Thursday, December 15, 2011

346/365-11 Johor day 2

Yeah. Artiste block. Drawing crappy stuff now. Don't ask P:

So today we woke up around 9.30am. Lazed around in the awesome bed while watching *beep* *tv turns on* and... NOOSE CHANNEL D:D:D:D:D:DD:D

Awesome stuff. Watched it till around 10.30, got bored and well, showered up to go to Aeon Tebrau. Then we asked the hotel staff about a bus. And yeah, she said there was one, but we need to take a 15 minute walk there. Deal. Anything's better than paying 30 for a fucking cab fare.

SO we had our lunch first. Went to the same kopitiam. We'd want to eat elsewhere if we could, but the rest of the eateries were having an average of RM7 a meal. I mean. Dude. I can get kuih, tai pao, and yee mee for ejust Rm8. Why should I pay for one stingy meal that probably won't even make me full after eating? Well, it was either RM7, RM22 or.. the kopitiam. And I we chose the kopitiam :D

Ate economy rice and AWRIGHT, they have siew paos today. They were out of stock yesterday, so I quickly grabbed them when the stall owner was around :E She didn't feel like eating. So I gave her one of my paos and stuffed her with some extra kuih I bought today. :D

Then around 12.30, we were done. We walked to the bus stop and the weather was cloudy and breezy. Just about 5 minutes later, the sun came up on us like a microwave and poked at us with intense heat. I was ok with it naturally, since I've been ok with sunlight all my life? lol. But she has sensitive skin. If she takes too much sunlight, her skin will redden and stuff. But somehow, she managed to be ok without an umbrella until we found the bus stop.

So we hopped on the bus, scurried through our wallets and purses and bags for small change to pay the RM3.60 fare for 2 people. Then we reached.

So... Aeon Tebrau. Looked kinda big. 1 U still bigger though somehow. But whatever, we went in and spent some time at this Harris Bookstore, which seems to be a one of Popular's branches. She wanted to go see some make up magazines so I go teman her. The whole place was filled with Chinese books so... haha, nothing much for me too read or see. When she was done, we went through the new calendars and planner diaries. Nice stuff. Then she went on to see some storage compartments. Oh, and Princess Mononoke's theme song was being played :D

Then we walked out and started really exploring. We passed by a lot of girls and we both agreed unanimously that most girls in Johor look a lot better than the ones in KL XE

We walked and walked and see no signs of any computer shop. So we walked up and screw the search for a computer store to hunt that sweet smelling scent of popcorns coming from above. TGV. Sweet goodness. It smells a lot stronger and more natural then the TGV at Pyramid. Man. Considered watching a movie but.. meh. We went to look for a com shop first and just to our surprise, there was one on our right just after we stepped out from the TGV area. There no appropriate chargers. Ok. We went to another one. Don't have same brand. only HP. OK. The next one. Acer! Awright... kennot. Size not ngam. T^T

I guess my computer would have to wait till we get back to KL then.. zzzz whilst exploring, we found this snack shop, like the one in pyramid's Marrakesh and peeked inside to see if they had difference compared to the one in Pyramid. It was pretty much the same I guess. She got some salted pitted plums and I got some spiced cookies :D

So we continued walking around exploring and decided to pay Jusco a visit. 3 stories worth of shopping goodness. There were ATM's nearby and I thought of withdrawing some money to pay her since she paid for the tickets and the bus fare, she still needs to pay for tomorrow's bus fare too. So.. GYAH. No CIMB. :(

Anyhow, we walked down in hopes of getting croquettes. The only ones one sale was the vegetable croquettes. I took some and she got some really super long sausages. The price was 6.90, but there were smaller ones and they costed RM3.50 each. Well, 2 flavours are always better than one XD So yeah, she got the smaller ones.

As we walked out from the counter, we noticed that there was a tech department at Jusco next door. So we went in there to see if they had anything about laptops and computers. And what do you know, they had! :D The wire was RM89, non original. So.. yeah, I guess she really did blew my charger when she meddled with the wire lolz.

After getting that, we felt suspicious about the rumor. It can't be this small. And then we realized that there was also Tesco nearby. So we decided to go check it out, even though our feet was actually dying already haha. (but my back really hurt. My bag was heavy man... bottle of water and laptop is enough to kill if you held it for 3 hours straight)

Before we could get to Tesco, there was a big indecision we were facing. We didn't know if there was an actual B2, or the we were supposed to walk out or take a big round. Whatever the case, we tried all possibilities, and after asking one after another, we finally found the way down to Tesco, which was near us all this while. *facepalm*

So we walked to Tesco, looked around at all the cheap plagiarizing shops that are attempting to copy whatever there is available in Aeon Tebrau, albeit in a very fail way, We explored Tesco and decided to get some fruits, because we actually wanted it yesterday but I guess we lost the chance to get some? We bought this grapefruit and some apples.

We finally exited after paying and decided to walk back, considering how poor we were at the time. But Tesco had CIMB. So my wallet was revived by then lolz. We walked to the nearest petrol station and asked one of the workers on how to get to Carrefour, which was where the bus stop was.

So skipped the bus and decided to walk back, just for lolz. Turns out that the mall wasn't that far after all. Maybe about 30 minutes walk total from hotel. 

Then we had dinner, I got mee rebus. Headed back to the room, finished up the first movie from where we left off and watched the second movie as well. Then... I fell asleep lol. Zzzz


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