Saturday, December 31, 2011

362/365-11 wtf 3 days short

will make it up later. Been busy today. Just got back
around 10pm. Decided on the theme based
on Zen's work.

Problem statement. Zen's normal photos could be viewed without a problem in the LED TV even though it's a lot bigger in file size and dimensions. For the above pictures however, only pictures within 800x600 are detectable. I'm not sure what's wrong and why it's like that, 'cause my normal DSLR camera pictures can be viewed just about fine up there. Well, if anyone knows the solution, it'd be good for me to know. If not then, well, I'll just have to find out how during my stretch of free time. Mmmm...


Friday, December 30, 2011

361/365-11 Cloudchasers

I still don't get it, but I kinda get it which means I understand how it's done, but I still
don't get how it's executed when it's more finished. I need to paint more clouds.

original picture by Bahman Farzad 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

360/365-11 Terrors

Sometimes, i'd get dreams like this in my sleep. My mom heard me screaming all morning. It's no
wonder I did given the look. Throw in a red garb, flying with a shrieking impaling laughter,
with ghastly claws polished in blood red lacquer. Bloody. Dreadful.
I think that's enough to scare the shit out of anyone.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

359/365-11 Red Steps

original picture my lomokev on flickr.

Red steps, red steps. Tap, tap, and the minute passes. Red shoes, red steps. 
Shoes I wore thought me. Thought my feet, they were. Were my feet in red shoes? 
Splash, tap, tap. A curious puddle of red. Click, click, thump. An ending stride.
Red step, red shoes. Is there why in what so red as you?


Monday, December 26, 2011

357/365-11 This is weird.

Not just the drawing. There's supposed
to be 8 more days left, but today's already
26. Which means I only have 6 more days?

Impossible what. I better check my archive
this year zzzz...


Sunday, December 25, 2011

356/365-11 Christmas Fever

Ordinary Christmas suits me fine. Just wish it didn't come with a bloody
headache or a fever. Pfft.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

355/365-11 Distortions

Sometimes, the truth  just doesn't matter. Because what you see as truth
could be a lie in the eyes of others, and what they see as a lie, is the truth to them.
Distortion of reality. It happens to everyone. Even as you read this, you
might not have realized that your truth too has once been distorted.


Friday, December 23, 2011

354/365-11 I hate fevers.

I never get to draw pinafores
properly. Somehow.. today.
I guess I got it right.
Doesn't mean I hate a lot of things though.

Also doesn't mean there are a lot of things I don't hate.

Sien la. My fever broke in the morning, hurried to Zen's place because my boss wanted to see him earlier than aniticipated.

Then the meeting happened and they exchanged namecards... well, sorta. Then Zen told me he needed to go to Penang for the weekend. He needs to show some... designs for my boss by mid next week? So.. I assume that's around Wednesday.

Yeah, I also thought my boss just wanted him to do the website. Seems like he needs the design/theme first. Mmmm..

So got back to Zen's place, and well, I took my bike back to my place, got changed and joined the Christmas dinner at Lunchbox.

Don't mean to be abrupt nor rude to free food, but some of the chicken tasted heavily like chemical. My boss agreed lol. And I was starting to think it was me because I wasn't feeling too good.

So the dinner ended alright, but my body didn't. Got my fever back right after I took a shower. Geez.

I hate this fucking fever.
I'm already lazy as it is.
This is just multiplying it by
a bloody tenfold. =_=


Thursday, December 22, 2011

353/365-11 FUCKING FEVER

Sorry. Just having excruciating headache as I type this. I was ok this morning,
then I just suddenly felt cold stricken and hot at the same time. The next thing
I know, this fucked up headache is banging at my skull like some G6 hammer.

I hope I'll be ok in the morning. I need to go teman Zen to go see
mah boss and there's a dinner I need to attend tomorrow.


You're gonna be ok Osla. You're gonna
be fine. It's gonna disappear tomorrow.
I'm sure you'll be better when you wake up.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

352/365-11 I Like Endling.

