Monday, December 31, 2012

Delhi Gang Rape Case

I guess some of you would have already seen this being passed around viral on Facebook and whatnot.

Moved by the story, I decided to look for the victim's name. At least like that, she'll be remembered as a real person. Not that Delhi Gang Rape victim.

She deserves at least that much for all this hype about her story. But maybe it's her family's decision to keep it ambiguous. So either way, I'd respect whatever they decide to do.

[edit] Her name is Jyoti Singh Pandey
And a Wikipage has been released in honour of her courage to stand against her perpetrators[/edit]

Her family's probably been through enough following her slow death. But if any of you out there know her name, let it be known, and God bless her soul.
The article about the last moments of her life really just made me shed a tear. Why of all people, this girl?

If you type Delhi Gang Rape Case on Google search, you should be able to find loads of hate threads dedicated to the motherfuckers who took her life. So I'll spare you all the additional links.

Just in case you haven't read the full story, here's the original article strip.

Anyways, this is what I posted on FB in response to hearing this dreadful news.

"Why must there always be stuck up men that ruin all us good men's reputation as a whole? Motherfuckers, is it so damned hard to treat a woman right? 

All you have to do it keep your thing in, stop looking at them as sexual objects and treat them like anyone you'd respect. Then, they'll just appear as a woman to you, not boob, not dat ass, not tapping whatever you might have in mind.

Just look at them as a person for God's sake. 

Fucking retards. 

You idiots don't get a boner when you look at something beautiful. Girls are always beautiful before sexy. If that doesn't happen to you, I donno, I guess your dick might as well be your only brain.

Boners only happens when you begin to think about what you shouldn't be thinking. Don't make up excuses with hormones and whatnot. It's all you all the way through.

Fuck rapists, fuck pedos, fuck killers and fuck everything that's wrong with this world. The world didn't end to give you spastic jokes more opportunities to destroy more innocent lives.

Why can't that poor lady end her journey in a Bollywood movie scene with 6 random men giving her a bouquet of roses each? Oh right, I guess you dickheads decided it was ok to overpower a girl with the might of 6 men, and then marvel at the eureka moment where you realized that a hole should be able to fit any rod, anyhow, anytime.

One day I tell you, one day, that same metal rod's gonna go through your only hole below and it's gonna exit through your mouth.

Whether you live or die after that is none of my concern. God save your soul.

Share it around with or without the text if you need be. Just don't ignore this.

But if you can't or don't have time, don't worry, I won't hold any grudges. It's not like I'm oblivious to all the other problems life poses to us.

If you're a girl, just be careful out there. It doesn't matter how prepared you are sometimes. If someone's intention is to gang rape you, even if you're with a gang of girls, you'll get raped. Don't try to be smart. Just follow your survival instincts.

And to guys out there, I guess the message I've sent above is pretty clear enough.

To everyone else out there, I know we live in an age where sleeping around and exchanging partners are common nowadays. But please do remember that every life is precious, and one should never cross the border to sexual insanity. If you're really into sex, don't let it get too much into your head, don't let it control you, and don't let it turn savage.

Treat people like how they should be treated. Treat them like how you want to be treated. If your clause at life is to violate other people's physical space, lets see what happens if someone chooses to violate your life instead.

Nobody asked to be rape, nobody asked to be murdered, nobody asked to be bullied, nobody asked to be etc. Stop the crap and just be nice.

Is it really so hard to be nice?

...Great way to greet a new year full of hope.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ballpen Love

Yeap. Done in between whatever time I had at work.

And I guess my feet condition might be a possible fungal infection.
I mean, what else could it be? I guess you can see it a lot clearer
this time since I kinda soaked my feet in salt water earlier.

Yeap. Time to sleep. Got back at 1am just now. Zzz

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

High Beam eh.

Have you ever despised someone so much for doing something so incredulously stupid at the most annoying of times? I mean, just imagine yourself rushing to another location on bicycle in the middle of the night, and this idiot hobo had to do this from the oncoming direction.

image from this site.

original image form here


Yes. They really, fucking, hurt.

You assholes out there better watchout. One day, one day I tell you, I'm gonna put a mirror in front of my bicycle and then we'll see how it feels for your eyes to burn like mine did.

Do I look like I care if it'd cause you swerve to the corner and cause an accident? Guess not. I mean, I am putting that mirror to make your life miserable right

Dafuq, you expect people to be considerate for you, so why can't you do the same for others?

I know you're supposed to use it when you see something coming at you in the oncoming direction. But didn't the road book specifically mention that you have to turn it off as you draw closer? In fact, you were only allowed to have it on like at least 500 feet away. Not IN MAH FUCKING FACE.

Please go reeducate yourself here and here and wherever else you can think of. Oh, it must be fucking stupid for someone to cycle on Malaysia roads. Well, whaddaya know, I'm just stuck with it for now. It's not like I can simply afford a better pecking vehicle to overpower your might anytime y'know.

If that can happen, I must either be filthy rich, or I'm just that great of a car thief.

And what the hell is wrong with drivers these days?

Tell me, tell me please for the love of god and guanyinpusa, what's the whole reason for having this nice lovely light installed at the side of the vehicle?

image taken from here.

So why the fuck is it so damned difficult for you dopehead drivers to just use that signal to show where you're going?

                        TURN RIGHT

Very big difference isn't it?

It's just that simple. Move that stick. Move that lever stick at the side of your steering wheel. YES, just move that muthafucka everytime you wanna turn or switch lanes. Is that so hard to do? 

Oh, it's hard? Realry? Wait till I make that lever go 20kg. And I'll make sure you're also handcuffed. Oh, and i'll duct tape both your entire hands. Now you tell me that's hard, maybe I'll believe you just a trifle bit.

