Thursday, November 10, 2011

312/365-11 so i've got 504 hours left

tills this semester ends. And I only have 480 hours left effective immediately, since one day just passed as I type this blogpost. Oh the irony.

Some of the frames I like. It's all sketchy. Need to put in all the details later.
But not a lot later. According to my calculations, I only have...
322 hours to work with if I can actually make myself sleep only 6
hours a day and use the remaining 18 hours of  my life all focused on
my assignments. But mainly storyboard since I have 135 frames to complete.
And well, I've only completed half (rough) of the so far. 

I assume I need at least 3 hours for each frame so..., that's almost 400 hours.
Maybe I can push it to be 2 hours each. So.. 270? Well, that depends, since
certain frames might require for time as it needs more extra little details here and there.

I still have manga. And my website. And Business & Marketing. 
And Concept Art. Oh, and my friend's thing. Hmmm...

Lets just say I manage to pull through with 2 hours each. Or whatever, I have a remainder of 
maybe 70 frames more. If 3 hours each, that's.. 210 hours. I sleep 6 hours a day for 21 20 days.
That's 126 120 hours. Which means I have another 90 hours to rest/sleep more/exercise/procrastinate/
do something worthwhile like other assignments.

Concept art, maybe 4 hours a week since I need to show progress in a 
3 week time span. So.. 12 hours there. I have 78 hours left.

Then I have Manga. I finished all my pages already. Need to ink, and layer it with real water colour.
Mmmm. I'll take 2 days, 12 hours each, 24 hours. So.. I have 66 hours left.

Business and Marketing. Shouldn't take too long, but just in case, I'd put in another 12 hours here.
Donwanna make any silly mistakes which'd cause me to redo things. That'd eat up even more time.
54 hours left.

Now there's... my website. And Portfolio Presentation. I'll put both of them together.
It is the same subject after all. Website gonna be a tough thing to do, linking all
the gibberish mumbo jumbos wrought with dreadful htmls. So maybe 24 hours.
30 left.

My friend's thing. *sigh*. I'll see if I can finish it within 8 hours. I hope that's ample enough
time for me to create a work of satisfactory quality. Wait, I better not hope. Just do it.
So, 22 extra hours to myself to eat, take bath, brush teeth and shit and piss. Oh great.

Looks like it's bound to be on helluva hectic life. Oh wait, I forgot blogging.


Ok, enough dreadful stuff. Wanna share an e-mail I sent to my lecturer and what the lecturer
replied in return. Skip it if you're not so keen on reading another wall of text. ^^

Dear seekay & elle,

I recall you mentioning in class previously that the more we 
can share with you the better right? I actually already have 
figured out some of the things I'd be doing after I finish up 
TOA's remaining courses. So... here are my facts.

First and foremost, I intend to land a job somewhere. Doesn't 
have to be art related. Just needs to give me a steady income 
for the time being while I continue brushing up my skills until 
I'm more confident to go for an interview with a strong(er) portfolio. 
Also to pay up my study loan of course. And yes, I'm not 
confident enough to show my portfolio work in any open 
interview at the moment, but I'd grab whatever best work 
I have and go ahead anyway for this subject ^^

I kinda lost my faith in art a while back when Kinsun failed me
during Illustration 2. I felt dreadful for a time, until I went for the
first class and met a new bunch of friends who rekindled that
drive to go forward again. Still friends and still moving forward :)

I'm not aiming big in the art industry, but I want to be able to
touch people with my work one day and make enough for my
family and I. Everything else is a plus :D

Next year, I intend to become a Malaysian Protour Qualifier 
for Magic The Gathering. I've always been interested in the 
game, ever since my brother first introduced it to me and their 
artworks always inspired me to do more artworks. It'd be nice 
if I could get a commission from them someday and be part of 
the group of artists who are famed for their artworks and be
immortalized into the game itself with the card illustrations.

Within the next 3 years, I want to cycle all over Malaysia by 
backpack. Need to finish this one up as early as I can. Once 
I get too old, this option might not be viable anymore.

In the same 3 years, I'd also finish up my art therapy courses 
and begin my services. Should I feel like both art therapy and 
art are dragging me down too hard after 5 years, then I'd take a 
switch to Hospitality and Management instead. Which means 
I'd be a 26 year old student at that time. Hospitality was my 
first choice, but I was sorta pushed to a rushed decision by 
my parents and they asked me to decide as soon as I could. 
I happened to visit TOA one day with my friend, got the fee 
constructs and within the same week, all registrations were 
done for and I was enrolled into the college, totally unprepared, 
not sure what to expect. That was my first mistake and my 
greatest lesson. I wished I could've entered when I was more 
prepared, but time lost cannot be found again. So I've just gotta 
move forward :)

There's also a 5 year margin (3+2) I'm giving myself (while working and
everything) to create an animation clip between 3-5 minutes, which
I've been thinking of doing for the past year. This was inspired by this
one Vocaloid producer who created his own track using Miku's vocals
and animated a whole 3D video for her with that same song he made 
himself within a time frame of about 3 years. He was a regular salaryman.
Working 8 hours a day. And somehow he did it. So I've got no reason to 
believe I can't ^^ If you are interested, go Youtube Nebula Hastune Miku 
and you should be able to find his video. 

But if there's ever a dream job I would ever love to have, it's a job 
where I still get paid for cycling all over the world and sketching 
sceneries of the places I've set my footprints on, while blogging 
about them at every opportunity I can and have a follower rating 
as high as Marta Stewart! :D (then maybe sell my own products
as well)

Then join back voluntary works (which I've paused for a while due to
time constraints with assignments) and be involved with something
bigger than just Red Crescent.

The blog dream is well on it's way. Everything else, 
just gotta work harder and see where my preparations will take me.

If I ever land an art job someplace, I'd either be applying as a storyboard
artist or a concept artist cum designer. I'm still learning InDesign, so maybe
later I'd start desktop publishing. I'm not entirely strong at any one point,
so maybe I'd try getting a job in an ad agency somewhere since I can do
multiple tasks, including proofreading texts and translating foreign languages.

I want to have a realistic annual income of at least 60000 perannum by the time
I retire around 45/50. I'd achieve that by working in all the odd jobs I can get,
or a steady paying job in some company for at least 20 years and using my
savings to create as many intellectual properties for myself or invest in real 
estates to increase my auto-income. I should be having 2 children by then
and educational finances are to be discussed later once I get married ^^

What I'd do after retirement? Keep track of all the things I did with my blog and 
keep my blog going until I'm unable to continue one day or of someone takes 
over my blog for me. Maybe I'd open a trading card/hobby store too or a holiday
inn somewhere as well ^^ 

Yeah. Not aiming to be big in the art industry.
Just aiming to do big in all the small things I can do.

Thanks for reading!

and unexpectedly, I got a reply that just wowed me.

Hi Osla,

Many thanks for the shared content you typed.
I’m enthusiast with what you see you will be going to explore and experience.
One word, Just aiming to do big in all the small things I can do” by Osla – keep it close with you if it’s a life span you intend to venture.
Treasure the journey with no regrets. Working is just part of the life or could be your life. Whatever it is, what you see in within the small things in life to make you a better person is most worthwhile before your last breath on earth.

So all the best. Be lost for a while if you are,.. you will be awake one day, and you will be a new transformation when you are enlightened =)



Yeap, that's all folks.
For today. Tomorrow, I'll 
see if I can finish up my friend's thing ^^


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