Oh, Endling? Click here plz ^^
This art is nowhere compared to his. Man, if anyone could fuse manga and american cartoon influence together an create an epic style, it's gotta be this guy. Like seriously.

Oh and.. well, i guess it's not too late to start now. I need to raise RM200 for my grad campaign so kindly click on the Nuffnang or Google ads if you think I've done some good enough work. But make sure it comes straight from the heart ^^

Hm.. would anyone even buy my comic if I put it on sale? Hmmmm.... But how much should I even charge? 0.o

Waaacom I love you~ :D


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

351/365-11 Technique study at Student Lounge 2

Donno whose. Maybe Leo's. Getting ok-ish.

Might be Leo's too. Hmmm.. Other hand got prob.



Monday, December 19, 2011

350/365-11 Technique study at Student Lounge 1

Arnold Schwarzenagarwhateveryoucallhim
who is supposed to be like Terminator and
I know it doesn't look like him.

This? Oh. It's Aracorn. Form Lord of the Flies.
Aragorn, from Lord of the Rings. Yeap,
doesn't look like him neither.
More practice plz.
I think the original artworks
were Kinsun's. I think.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

349/365-11 so... rusty


Yeap... Man. MAN. URGH. So demotivated. Skipped Comic Fest today too.
Because I is broke XD

But that's just a lame excuse.
I really just don't feel like going
after Zen posted that photo of everyone
lining up at the fucking entrance. God.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

348/365-11 Motorcycle B2

Man, when was the last time I rode a bike? Probably 6 years ago? hfvhadihgvioeuwhg. ikr.

So yeah, took the damned workshop, which I kinda half-slept through the whole thing. No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the instructor. I was just feeling unusually very tired and exhausted. My eyes for that matter.

So after that, took the bike for a spin. Hope I got the sequence right since I'm gonna post this same sequence up here for me to check in the future 0.o

Figure of 8. Queue. Raise hand. When starting the course, horn once.

Narrow cement bridge. Just go through. Need to take at least 7 seconds. No less. So have to go slow and balance. Feet can't touch the ground.

Turn right. Signal right. Proceed to swerve course. Finish swerve course, then continue with emergency break. Stop at course start point. Raise hand. Turn gear to neutral. When start, horn. Change gear up. Accelerate until hit the box, then press leg brake first, followed by hand brake. Horn again.

Turn signal left, go to mini road test. Stop before yellow line.  Raise hand. When horn, turn gear to neutral. Check helmet. Check mirrors. Check front and rear lights from right to left. Look to the left and to the right. Look behind. Shift gear up. Move. See road sign, use right hand, wave 3 times. Slow down. Stop at crossroad. Shift to neutral. Look to the left. Look to the right. Look behind. Shift gear up. Follow the road. Slow down and do wave thing again when got signboard.

When finishing course. Raise hand. Horn.

And I skipped Comic Fest on purpose this year. Even though Shimokawa Mikuni and Ceui were coming. Ugh. But whaddado? Short on cash XD But the night was saved by a certain Christmas party my juniors had. Probably one of the other reasons I didn't go Comic Fest I guess. It was fun,with all the chicken wings and stuff. It was a barbecue after all. Man... haha, guess I can never leave that part of mine anytime soon.

My senior once said to me that once you're a Red Crescent, you'll forever be one. But maybe, just maybe, what he really meant to say was that once you've found your family, you'll always be a part of them because it just seems like where you belong.

But I'll leave one day.
Just not to soon ^^


Friday, December 16, 2011

347/365-11 Johor Day 3

When I looked behind me,
You were there.

I looked behind again,
You were still there.

Looking behind became
a mental cycle of sorts.

To see if your feet are okay.
To see if you can go on.

Just to see if you are okay
Just to see if you're still there.

And maybe,
just maybe,
when I looked to see
it's a smile I see

I'll look to see behind me,
Even if you aren't behind me.

Because there are still things to see,
Even as they become one with sea.

Memories to hold on to.
Memories to protect.