Seriously man, are you deliberately trying to cause negligence on the road or challenging a lowly pedestrian who so happens to be coming in the opposite direction of your road to a road rage duel of death?

For fuck's sake man, driving ain't for lazy people. If you lazy, don't drive. You'll kill someone in the process man. Seriously, one day, it's gonna happen to you, and that irremovable memory will haunt you in an everlasting torment of darkness and guilt. 

Oh, don't want that?


Well, I'd love to use a mirror to threaten you, but that's gonna be useless for your case so...
Yeah. Just please kindly turn on your signal pretty please? Or i'm telling you, you might just end up like Bruno Mars over here.

Ok, enough #/infiniterage for today.

Anyways, on my side of the update, something weird's happening to my feet lately. I donno if it has something to do with my dad changing into a cheaper brand of soap for the socks. 

Either way, it's not like he throws in the socks to wash properly. You're actually supposed to soak them first, then wash them alone with just socks and nothing else. If you mix'em up with clothes, isn't it only natural for them to stink like the socks themselves after that right?

And socks retain lots of soap man. Period.

So much that if it's not properly rinsed, the soap can get absorbed into your skin and make them dry, flaky and blistery.

So yes, you need to rinse, and rinse, and rinse. AND FUCKING RINSE AGAIN.

You can't just expect socks to be clean with just once rinse, one wash, together with clothes, without soaking. If your socks don't smell after you do that, it's either the feet of your entire family never stink, or you're using miracle soap. Seriously, just let me know what product you use for your socks if they really don't reek of feet fungus and the like after one wash, with one rinse, together with other clothes and all. Just take my money already!

See those flakes and patches? It never existed a month or a few weeks back. In fact, I only started noticing them in the past 2 weeks. They just suddenly popped outta nowhere. And it's queer how I always find that my socks would be sticking to those parts of the skin as if they were matching pairs of velcro and cloth.

That's just fucking wrong y'know. It's like someone purposely hid double-sided tape into my socks to fool around with me. I donno how it works, but it really is just like that.

Anyhows, mom's asking me to go and rinse my feet in hot salt water twice a day to get rid of this piece of shit skin problem which name isn't known to me. As if time isn't scarce enough  already for me, and now I've gotta spend half an hour in the day and half an hour in the night to just do this shit.

I suppose I'm not in the position to complain since it's either I do it, or it just gets motherfucking-ly worse.

So, yeah. Life sucks today. Just hoping it's not a potential corn or callus, or I'd really be in deep shit. I mean, my mom got it before from my eldest brother, and I personally witnessed my mom apply acid to burn layers over layers over layers of her skin, slowly for a period of more than 6 months, twice a day.

Each burn session lasted at least for half an hour, and left to do it's work for the entire fucking day/night. I donno about you, but I'd never wanna put myself through that kinda misery.

Yeah. Ok, ranting out. Thanks for reading. -OC

Friday, December 14, 2012

An Eye for Another Eye.

A while back, a friend of mine decided it'd be a good idea to
publicly inform a certain group of students from my college to
stop openly dissing people, particularly the lecturers he knows,
respects and is affiliated with.

These are his exact queer words:

Guys, I know things are stressful for you students and some
of you might not like the way some things are run in the college,
but can I ask you guys, nicely, to not attack or insult your lecturers/tutors,
what's worse, on facebook? 

Say whatever you want behind our backs but can you not publicly
humiliate the people who are educating you? How would you like
it if we started posting up drawings of students we don't like, eh?
Yeah, you know who I'm talking about now, don't you?

I know it's the age of righteous stand-up-to-the-Man acts (Bersih,
anti-Lynas, take your pick) but there's a difference between proving
a point, and coming off as just plain whiny. 

If you see it as an act of retribution or just plain 'eye for an eye',
remember this: An eye for an eye means the whole world goes blind.

After thinking through for a bit, I replied with this:

Anyways, bro, I understand where you're coming from, but you shouldn't 
take it too seriously. There's a reason why majority of lecturers prefer not 
to FB with students. You have to know that the mentality of students nowadays 
are of different temperament, and sometimes, they are just quick to insult back. 
Sometimes they give those vents proper real names (like your case), and 
sometimes they create new titles for them so they can toss around insults 
about a particular person to save themselves from getting found out.

Either way, what you should do now, as a tutor/staff of TOA, is to filter out 
the crap they give, and see the available critics both you and them don't realize. 
A lot of artist tend to forget that their character themselves is an artwork and 
can be judged accordingly.

So if you see a point in what they tell say, take it in, improve, and prove them 
wrong. You gain something and they don't. For that, you should thank them for 
their honesty. But if all they're just giving you are empty blind shots, then just 
dodge all of them and pretend they don't exist.

People vent bro. Their all young. So let it slide. They don't know this yet, but 
some day, their gonna repost what you did here today when they finally get 
your point. It takes time. You can't change perception with a flick of a switch.

Perceptions and ideas come in the form of slow hunches. You need to go 
through a certain set of paradigm shifts before you can finally see the 
underlying meanings behind an idea.

So let it grow. Let them grow. Forgive and forget. We're all mature people, 
so lets be the bigger people and take two steps back until they finally see 
your point.

Because if I was put into your shoes, I'd probably just put up the words, 

"Thanks for sharing you feedback. We'll take them into heart and improve 
however we can. Keep them coming."

And who knows, maybe they might just open up to y'all. *shrugs*

*My original text never had any of the links. So.. yeah, now you'd get the picture in the very least.
Now that I look at it, I only really disagree on one thing about his
approach. It was when he said:

How would you like  it if we started posting up drawings of students 
we don't like, eh? Yeah, you know who I'm talking about now, don't you?

I can understand why he'd think that way. He's just trying to give the students
an idea of what to relate to and how their actions can affect others.

