Tuesday, December 13, 2011

344/365-11 meeting

...and break sorta started. And next sem is final sem aye? And storyboard frenzy is on. smiwdkw2ditf.

So submitted the manga on time I think. There were some complications and Shaz wanted his scoresheet all of a sudden, in which he gave to em for me to scan. I already texted him saying that I sent it to him. Maybe he missed it trolololol.

Which then led to me going into a rage and cycling like a tyrannosaurus rex was chasing me from not too far behind all the way to college.

I already finished my printing in my nearby print shop. And hey, their printing colour quality is pretty accurate. Maybe I'll go to them instead of William's P:

Anyhow, yeah, I reached, tagged the air and like went to gallery to supposedly meet Shaz to only find that he wasn't there and that he was at Vision, and so I ran to Vision and he also wasn't there. I then ran back to gallery and asked and they said maybe he was still at William's printing.


so. yeah. I ran there in a hurry again only to find that he didn't need the scoresheet no more. But yeah, I guess I passed my work up in time. *phew*

Then after that, I went to meet Sio Yean for some intro meeting for grad campaign. He's surprisingly nice. But I should still keep my guards up with the odd rumors that I heard hear and there from my ex-batch mates about him. He was ok. He gave me the necessary stuff to go on with.

I went back to student lounge after that to like wait for the rest to initiate the first meet. Then me and my friend waited for like till 1.30pm, and noone was here yet. We felt it was kinda odd, so we called up Chee Kong and well, he didn't pick up. Then Rex dropped by swiftly and there ya have it, Chee Kong was talking to Sio Yean.

But didn't I already talked to him? ._.

Whatever, I headed back down there anyways leaving the rest behind the join whatever Chee Kong was in. And... yeah. Chee Kong addressed more specific things compared to mine, so I guess it was good he met him too.

So we headed back and drafted our outline for the... grad campaign? Meh, I'm a bit lazy, so imma copy paste the one on Facebook here lol.

Hey everyone, this is a short summary of our meeting the other time. These are the stuff you all should know for now, anything else you can personally ask me (Chee Kong)

1. Sio Yean wants a compilation of min. 20pcs of your portfolio to show him on the first day of class. Our exhibition project is sort of like a class as well so we will have to attend and work it out there.

2. We have decided for our fundraising, that each of us will have to individually raise **RM200**. This can be from your own pocket money, allowance or your personal commissions. The deadline is the 1st week of class. The reason for this is because organizing a caricature is very mafan plus nobody really wants to do it so its better if we just set a personal target. If our class have 25persons, we already have **RM5000** at the start of the semester to work with as capital. Anything else more we need will raise more fund.

3. No theme has been decided for our exhibition yet. This can be done on our first day of class when everyone is available for meeting. To help us decide, please think about what you all want for your graduation, your wish la, and we try to filter and add to the expectation.

Ask yourself, **how do you want to graduate?**

For now we are definitely using our college gallery, unless we decide otherwise.

So let me recap,

1. 20mins pcs of portfolio on first day
2. RM200 per person
3. How do you want to graduate?

Good stuff.
Speaking of RAWR, click this. ^^


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