So here I am wondering
if you'll look to see behind you,
even if I weren't behind you.

Unrelated picture I can assure you.

Well, there's nothing much to say about
the 3rd day other than the departure and
the awesome McD's meal which was like
300 times better than any McD's you can
have all over KL. So, yeah. Johor was fun.
But it totally fried both our budgets. Mainly
because... er.. well, stuff. We shall plan better
in whatever our next trip is lolz. :D


Thursday, December 15, 2011

346/365-11 Johor day 2

Yeah. Artiste block. Drawing crappy stuff now. Don't ask P:

So today we woke up around 9.30am. Lazed around in the awesome bed while watching *beep* *tv turns on* and... NOOSE CHANNEL D:D:D:D:D:DD:D

Awesome stuff. Watched it till around 10.30, got bored and well, showered up to go to Aeon Tebrau. Then we asked the hotel staff about a bus. And yeah, she said there was one, but we need to take a 15 minute walk there. Deal. Anything's better than paying 30 for a fucking cab fare.

SO we had our lunch first. Went to the same kopitiam. We'd want to eat elsewhere if we could, but the rest of the eateries were having an average of RM7 a meal. I mean. Dude. I can get kuih, tai pao, and yee mee for ejust Rm8. Why should I pay for one stingy meal that probably won't even make me full after eating? Well, it was either RM7, RM22 or.. the kopitiam. And I we chose the kopitiam :D

Ate economy rice and AWRIGHT, they have siew paos today. They were out of stock yesterday, so I quickly grabbed them when the stall owner was around :E She didn't feel like eating. So I gave her one of my paos and stuffed her with some extra kuih I bought today. :D

Then around 12.30, we were done. We walked to the bus stop and the weather was cloudy and breezy. Just about 5 minutes later, the sun came up on us like a microwave and poked at us with intense heat. I was ok with it naturally, since I've been ok with sunlight all my life? lol. But she has sensitive skin. If she takes too much sunlight, her skin will redden and stuff. But somehow, she managed to be ok without an umbrella until we found the bus stop.

So we hopped on the bus, scurried through our wallets and purses and bags for small change to pay the RM3.60 fare for 2 people. Then we reached.

So... Aeon Tebrau. Looked kinda big. 1 U still bigger though somehow. But whatever, we went in and spent some time at this Harris Bookstore, which seems to be a one of Popular's branches. She wanted to go see some make up magazines so I go teman her. The whole place was filled with Chinese books so... haha, nothing much for me too read or see. When she was done, we went through the new calendars and planner diaries. Nice stuff. Then she went on to see some storage compartments. Oh, and Princess Mononoke's theme song was being played :D

Then we walked out and started really exploring. We passed by a lot of girls and we both agreed unanimously that most girls in Johor look a lot better than the ones in KL XE

We walked and walked and see no signs of any computer shop. So we walked up and screw the search for a computer store to hunt that sweet smelling scent of popcorns coming from above. TGV. Sweet goodness. It smells a lot stronger and more natural then the TGV at Pyramid. Man. Considered watching a movie but.. meh. We went to look for a com shop first and just to our surprise, there was one on our right just after we stepped out from the TGV area. There no appropriate chargers. Ok. We went to another one. Don't have same brand. only HP. OK. The next one. Acer! Awright... kennot. Size not ngam. T^T

I guess my computer would have to wait till we get back to KL then.. zzzz whilst exploring, we found this snack shop, like the one in pyramid's Marrakesh and peeked inside to see if they had difference compared to the one in Pyramid. It was pretty much the same I guess. She got some salted pitted plums and I got some spiced cookies :D

So we continued walking around exploring and decided to pay Jusco a visit. 3 stories worth of shopping goodness. There were ATM's nearby and I thought of withdrawing some money to pay her since she paid for the tickets and the bus fare, she still needs to pay for tomorrow's bus fare too. So.. GYAH. No CIMB. :(

Anyhow, we walked down in hopes of getting croquettes. The only ones one sale was the vegetable croquettes. I took some and she got some really super long sausages. The price was 6.90, but there were smaller ones and they costed RM3.50 each. Well, 2 flavours are always better than one XD So yeah, she got the smaller ones.

