Monday, December 12, 2011

343/365-11 objects

Plain objects are so irritating. When you want to find them, sometimes they're
not where you remember where you last put them. And when you draw them,
they just don't feel like what you're supposed to be drawing. Ugh.

Bottomline is, I suck. And final submission dateline is tomorrow.

Oh yeah, found my scoresheet. Turns out that Shaz stole it by accident and put
it in his file. I was lucky to have like helped him pick some things up at his place
while he was manning Lunchbox and found it under his scoresheet in his file
which was under a pile of clothes which was in his messy bed and... nevermind.

Pfft. Asshole XD

But Day was a bigger Asshole. Mainly because Day was a Public HoliDay. So
all the print shops are friggin' closed. =_=

What to do, print tomorrow lo.


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