But what he might have missed is that, if he really did that, he'd just cause
a cycle of endless vendetta and more people's lives will get wrecked in
the process for no good reason, aside from the fact that he's hinting to
allow his personal emotions get in the way of his professional practice,
which is... not a good thing.

This is one of the main reasons why I don't really adore the idea of
advocating the how'd you feel if I did the same to you thing scenario.
I mean, it's always the most easily relatable context for people, but
when people take it the wrong way, it's just as easy as looking at it
as a threat, and when something as simple as this gets misunderstood,
a whole new level of shitbomb develops, and believe me when I say you
really don't want to see it explode.

Nope, it's not gonna be like a scene from Expendables. Maybe something
more like Final Destination going from 1 -5 and you don't get to die at all in
the process, but you'll live through the entire experience. Sounds like such
an adventure doesn't it?

So.. yes, I always try to avoid using such examples. Mainly because I don't
want to implant such ideas of havoc into people's minds, parasites that suck
up all the joy in their lives and replacing that void with anger, malice and discord.

I'd prefer peaceful resolutions that can make life easier for everyone.
It's a little utilitarian, and definitely takes a bit more effort to achieve
compared to the shitbomb idea earlier. I mean, if it conveys the message
clearer with less chance of it being misunderstood, all the better right?

Anyways, this is what I would have really said if I was him there and then
with a mind as clear as this today :

Hi people. I know you're all frustrated with your studies and everything.
And sometimes you just need to take it out on stuff and vent. But I need
to remind you that places like FB isn't such a safe place to do so, especially
when it involves people. I'm not sure if you know about cases like a dad 
shooting his daughter's laptop happening before. But yes, shits get out of
control sometimes. Why would you want to give a chance for things like
that to happen to you? Wouldn't it be the better, smarter choice to just
take the alternate route and save yourselves all the trouble of going through
what you could have always easily avoided?

Either way, FB is a place where literally everyone is connected, and people 
you are friends with might be friends with people you don't want to be friends 
with. Then, when you happen to be venting about those particular people and
the mutual in-between nice guys decided to just drop a lending ear for 
them, then tell them afterwards, well, just be prepared to brace yourself
for a shitstorm coming your way.

Sure, you may defend yourself calling it venting. But the way other's see it,
you're probably just asking for a lawsuit for defamatory content. I guess 
probably after that, you might actually get the gist of what I'm trying to tell you.

But of course, if your intention was to be heard and for it to somehow land
on the person you're dissing about anyways, and you don't especially mind
dealing with a lawsuit, then sure, go ahead.

You see, I'm under the impression that you're all adults now, and that you're 
responsible for your own actions. So if you're publicly posting stuff like that up, 
it must mean that you're absolutely fine with people coming after you for defamatory
lawsuits and the like. No really, if you have no issue with that, by all means, 
just do it more often. If that really is the kinda lifestyle you want to live, I can
 respect that. Who the fuck should tell you how to live your life right?

If not, well, private blogs and diaries exist for a reason y'know. If you're not 
in for something that you can't share with your friends, then why not just share 
with them directly? You can do it via pm or forums, or msn and the like. There's 
so many ways. Sometimes even a fake FB account would do.

It's probably too late if you just realized it now, but still, it's better than repeating
the same mistake twice don'tcha think?

Why choose the one that puts you into the most obvious redzone? I mean,
I too have my own frustrations and the like, and I vent too. But I do so in ways
that people can't trace me back with. Or in the very least, I don't deliberately go 
doing it at places where I know for sure a shitstorm's heading my way right after.

Anyways, this is just some food for thought. Just do whatever you want for as
long as you're clear with it lol. And make sure you don't drag your family or friends
along with your shitstorm. They've got their own lives to live. If you created a 
shitstorm, you solve it yourself and don't expect anyone else to do it for you.

So make sure you think twice before you post the next time. I might not be personally
attached to my emotions when it comes to work, but I can't necessarily say the
same for the many others who're also marking your papers. So if you're found out,
well, I reckon you'd know what to do next.

Of course, if they did that, it'd prove that what you said would be partially
accurate. But do you really wanna risk all that tuition for some spur of an
emotion you just simple can't control well enough?

Anyways, good luck have a nice day.

Sounds pretty different doesn't it? And you still get your message across.
You want them to stop being douches and stop doing the things that
don't benefit them. You wanna warn them about the things they would
want to avoid, not encouraging or suggesting ways for them to get creative
with any form of payback scheme.

You want them to know the repercussions of what their actions will do to
them, not a threat that suggests that their lifestyle is in greater jeopardy just
because someone found out. Going fire with fire is ol'skool, but really, is that
the only way one can think of approaching the said subject?

Well, anyways, I guess I'm just me in the end and this is how I'd do it if I
were put into his shoes.

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind right?


ok maybe not. The way I see it, both parties actually just need to get a better pair 
of glasses for themselves. And everything will be just fine...

Ok, thanks for reading. - OC

Monday, December 10, 2012

What I'd Rather Have

A cat at my backyard.

I've always had a habit of finishing up my food no matter what the portion, down to the very last drop of rice (I just can't finish meehoon because the last few thread are very hard to pick up). But this year, the habit slowly took a turn, and alas, I began to not mind a little wastage here and there. Mainly because I learned that

  1. time is more valuable than food
  2. your body is more valuable than the food you eat
  3. you shouldn't keep forcing yourself to do the things you don't want to do. Especially when you're at your limit.
I always pushed myself to finish up all the leftovers my family conveniently makes. There was a point where I was constantly overeating and I had to make up with constant exercise every post-meal or my body will feel like crap. After like, I donno, more than a gaziliion years living through that kinda shit, I just told myself to fuck it and start loving myself more. 

