Sunday, November 13, 2011

315/365-11 So Far So Good

for my website. Just click on an image to view the slideshow of the whole thing.
if you want to that is. Also finished my lines for manga! Gotta start painting soon.

Q: for anyone who knows good html.
Any idea how to deal with this? I have a long body text there,
but the height somehow splurges over the line i've set as a background.
I don't think any slicing went wrong, because all the other pages
are running completely fine. Hmmm... what should I do?
I tried editing the Tag Behaviour. That iframe there is within
a 2 column 1 row table itself. fkjksadbogvjkdf

Gyah.. 2 more weeks Ugh.
Storyboard is intimidating.
Gotta find a way to do things faster.


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