Friday, December 16, 2011

347/365-11 Johor Day 3

When I looked behind me,
You were there.

I looked behind again,
You were still there.

Looking behind became
a mental cycle of sorts.

To see if your feet are okay.
To see if you can go on.

Just to see if you are okay
Just to see if you're still there.

And maybe,
just maybe,
when I looked to see
it's a smile I see

I'll look to see behind me,
Even if you aren't behind me.

Because there are still things to see,
Even as they become one with sea.

Memories to hold on to.
Memories to protect.

So here I am wondering
if you'll look to see behind you,
even if I weren't behind you.

Unrelated picture I can assure you.

Well, there's nothing much to say about
the 3rd day other than the departure and
the awesome McD's meal which was like
300 times better than any McD's you can
have all over KL. So, yeah. Johor was fun.
But it totally fried both our budgets. Mainly
because... er.. well, stuff. We shall plan better
in whatever our next trip is lolz. :D


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