And voila, no more tummy aches, no more constipation, no more extra gases and I can sleep earlier without having to fret on whether I need to work my butt off on the following day. My abs are also starting to show up more defined too with my constant workout, which is a good sign.

On another note, I also follow this superstitious rule to not sleep within the next 2 hours after eating as it is believed to be bad for your digestive system and whatnot. Worst case scenario is something like appendix. I mean, it has never happened to me, and I slept after eating before. But just because it hasn't happened to me yet doesn't mean I should continue doing it despite the widespread caution I know about it that's been passed down from my family lineage.

Yes, I still workout of course. But now I'm not working out not to maintain anymore, but to build up bulk. So it's a different set of mentality I'm dealing with here, which is good I suppose.

Anyways, with that being said, I'm still me, the guy who doesn't really adore the idea of wastage. Just because I can't finish the food doesn't mean I'm just gonna toss'em outta the window. I mean, sometimes I do, but that's just because I know something else is gonna eat it when I do.

I know because I check the backyard periodically. There's always no traces of food. Which means the scavengers back there really do whack whatever I throw.

So on the occasional days where I just simply can't toss things out, I'd just open the door and pour out the food for them. That's how I met this guy. (upclose)

looks gruesome doesn't it?
This cat... if this cat was a man, I'd be giving it all my respect. Y'know what, even if it isn't, I'd still give it my respect. Everyday this cat's been treated like crap from all its communial peers. It's shunned and always given last when it comes to the chain of priorities.

Sometimes, it just gets so hungry that he can't help but to fight for survival. Thus explaining that deformity on his face. The wound turned septic roughly about 2 months back. Back then, the pus was so thick that the eye was blinded from the thick layer of green slime. Now that it's gone, it looks even more terrible. The black dot there is basically the eyeball without any layer of flesh above it.

It really just made me weep inside when I saw the photo. It's such a cruel life to live. Why still live?

That's when it dawned to me in a greater epiphany that life really just is a choice. You can always choose to live it out well, or you can always choose not to. These two decisions always bounce back and forth at the back of our minds according to the circumstances we're in and where our emotional balance lies. But either way, I'm not here today to urge you to switch to either side.

I just want you to ponder on the following 2 questions:

  1. which'd you rather have, living or dying?
  2. which feels stronger to you, life or death?
You sort out for yourself which one is more important for you after you think hard.

In truth, we're all somehow guided by a natural sense of survival instinct. It's usually our greater desires that lead us to feeling incomplete and miserably unwhole because we always can't seem to get things out way. So if you're feeling pretty down with pretty much everything, it might be a good idea to just drop all those worldly desires for a moment and think about

what you already have and what you'd rather have now vs what you want to have and what you can't get.

Remember the post about me getting what I needed instead of what I wanted?

I guess you could say it's the same thing. Only that it's not about relationships, but about your material life. Try to concentrate more on what you would rather have. More often that not, you would be surprised with the amount of things you can improve by just looking at things that way.

Nobody's asking you to drop your dreams though. Just a thought that sometimes it's refreshing to call a timeout for yourself. Seriously, you are not even living the kinda life the cat at my backyard is. So I probably can't comprehend as to why you'd toss yourself into such a viciously miserable cycle of melancholy like being negative all the time.

Death may appear to be always an option, but one can only feel happiness when one stays alive right?

Okok, enough of that. Just a quick update about myself. As you all might have known, time is pretty limited once you start working. I've always had plans for my free time, but I'm beginning to get torn between my workout plans and my personal assignments, which to me, are actually equally as important. One makes me healthier and more confident with my looks. The other gives me a career prospect and hones my skill in the arts.

So after weighing them down, I've finally decided to prioritize more on my personal assignments rather than doing it for my workouts. Seems as though I can always workout at small paces at different points of broken down times for as long as I do my workouts properly, but once I neglect my personal assignments, I'll never get to keep up with them and my techniques always jetlag and reset. I mean, I yearn for a dream body, but I guess I can slow down on that one. My career though, it has a shorter expiration date. Might as well prepare myself the best I can first. And I'd do anything to be able to have the ability to put down my imagination onto paper again. Being able to do that makes me feel like I'm a superhero lol.

So yes, I'd rather be able to keep my techniques up to par whenever the need arises for me to use my creative juices once more instead of having a ripped and badass body (I still really want that though T____T)

Life can be tough. But I wanna be like that cat. It chooses to live and never gives up. What's about you?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Hyundai Elantra Review!

Ah, an opportunity to review on a car that carries swag all over its design.
Time to blow a car to bits. Definitely a beauty to behold.

Either way, despite the machine's good looks, before you dive along with
my intrigue, you might want to look in further into Hyundai's track records
with customer service, warranties and the likes.

I really find it unfortunate sometimes that good products go bad just because
they are under an irresponsible label company who can't make ends meet and
is all about the figures in the doe and nothing about providing quality service.

Some things to know about this are like how the salespersons are. I read this
one complaint that the salesperson was intimidating the buyer into getting the
car. Somewhat close to a feeling where if you don't buy the car, or agree
with him about the awesomesauce of the car, you're just dumb.

And unfortunately for him, that lady who took that in was a well-educated person
about the car she wants. She was only looking for a test-drive but they had to
put her up with that stuck up salesperson.

Besides that, there's also the issue of poor service, especially car servicing.
Apparently, the company isn't very thorough with what they do and when
customers find out what they conveniently left out, they come out with excuses
as to why they can't repair this and that and stuff like that. Definitely bad practice.

Either way, there were 91% bad reviews and 9% good reviews out of the entire
comments section. So.... yeah, I'm sure you'll know what I mean if you google
up " hyundai customer service review "

Just informing you about the current brand image for this product. Sometimes
products can look really awesome and be very engaging to you, and that's why
you've gotta equip yourself with the knowledge of why would you want it.

