Saturday, December 17, 2011

348/365-11 Motorcycle B2

Man, when was the last time I rode a bike? Probably 6 years ago? hfvhadihgvioeuwhg. ikr.

So yeah, took the damned workshop, which I kinda half-slept through the whole thing. No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the instructor. I was just feeling unusually very tired and exhausted. My eyes for that matter.

So after that, took the bike for a spin. Hope I got the sequence right since I'm gonna post this same sequence up here for me to check in the future 0.o

Figure of 8. Queue. Raise hand. When starting the course, horn once.

Narrow cement bridge. Just go through. Need to take at least 7 seconds. No less. So have to go slow and balance. Feet can't touch the ground.

Turn right. Signal right. Proceed to swerve course. Finish swerve course, then continue with emergency break. Stop at course start point. Raise hand. Turn gear to neutral. When start, horn. Change gear up. Accelerate until hit the box, then press leg brake first, followed by hand brake. Horn again.

Turn signal left, go to mini road test. Stop before yellow line.  Raise hand. When horn, turn gear to neutral. Check helmet. Check mirrors. Check front and rear lights from right to left. Look to the left and to the right. Look behind. Shift gear up. Move. See road sign, use right hand, wave 3 times. Slow down. Stop at crossroad. Shift to neutral. Look to the left. Look to the right. Look behind. Shift gear up. Follow the road. Slow down and do wave thing again when got signboard.

When finishing course. Raise hand. Horn.

And I skipped Comic Fest on purpose this year. Even though Shimokawa Mikuni and Ceui were coming. Ugh. But whaddado? Short on cash XD But the night was saved by a certain Christmas party my juniors had. Probably one of the other reasons I didn't go Comic Fest I guess. It was fun,with all the chicken wings and stuff. It was a barbecue after all. Man... haha, guess I can never leave that part of mine anytime soon.

My senior once said to me that once you're a Red Crescent, you'll forever be one. But maybe, just maybe, what he really meant to say was that once you've found your family, you'll always be a part of them because it just seems like where you belong.

But I'll leave one day.
Just not to soon ^^


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