Wednesday, November 02, 2011

304/365-11 New Web Design (again)

Yeah, whuddado. I got bashed in class for failed typo (because I used Chiller and I thought it was a way of showing how I like to be creative. Pfft, at least I tried right?), unmatching colour blablabla,
poor alignment issues (My headers were a big too big for the balance). I accept all but one. Some said my colours were too bright, and I'm pretty sure it was just and only because of the screen projector because I wasn't the only person who shot in the face with the similar comment, but after looking at it on
screen and that person also asked the lecturer, it looks completely ok. So anyways,
yeah. Because the original orange was a bit paler and the grey was darker.
After the class comment session, I agree that the colours didn't really work
because the colours were a bit too dark somewhat. Maybe that was what
a friend of mine was trying to point out the other time but she couldn't
pick it out right away. SO ANYWAYS.

 I just hope I don't have to change anymore besides my own minor adjustments
here and there for the margins and little things. XD

was so tempted to use orange and green. but meh,
i discovered some other hidden greys and oranges
when I looked extra harder and there, looks better
already. Well, I think.


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