As we walked out from the counter, we noticed that there was a tech department at Jusco next door. So we went in there to see if they had anything about laptops and computers. And what do you know, they had! :D The wire was RM89, non original. So.. yeah, I guess she really did blew my charger when she meddled with the wire lolz.

After getting that, we felt suspicious about the rumor. It can't be this small. And then we realized that there was also Tesco nearby. So we decided to go check it out, even though our feet was actually dying already haha. (but my back really hurt. My bag was heavy man... bottle of water and laptop is enough to kill if you held it for 3 hours straight)

Before we could get to Tesco, there was a big indecision we were facing. We didn't know if there was an actual B2, or the we were supposed to walk out or take a big round. Whatever the case, we tried all possibilities, and after asking one after another, we finally found the way down to Tesco, which was near us all this while. *facepalm*

So we walked to Tesco, looked around at all the cheap plagiarizing shops that are attempting to copy whatever there is available in Aeon Tebrau, albeit in a very fail way, We explored Tesco and decided to get some fruits, because we actually wanted it yesterday but I guess we lost the chance to get some? We bought this grapefruit and some apples.

We finally exited after paying and decided to walk back, considering how poor we were at the time. But Tesco had CIMB. So my wallet was revived by then lolz. We walked to the nearest petrol station and asked one of the workers on how to get to Carrefour, which was where the bus stop was.

So skipped the bus and decided to walk back, just for lolz. Turns out that the mall wasn't that far after all. Maybe about 30 minutes walk total from hotel. 

Then we had dinner, I got mee rebus. Headed back to the room, finished up the first movie from where we left off and watched the second movie as well. Then... I fell asleep lol. Zzzz


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

345/365-11 Johor day 1

OK. So. I slept at like friggin 3.30am last night. Teman my brother's reignited passion for Magic. I mean.. I don't mind it, but sometimes it can be really tiring playing almost everyday. Maybe I better let him know next time if I don't feel like playing lol...

But well, he offered to give me a ride to the LRT so.. maybe it was a blessing in disguise? Hmmm...

Woke up at around 6.50am. I told my gf to wake me up at 6.30am but I guess she also woke up late lol. What to do, RUSH LO.

Then I also remembered that she probably didn't research about the surrounding area of the hotel nor about the route our bus was taking at all. So... check check check. After getting some rough info and somewhat clearer on where we'll be in, LAGI RUSH LO.

Left at around 7.15. Reach station at 7.20ish. Departure time at 9.30am. Need to collect tickets half an hour before departure. Travel time from Taman Bahagia to Tasik Selatan, err.. about 1 hour. OK. SHOULD BE OK.

*goes to counter* ...closed? Automated machines? 0.o Ok... howda hell does this work. BLUE TOKENS? When the fuck did the system change?? D:D:D:

Well, whatever. I guess I just wasn't using LRT that often no more so.. meh. Got held up till 7.30ish due to the queue and other people like me who went wtf and all. Ran up the staircase, got a train in the next 2 minutes. Tag!


So I asked a guard and she said that now we could just pay for one whole trip *facesmack* so I put in the token to exit, walk out and bought another token, which a certain few others were doing as well, and voila, off I went to ...shit, Ampang or Sri Petaling line??

*ran back down the stairs again* Asked the guard again and she told me to wait for the Sri Petaling line. They come one after another. Got on the platform again, a train passed, Ampang. HOKAE. SKIP.

Then...5 minutes later the Sri Petaling train came. And then this pedophilic voice started echoing around the train, saying that if you reach Chan Sow Lin and you wanted to go Ampang, you can drop off there and pick the next incoming Ampang train. Which actually means that whatever the guard just told me about waiting for the next train w/e shit was obsolete lolz.

But cincaila. At least I won't have to go through the trouble of going out the train and going in again in anothe train.