I'm completely against blind purchases after all haha. Anyways, share around
in the comments below if you ever find anything interesting haha.

Not to mean that Hyundai is a bad brand or anything though. I
haven't experienced it personally so I can't really say anything
for sure.

And here's a little sneak preview of the car's look if you
haven't seen it already.

stolen taken from arenakereta.

Toldja it looked good. Anyhow, if you missed my post title by some
sleight of mind, this is a Hyundai Elantra. The link takes you to a Carsifu
directory of retailers and sellers of this particular product, so go there
if you were meaning to get a hold of its local price range and perhaps
the product availability within your region. But if you want to save yourself
the trouble of looking through that info, the price range is between RM90k
to around RM120k, depending on the kinda specs you'd want for your ride.

After all, there's no harm done in checking out a cool car. If its worth the
money and accommodates your personal tastes to a certain acceptable degree,
I don't see why not.

Anyways, lets discuss about something else besides the car's sheer
physical eyegasm, like maybe the user experience of the car.

Overall, I've gathered that the car has nearly no fatal flaws at all, save
for the fact that many of its models are incredible noisy and does not
carry a good bang for your buck in terms of mileage.

And well, where there's noise, there's bound to be a lot of vibration
in some parts of the car if not just one. Also, if you're looking for mileage,
this car is about as bad as the old Proton Wira, so don't expect to save much
on fuel consumption. It's just not really built that way.

Although, I'm sure you can do something about it if you have extra cash hehe.

Aside from that though, and the somewhat horrid customer service reputation,
the car's pretty good inside out.


Oh, please note that the models available in Malaysia are locally
assembled. So... well, just letting you know. I'm not really sure
if that's a bad thing or not.

Below are more in depth specs for the car.

 Elantra Engine Performance & Fuel Economy

• Engine: 1.8L Nu in-line four-cylinder DOHC with variable valve timing
• Unleaded fuel
• Fuel economy: EPA (08):, 29 MPG city, 40 MPG highway, 33 MPG combined and 423 mi. range
• Multi-point fuel injection
• 12.8gallon fuel tank
• Power (SAE): 148 hp @ 6,500 rpm; 131 ft lb of torque @ 4,700 rpm
Elantra Handling, Brakes, & Suspension

• 3.065:1 axle ratio
• Brake assist system
• Four-wheel disc brakes including 2-ventilated
• Electronic brake distribution
• Electronic traction control (via ABS & engine management)
• Electronic Stability Control (ESC) stability control
• Independent front strut suspension with stabilizer bar and coil springs, semi-independent rear torsion beam suspension with coil springs
• Tire kit
Elantra Exterior Dimensions & Aerodynamics

• Body-color front and rear bumpers
• Day time running lights
• Driver and passenger power door mirrors: heated, body-color
• External dimensions: overall length (inches): 178.3, overall width (inches): 69.9, overall height (inches): 56.5, wheelbase (inches): 106.3, front track (inches): 61.0, rear track (inches): 61.5 and curb to curb turning circle (feet): 34.8
• Headlights: halogen with complex surface lenses
• Luxury trim: alloy-look and alloy-look
• Mica paint
• Rear window: with defroster
• Tinted glass
• Weights: published curb weight (lbs): 2,701
• Windshield wipers with intermittent wiper
Elantra Interior Features & Electronics

• 12V power outlet(s) in front
• Element antenna
• Anti-theft protection
• Ashtray in the front
• Audio system with AM/FM radio, CD player (reads MP3 format) , satellite radio
• Cargo area light
• Cargo capacity: all seats in place (cu ft): 14.8 and EPA
• Cigar lighter in the front
• Trip computer: includes average speed, average fuel economy and range for remaining fuel
• Consoles, floor consoles, overhead consoles
• Cruise control
• Front cup holders
• Outside air temperature indicator
• Intelligent driver and passenger front airbag
• Driver seat : bucket ; details: manual height, front passenger seat : bucket
• Height adjustable front seat belts with pre-tensioners for driver and passenger
• Front seat center armrest
• Two height-adjustable front head restraints, three height-adjustable rear seats head restraints
• Internal dimensions: front headroom (inches): 40.0, rear headroom (inches): 37.1, front hip room (inches): 53.5,
rear hip room (inches): 52.7, front leg room (inches): 43.6, rear leg room (inches): 33.1, front shoulder room (inches): 55.9,
rear shoulder room (inches): 54.8 and interior volume (cu ft): 95.6
• Low tire pressure indicator
• Remote power locks
• Power steering type
• Front power windows with one-touch on one window, rear power windows
• Front reading lights
• Rear seat belts for driver, rear seat belts for passenger, 3-point rear seat belts for center
• Rear seat center armrest
• Rear seats:
• Rear view mirror
• Remote control trunk/hatch release
• Front and rear curtain airbag
• Seating: five passengers
• Premium cloth upholstery
• Front side airbag
• Six speakers
• Tilt/ telescoping steering wheel
• Tachometer
• Driver and passenger vanity mirror
• Ventilation system with micro filter

Got this specs from automobilemag. Too bad I don't
really understand how to read some of the info. One of
these days, I should really just ask my dad how to check
for a good car. But what I do understand though, and found
important to point out, I've already highlighted in bold.

Anyhow, I found 2 of the of specs particularly interesting,
the electronic brake distribution (EBD) and the trip computer.

EBD's basically smart technology put into your braking system.
It helps your brakes adjust according to your driving and speed
and stabilizes your whole vehicle as you brake to give your slowing
down a smoother and better feel instead of that particular jerk
you'd wish to avoid everytime you come across a road bump.

Then there's the trip computer that might just save your ass more than
you might think it would since it calculates for you in an estimate for how long
your vehicle can go based on the current amount of gasoline you have
in your tank. I think that's a pretty neat feature if you'd ask me. Who wouldn't
wanna know an estimate of how far you can go. Saves the time of wondering
whether you should refill everytime you step in the car.

