley

Thralmir and his merry party journey forth towards the northern lands of Faerun, in search of a legendary mountain which was believed to be the body of a great dragon wyrm from the distant planes of the astral blight in search of great wonders, hidden lore, and buried secrets eager to be found.

Their boots treaded far as they journeyed beyond the green faerie hills of the great Northern Sprites, facing much faerie trickery with Calim the halfling thief almost being sucked into eternal oblivion as a result of the many attempts of faeries to play with their newfound toys as much as they could before the passing.

Thereafter lies the passing the great marsh swamps of  Black Leech Lake, which is as the name implies. A black morbid swamp filled with ooze and all things gooey, swarmed with multitudes of different leech species. Some were small an harmless and some were bigger than Frost Giants, which the party fortunately survived the escape.

Just as they thought the perils of their journey has come to an end,  they were challenged by the task of traversing through winterland mountains, filled with brittle snow threatening to call an avalanche down like a flashflood at the slightest pitch of high frequency sound waves. There was also frostbite to think about, but fortunately for them, Kendra the Sorceress willed up enough magic to keep them warm with her affinity to the Flames.

When her energy tired out, Teris, the elf ranger spread the hides of the many wild beasts they have encountered and looted from and distributed them equally to all the party members. Warmth filled the touch of their skin and they finally felt a sense of queer coziness again.

Albeit all the many challenges they've faced, their boots kept on moving, step by step, stride after stride. The area became foggy, and the find themselves standing in front of a massive rope bridge. Teris was a master or reading terrains and landscapes and studied her handheld map with tremendous detail and before her gaze got back to sights around her. The mist then began to unshroud little by little, and they witnessed the piercing light on the sun's northern rays break through the cloud mosaic. The glorious beam reflected through the cystal lake and there it was, Dragonwyrm Valley. A rush of excitement rushed through the veins of the adventuring party, unbeknownst to them that their true adventure awaits in their next destination of great wonders, hidden lore, and buried secrets eager to be found.

The Book of Thralmir,  Prologue.


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