Reached at 8.40ish. Realized that I forgot my toothbrush. Got one (only to find that the hotel actually provides free toothbrush and toothpaste, which is still awesome btw) and got a call from her saying she was at a KFC trying to connect her wifi so that she can get her vouchers for the hotel thingy. I misheard her sayign that she was at the bus station. So I thought she was somewhere else, not at Bandar Tasik Selatan and kinda panicked. So I waited till like 9.10. Then she called again, then this time, she told me that she was at THE BUS STATION. Which meant that she was at the Terminal Bersepadu Tasik Selatan all this time. ~.~

I really feel like an idiot y'know. Ugh. In which I probably am anyways because I remember getting kinda mad at her on the phone although I didn't really mean it. Stupid habit. :(

But yeah, we met up and all's well.

Talked and waited for our bus to depart. Sneaked in a cup of KFC Milo and recalled about how great Shaz's Milo experience was. It was believed that the Milo Dinosaur he bought back then and enjoyed with his friends were so jam-packed with Milo goodness, that when you finish up the whole damned cup, you'd guarantee be getting a fever the next day. *hallelujah*

I wanna try that shit one day XD

We didn't sleep at all while in the bus. We talked and talked, updating each other about what we were both doing while we were away from one another (mostly her since.. well, I blog everyday so) until we finally reached our destination. About an hour before we arrived, she expressed her wish to go to the washroom. What luck. The bus we got on was a no-stop bus. So... oh well, good thing I managed to distract her long enough from her desire to take a piss until we hit Larkin, the stupiddamnedstationwhichissohardtofindongooglemaps.(which I found anyways in the end)

Man. I hate her youngest aunt. She likes to make things go her way and when people don't agree with her, she throws a goddamned fuss. I donno how her husband even deals with her. But no worries, I'll spare you the details on that one.

So back to Larkin. She finally got her washroom break, and FUCK, my bottle was leaking and it wet my computer. Good thing it wasn't like a flash flood. *phew* Still, dangerous stuff.

Then... we were contemplating on eating at the station or after we check in. We need to check in before 3pm at the Grand Hallmark Hotel. Nice place really. Check their website?

Then.. take bus or taxi? We really wanted to reach the hotel ASAP so... we took the nearest cab. Nice fellow. Bad meter. FUCKING BAD I'm telling you. The initial meter or displayed RM6 there. Oh good lord help us.

As we kept on moving, approaching to whatever we believe to be our hotel area, the price rose significantly from 6 to 12, to 20. I was kinda panicking there, so I tried to dig out as much info from the driver since he was pretty cool with talking and all.

When we reached, the cab fare was like 29.50. How? Well, the meter rises in 2 ways, 1 is by time and 2 is by every 800m distance we took. Pretty awesome huh? But his taxi was the blue van type so.. yeah, figures.

Anyways, I sorta branded the road we took from taxi just in case that guy was gonna mug us off or something (which he didn't) so... yeah. And he told us about this giganormous mall that is rumored to be so big that you need to full days to finish walking the mall. Tebrau Aeon Jusco or something.

So, we checked in. Got our room. And @_@.

 Yeap. The room looks exactly like what is portrayed in the website, only maybe a bit smaller. The toilet has an auto bidet thing and they have a plasma screen tv and they've got refillable water just outside the hall and the bed, OMG THE BED, it's so bloody comfy I'm telling you.

And by the time we realized it, the time showed like 4.40pm. Hahahahahah *rumbles* Tummy emergency. Eheh..

So we walked out and looked around for any... decent places to dine in. We found one Chinese kopitiam and boy, that was the best thing that ever happened. The food there. THE FOOD THERE. REAL FOOD.

If you've always thought that KL Food wasn't great, and Penang food were the best, well, lets say the food is just 1 bar before Penang Food and is still 8 bars away from KL Food. Get what I mean?