Then there's the rest of the specs which are either pretty self-explanatory
or I just don't understand how to read at all. If only I knew how to get a
proper grasp of horsepower, torque and stuff like that. I still don't know
which is for speed, which is for mileage and which is for engine capacity.

What I do know though is that it sounds cool to talk about them and understand
why certain cars put people into such awe. Something like Top Gear.

Anyways, I suppose I'll know in due time, or you guyz can always help me out
by dropping me a comment below lolz.

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Back at Home Late at Night

Well, I guess the topic itself is very straightforward. I just hit back home around 12.45am earlier and boy, was I just about to tend to all my other wonderous self-projects that are accumulating with my pile of to-do's. Then, it just suddenly hit back to me; my super fittingly nice RM50 orange-reddish long-sleeve shirt is missing.

Then I went on a 5 minute quest to seek out. Upon failure, I just went with my usual "what the fuck?"

Because I'm just that frustrated. It was my first really cozy piece of clothe I bought for myself with my own money. I had only worn it once too. I remember seeing it in my unsorted pile of clothes. I wanted to wear it last week but changed my mind. So how does it tally that after a few days not doing anything to it at all let alone look at it and stare, it can just go *poof*?

Beats me, but whatever it is I know, once something goes missing in my house, you can never find it, and when you do, it's usually resurfaces magically 3 to 9 years later when it's aged and bad and just plain useless to you anymore.

Anyhow, yeah, I grumbled pretty loud, then my mom stopped me to reprimand me about my temper. I'm not really sure if it's really related to my temper, but if you can call temper a form of frustration, ok, maybe. Because I only grumble when I'm frustrated. Dood, you just lost your RM50 shirt that you spent 3 hours looking for the right size and colour, let alone budget in your favourite boutique of choice. If you're not going wtf, you have a coupon to redeem a salute from me anytime.

Prints best on toilet paper.

Don't worry, it's non-physical and only expires when you expire so...

Anyways, I just talked it out with my mom about things. And she's like not being able to sleep anymore because our little chit-chat kinda woke her up real conscious. So she's gonna burn some of them in front of her favourite Korean channel.

And today, I managed to get a few things I've wanted to say for a looooooooooong time to her. Like
1. My dad was the culprit to making my bro's Accounts Exercise book go *poof*. Ok, maybe it wasn't him, but it's highly probable that it was him. I witnessed him rummaging through my bro's sacred stash of books and everything only to see him toss out things he deemed as trash and casually put everything back in the way it wasn't supposed to be. I donno about you, but doesn't it just irk you when someone goes through your stuff and doesn't even have the decency to put them back the way it's supposed to be?

2. Why I never proceeded with the [Sticky Notes plan]. The Sticky Notes Plan is a plan where I planned myself to give other people a plan on what they plan to plan for their plannings.

Ok, joke aside, it's actually a set of little reminders for the forgetful many residences in this house I live in. Like Please turn off the lights, This plug is damaged, Don't leave the iron on faced down, Please lock the grill before leaving and etc. I didn't go forward with it because, well, I donno, almost everyone seems to go boncus and explode whenever they see those notes. Is it really so hard to just admit to yourself that "Hey, yeah, I'm pretty forgetful, and I know I'm getting dumber over time, thanks for the reminder," instead of like "What kinda stupid idea is this? Who fucking put this up here?"

Well, I guess you can tell why I kinda stopped along the way. But no worries, I think I'm gonna get a magnetic whiteboard instead to stick on the fridge door. I save paper right?

Well, sorta.

3. I finally got to tell my mom the whole reason why I got myself a pink laundry basket of my own to pile my own laundry in. Well, the first reason is pretty self-explanatory. Of course I wanna put in my own laundry lol. But aside from that, I don't want to trouble my mom so much having to sort out my clothes all the time and well, I really appreciate her concern and care for me as her son, but I'm sorry that I just can't help but rage whenever I get my brother's underwear and clothes and pants, and he gets mine. Ok, especially underwear. Just who in their right mind would share underwear? You already see all the hygiene alerts in fashion stores right? Ok maybe you do share around. Just don't tell me if you do heh.

The second reason is because... well, I just wanna fold my own clothes and organize my own clothes by myself. That way I'd be more conscious about my own laundry upkeep and learn to manage it, instead of always leaving it to my mom to do everything. I must admit though that I'm pretty spoiled and it's certainly a lot easier and less stressful when my mom helps with these stuff, but urgh, I just don't want to get mad at her anymore for this reason lol. Don't know if you can relate with my situation.

4. I kinda frankly explained to my mom how things are for me now with work, friends and stuff. I donno la, I really don't find cussing wrong anymore. I don't even feel the slightest bit of guilt for uttering the word that means sexual intercourse fuck everytime I do. Like I said, I normally do out of frustration, and sometimes when I'm around the same kind of people who cuss for fun.

But really, is it so wrong to grumble hard to vent out everything you've got from your system so that you not only destress, but people also acknowledge how frustrated you are about ¿something¿ ? What's the point of grumbling if you're not even gonna grumble properly? You can't grumble softly. I mean, you can, but would it feel as good as grumbling loud and properly with all the baddest words you can find in your shitty vault of vocabs?

Most certainly not.

I'm sorry if you beg to differ, but this isn't a post about how much apart we live from each others' realms or anything. It's really is just me pointing out my opinion in the most frankest of ways. You can choose to agree, choose to disagree, or choose to be indifferent. Either way, it doesn't make a difference to me, because I'm just posting a post. If you're about to explode like when you're one of my siblings seeing a [Sticky Note], I tell you la, just chill lo. No point getting angry over a difference in opinion one.

