Saturday, December 10, 2011

342/365-11 Friend's Stuff final.

Yeah, saved the last and final version for today. Went to my friend's church to see the performance with all our
illustrations as backgrounds. Pretty epic shit. Especially when the projector delivers crystal clear quality.

The performances was nice, filled with lotsa cutsie little children that'd meet the taste of any hungry pedophile 
brighten up anyone's day with their cheery and innocent demeanor.

I don't really like the pastor though. I mean, he's just doing his job. But anyone who's asking the
mass audience to accept fnjasNIfgvnas into his her and whatever, that person earns my agony.

Anyhow. There was a rumor about the place having great food.
Looks like it wasn't a rumor after all. Nice stuff. :D

As for my work... I feel disappointed. I'm gonna have to do better. There
were a lot of things that were amiss in my work during the show. So. Yeah.

Overnighted at Jas's place lolz. My tummy was filled with pizza.
And then at DUMC even better food. Then at home have to wallop
naans. Holy crap man. BEST FEAST EVER.

K. Need to catch up with another deadline.
Ugh. Tuesday. And it's... MANGA.
Lecturer give us new deadline SOOO..... T^T

But I has a cat now. I'm calling it Ferlicia.
Like the Ferl. Ohohohohohoh.


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