So I got some Yee Mee, which was served in claypot, which makes it even more awesome. My gf got some curry noodle thingy. That was nice too ^^ Then we also bought some kuih. OMG, the Onde-onde. The molten gula melaka. Oh, the glory! Then the tapioca cake. Oh man... Heavenly. Oh. I also whacked a tai pao. P: My tummy was satisfied. gjojklajklegjoejrio

What's the next plan? Err... did we even have a plan? 0.o Aiya don't care la, walk around the surrounding area lo.. (we're all full anyways) and well, the place is pretty nice by itself. It's got a clinic, a lot of food stores, many convenient stores and well, that awesome kopitiam just 2 minutes walk away ohohohoho.

8pm. Done. Got back. Took our turns to shower. Then MOVIE TIME! I brought along 2 cds. Friends with Benefits. Awesome show. Go Google it :D The other one is the Change up.

So we were watching and watching and watching. Then... *beep* my laptop highlight turned red.  o.0
*beep* But. but. but, the PLUG IS ON. D:D:D:D:D: *blup* it ko'd. We both looked at each other ._.

Then we tried to figure out what was wrong with it. Until 11pm. So much for vacation. We were tired from the whole journey and all so we went to bed early. And thus, we concocted our best plan ever; visiting Aeon Tebrau to challenge what the cab driver said and well, save my laptop? I really really hope it's not the water. But... nah, it can't be. I know she was meddling with the wire of my charger a bit before we watched the movie. But meh, just to be sure, Wait till tomorrow? So yeah, this post is confirmed delayed XD


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

344/365-11 meeting

...and break sorta started. And next sem is final sem aye? And storyboard frenzy is on. smiwdkw2ditf.

So submitted the manga on time I think. There were some complications and Shaz wanted his scoresheet all of a sudden, in which he gave to em for me to scan. I already texted him saying that I sent it to him. Maybe he missed it trolololol.

Which then led to me going into a rage and cycling like a tyrannosaurus rex was chasing me from not too far behind all the way to college.

I already finished my printing in my nearby print shop. And hey, their printing colour quality is pretty accurate. Maybe I'll go to them instead of William's P:

Anyhow, yeah, I reached, tagged the air and like went to gallery to supposedly meet Shaz to only find that he wasn't there and that he was at Vision, and so I ran to Vision and he also wasn't there. I then ran back to gallery and asked and they said maybe he was still at William's printing.


so. yeah. I ran there in a hurry again only to find that he didn't need the scoresheet no more. But yeah, I guess I passed my work up in time. *phew*

Then after that, I went to meet Sio Yean for some intro meeting for grad campaign. He's surprisingly nice. But I should still keep my guards up with the odd rumors that I heard hear and there from my ex-batch mates about him. He was ok. He gave me the necessary stuff to go on with.

I went back to student lounge after that to like wait for the rest to initiate the first meet. Then me and my friend waited for like till 1.30pm, and noone was here yet. We felt it was kinda odd, so we called up Chee Kong and well, he didn't pick up. Then Rex dropped by swiftly and there ya have it, Chee Kong was talking to Sio Yean.

But didn't I already talked to him? ._.

Whatever, I headed back down there anyways leaving the rest behind the join whatever Chee Kong was in. And... yeah. Chee Kong addressed more specific things compared to mine, so I guess it was good he met him too.

So we headed back and drafted our outline for the... grad campaign? Meh, I'm a bit lazy, so imma copy paste the one on Facebook here lol.

Hey everyone, this is a short summary of our meeting the other time. These are the stuff you all should know for now, anything else you can personally ask me (Chee Kong)

1. Sio Yean wants a compilation of min. 20pcs of your portfolio to show him on the first day of class. Our exhibition project is sort of like a class as well so we will have to attend and work it out there.

2. We have decided for our fundraising, that each of us will have to individually raise **RM200**. This can be from your own pocket money, allowance or your personal commissions. The deadline is the 1st week of class. The reason for this is because organizing a caricature is very mafan plus nobody really wants to do it so its better if we just set a personal target. If our class have 25persons, we already have **RM5000** at the start of the semester to work with as capital. Anything else more we need will raise more fund.