Sorry, still trying to get over my bad habit of being annoying. Oh, did I tell you that my laundry's piling up 3 times faster than before because i'm just trying to groom up myself right now? Oh wait, I just did in my previous sentence, silly'o me.

"and I fucking love pink. Especially pink laundry baskets. Don't judge me. Pink isn't gay. If you think it is, probably you're gay, for being a coward and not giving it a chance to colour your life."

And for the first time in my life, I shall hereby announce that my both my armpit hair and moustache are no longer virgin. Yeah... kinda... just... shaved them.

Also! Gatsby's Spiky Edge isn't very hair friendly. I used it and it just makes my hair stiff for like so friggin' long. It only softens up after 3 bathes within a period of 36 hours. The hold is just that strong.

I also researched about hair styling stuff, like gels, wax, mousse, pomade and clay. You can read about it where I read it. There're certainly many other sources, but that one is probably the most concise and clear version of the said topic that I could find.

Initially, I thought it'd be ok to just wear the hair cream everyday, but after my first try, I'm honestly horrified. I wanna avoid using it for as long as I can. I mean, it does what it claims to do; without a doubt. But really, if I were to wear it on everyday, I'm gonna have to stock up on more hair care products which will definitely burn a whole in my wallet, which is certainly out of the question for now. Once my income is a bit steadier though, well, just maybe.

It's also pretty retarded thinking back on my first hairstyling product purchasing experience at the local pharmacy. I had no idea what to get, how it'd affect my hair and everything that even the staff of Vitacare kinda tagged along with my bewilderment on which choice to make, so much so that we just stared at the rack for half-an hour rationalizing out which one would work best for me.

So yeah, in the end I just went whuddaheck mode and got Gatsby's Spiky Edge. Yes, this is also pink. But I only got this because it claims to work best on short hair and I have really short hair now. Hmmm...

**On a side note, Gatsby's Roots hairstyle products all come with a slight tinge of green apples in it. So it smells pretty cool. I thought I was gonna get turned off by the smell, like hairspray and deodorants do to me, but I'm actually pretty ok with it. And it's also pretty fun rubbing them into your hair with it's matte-ish feeling. But now that I know just how hard it is to just wash it off, I'm doing my best not to wear lolz.

All it takes is 3 minutes in the toilet and I'd get a decent, if not super swag hairstyle after my regular cycling journeys to work and such. So if there's no mirror around, well, I'd probably just not care lolz.

And.. about deodorants. Zzzz... I still can't really bring myself to use it. I mean, I did kinda use it once, but after going through page after page of reviews about deodarant usage and all, I donno, I just can't seem to want to use it. I mean, a lot of people do to smell good and not make others' life so miserable with their stench. But I just dislike the idea how it clogs your pores and everything. So stench it is at the moment.

So similar to my hairstyle cream, I also only use deo once in a very blue moon. So on the occasional chance that I do need it, I'll borrow my bro's deodorant, and just use it. It feels damned weird la, first time on. Maybe I'd grow out of the awkwardness after repeated uses.

Okok, this is getting really long. Sorry, I just haven't had the proper time to update like this for a long time. Not trying to give excuses or anything, but I barely have time to work on my personal things now that I kinda got dropped with some design assignments haha. The earliest I'm back is 8pm, and latest... 2am?

If you wanna know I'm doing, just swing by Picadilly anytime and give me a call/sms. You can actually find my number on my Facebook profile lol. I'm like one of the only dopes out there who actually puts my contact number there because I just know nobody's gonna bother to check for it. But if people do one day, hmmm.. that's gotta mean something right?

Anyways, I'll let you know if I can hang out with you or not. If I can't then, you can come and hang with me instead where I work. Just stay off peak hours (Wednesday 8.30pm, Friday 3.30pm and 8.30pm) haha. If not, I'll help you make some new friends so I don't have tend to you and focus on my work instead 030

Oh, and Monday's my off day.

Hokae, time to stop this great wall of text. Thanks for reading.
And remember the coupon! -OC

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Make A Change in 100 Minutes

Ah, I saw a post from my friend asking me to help vote her stuff.
I went to check it out to see if there was anything of note.

And I must say, I'm surprised with what I found. Here are
some really honest shares of what I think is good. You can
judge the rest for yourself over here. And it's no silly 1 vote
a day BS. So if you genuinely like the comics, just a  kind
vote will do. And you won't have to go back to it again.

*All comics here are owned and copyrighted by their respective
creators. I don't own any of them. Just passing along the good
works around ^^

Look for Hou Ee Fan.

Ernest Ng Thye Sern

Suraiya Othman
Anuar Hassan
Sa'ari Md Yusof
Roslan bin Kasim Kasim
Goh Kheng Swee
Chai Ying Lieh

Voting ends on the 25th November 2012, Sunday, 11.59pm local time. So help these people out? :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Man With The Most Beautiful Heart

A story once told ... 

...There is a kingdom and a place not far from where you are right now, and in this kingdom and in this place there are very special people. Now these people are special because they consider their most valuable possession to be their hearts. In fact some of the people are able to hold their hearts in their hands - a very special gift indeed - and even if a heart gets broken it may be repaired at the local heart specialist. These people believe that all of their actions should flow from their hearts.

Now in this kingdom there lived a young man who claimed to have a perfect heart. He was very proud of his heart because it had no cracks or scars. It was very solid and could not be hurt or penetrated by anything at all. One day the young man was showing off his perfect heart to a large group of people - something which he did quite often. People came from miles around to see his perfect heart and for such occasions he kept it locked in a beautiful glass case. No one in the kingdom dared touch him or his perfect heart. They just looked at him in amazement for there was no one else like him in the entire kingdom.

Suddenly a frail voice arose from the crowd and said: "My heart is more beautiful than yours."

