Friday, December 23, 2011

354/365-11 I hate fevers.

I never get to draw pinafores
properly. Somehow.. today.
I guess I got it right.
Doesn't mean I hate a lot of things though.

Also doesn't mean there are a lot of things I don't hate.

Sien la. My fever broke in the morning, hurried to Zen's place because my boss wanted to see him earlier than aniticipated.

Then the meeting happened and they exchanged namecards... well, sorta. Then Zen told me he needed to go to Penang for the weekend. He needs to show some... designs for my boss by mid next week? So.. I assume that's around Wednesday.

Yeah, I also thought my boss just wanted him to do the website. Seems like he needs the design/theme first. Mmmm..

So got back to Zen's place, and well, I took my bike back to my place, got changed and joined the Christmas dinner at Lunchbox.

Don't mean to be abrupt nor rude to free food, but some of the chicken tasted heavily like chemical. My boss agreed lol. And I was starting to think it was me because I wasn't feeling too good.

So the dinner ended alright, but my body didn't. Got my fever back right after I took a shower. Geez.

I hate this fucking fever.
I'm already lazy as it is.
This is just multiplying it by
a bloody tenfold. =_=


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