3. No theme has been decided for our exhibition yet. This can be done on our first day of class when everyone is available for meeting. To help us decide, please think about what you all want for your graduation, your wish la, and we try to filter and add to the expectation.

Ask yourself, **how do you want to graduate?**

For now we are definitely using our college gallery, unless we decide otherwise.

So let me recap,

1. 20mins pcs of portfolio on first day
2. RM200 per person
3. How do you want to graduate?

Good stuff.
Speaking of RAWR, click this. ^^


Monday, December 12, 2011

343/365-11 objects

Plain objects are so irritating. When you want to find them, sometimes they're
not where you remember where you last put them. And when you draw them,
they just don't feel like what you're supposed to be drawing. Ugh.

Bottomline is, I suck. And final submission dateline is tomorrow.

Oh yeah, found my scoresheet. Turns out that Shaz stole it by accident and put
it in his file. I was lucky to have like helped him pick some things up at his place
while he was manning Lunchbox and found it under his scoresheet in his file
which was under a pile of clothes which was in his messy bed and... nevermind.

Pfft. Asshole XD

But Day was a bigger Asshole. Mainly because Day was a Public HoliDay. So
all the print shops are friggin' closed. =_=

What to do, print tomorrow lo.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

343/365-11 ..this should do it

Just great. I finished my manga just to find out my I lost my score
sheet last Friday, and I couldn't have known it any earlier because
I was so damn occupied with every other shit at home once i came about.

FUCK. It's probably gone by now, but I better go check
at the digital lab just in case. Shit laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...


Saturday, December 10, 2011

342/365-11 Friend's Stuff final.

Yeah, saved the last and final version for today. Went to my friend's church to see the performance with all our
illustrations as backgrounds. Pretty epic shit. Especially when the projector delivers crystal clear quality.

The performances was nice, filled with lotsa cutsie little children that'd meet the taste of any hungry pedophile 
brighten up anyone's day with their cheery and innocent demeanor.

I don't really like the pastor though. I mean, he's just doing his job. But anyone who's asking the
mass audience to accept fnjasNIfgvnas into his her and whatever, that person earns my agony.

Anyhow. There was a rumor about the place having great food.
Looks like it wasn't a rumor after all. Nice stuff. :D

As for my work... I feel disappointed. I'm gonna have to do better. There
were a lot of things that were amiss in my work during the show. So. Yeah.

Overnighted at Jas's place lolz. My tummy was filled with pizza.
And then at DUMC even better food. Then at home have to wallop
naans. Holy crap man. BEST FEAST EVER.

K. Need to catch up with another deadline.
Ugh. Tuesday. And it's... MANGA.
Lecturer give us new deadline SOOO..... T^T

But I has a cat now. I'm calling it Ferlicia.
Like the Ferl. Ohohohohohoh.


Friday, December 09, 2011

341/365-11 Portfolio & Interview

Man, putting all these stuff up sure took up a lot of time.
Searching, compiling, resizing, PRINTING *money flies*

But anyways, interview today. Went good. Liang Feng
was the interviewer. God he sure is scary as an interviewer D8
But yeah, it went good. I did fine. I guess. I put my job choice
as visualizer/concept artist and got lumped in together with 
concept art. I guess that's good not a bad thing after all :D

He said something really nice about trying to give people
ideas about a landscape. The foregrounds where things
are pretty clear and all. He said you could put cultural
elements that people are familiar with to allow people to
recognize what place that is. Lets say it's Malaysia,
then maybe show a signboard that has like BERHENTI
or maybe put a number plate, or a messed up flag.
I was like.






Anyways, yeah. I'm gonna try that now.
He also said I had nice outlines. Hm... Did I 
really improve? And I should stop shaking the chair 
as my mnemonic to shrug of nervousness during
interviews. He saw it and commented lol. SUCK.
But overall's cool ^^

Oh, and Kidchan say Manga's deadline has been extended.
What. The. Heck. But whateverla. I'll do whatever I guess...
*sigh* And I was so hyped up... Sheesh. T^T