The crowd was quiet for a moment, and finally the young man laughed at such a claim for he was sure perfection was the most beautiful thing in the world. When his laughter subsided, he said to the person with the frail voice: "Come out of the crowd and show me your beautiful heart. Compare it to mine!" The young man was sure there could be no comparison, but he enjoyed the attention immensely. Slowly the source of the frail voice appeared as a little old man emerged from the crowd. He was bent with age and his face was covered with lines that told the story of a long and sometimes difficult life.

The young man spoke arrogantly to him saying: "Let me see your heart, Old Man, so I can compare it to mine." The old man did not speak - he simply showed his heart to everyone in the crowd. He did not keep his heart in a fine glass case, but he carried it with him at all times. He merely stood before the crowd gently holding his heart in his old wrinkled hands. The young man immediately began to laugh when he saw the old heart. "That is the ugliest heart I've ever seen. Why it's made of pieces that don't even fit together perfectly. You are a fool, Old Man!" When he said this, everyone laughed.

The old man began to speak again, and his frail voice could hardly be heard by the people in the crowd. "Many years ago my heart was like yours. Yes, it was perfect - but that was before I knew the meaning of love. My heart had no cracks. It had never been hurt. It was just another part of me, but soon I began to learn what love was all about and that's when my heart began to change." The young man began to laugh, but a little girl in the crowd cried out: "Be quiet and let this old man tell us his story."

So the young man stopped laughing, and the old man continued to speak as his heart tottered back and forth in his hands. "No, my heart does not look perfect because it is not my heart alone. You see whenever I love another person, I give him a piece of my heart and he gives me a piece of his. We cannot be separated - not even by death. In fact, when someone I love dies, part of me dies with them and yet at the same time part of that person lives on in me, and I am able to share that person's love and life with others.

So to you, my heart may look very ugly and funny because of the strange shapes that it is made of, but to me it is beautiful because I carry within my heart the love of many people whom I have loved and who have loved me in return. By the standards of the world it is not perfect, but the heart does not exist by worldly standards ... It lives because of love, and is measured by love." He looked at the young man and said: "Yes, your heart is perfect to look at, but it has not yet known real love, so it lacks the beauty that only love can provide."

The crowd stood silent, and waited for the young man to respond when finally he said: "Old Man, you have explained the various odd shapes that make up your heart, but you have not explained the meaning of the ugly cracks."

Again the old man spoke with a sigh: "Whenever you love someone you take a risk, and sometimes it can cause a great deal of pain because we can hurt one another so easily - but love is not known unless those risks are taken. The cracks that you see are reminders of the times when I have been hurt by one of the persons I have loved, or when I have hurt one of them. Some take their love away and remove themselves from your heart and remove you from their hearts. It is things like this that cause those cracks to appear. Yes, it sometimes hurts to love, but you must keep on loving even when it is painful. Love can be a cause of both laughter and of tears, and sometimes you can't understand the cause of either the laughter or the tears. They are just a part of your real love - and, throughout, you continue to hold your friends in your heart which is the most delicate and sensitive part of your entire self."

By this time the young man was crying very hard, for he had come to realize he was always so busy with his perfect heart that he had never loved anyone nor had he allowed anyone to love him. He removed his heart from his special glass case and held it in his hand. It was very cold and hard to touch. Tears flowed over his heart, and he was extremely sad because he did not know the meaning of real love. He only knew about perfection. Just as he was about to leave the crowd and go away from the kingdom to hide forever, he noticed the old man hobbling toward him. The young man looked up and saw the old man reaching towards the oddly shaped heart that was in his wrinkled venerable hands. The old man had removed a very ancient piece of his heart and offered it to the young man. He said: "This is a piece of my heart. I give it to you out of real love. Please accept it."

The young man reached out to accept the piece of the old man's heart. He quickly tried to make it a part of his own, but he soon realized that there was no room for it. He was puzzled for a moment until he looked at the old man and saw the answer in his caring eyes. Then the young man nervously removed a piece of his own heart and offered it to the old man.

Now the old man's heart was so oddly shaped that the piece he had given to the young man did not fit perfectly into his heart, but the young man simply set it in its place and looked at it through tears of real joy. For the first time in his life he really felt happy and he realized his heart was no longer cold and hard but it was now soft and warm. He finally had a happy heart - one that knew the meaning of love. The young man and the old man set their hearts in their rightful places and they were both very happy. The crowd cheered and cried aloud.

The young man told his teacher that he wanted to follow him for the rest of his life, but the wise old man said:
 "No, my son, you must not follow me. Now that you have learned of real love you must go forth and share it with others. You must share your love, as I have shared mine, throughout the kingdom." The young man felt very sad again, and he was sure that his heart was beginning to break, but the old man spoke again: "You must remember that we always carry one another in our hearts no matter where we go. That's what makes them so beautiful, and we will always be together because of that." The young man knew the old man was right. He walked up to him. They embraced and then went off in different directions to spread the meaning of real love throughout the kingdom.

The young man may still be found traveling throughout the kingdom telling his story about the meaning of real love. He has never returned his heart to the glass case. Now he keeps it in its rightful place willing to show it to all who wish to see it. Night and day he rejoices over his heart, now oddly shaped but very beautiful. If you ever meet him, he will surely tell you this story of how he learned that love is so much more beautiful than perfection. Perhaps you have already met him - if not look around - he may be close to you right now for there is a kingdom and a place not far from where you are right now ... and in this kingdom there are very special people.

I wish it was written by me, but it isn't. Either way, it's a good read, so I'm sharing from what I found in my fellow friend's post. Apparently she's found the right guy for her, so a big thumbs up!

And I'd like to quote again a part I found to be really important from the entire excerpt:

"Whenever you love someone you take a risk, and sometimes it can cause a great deal of pain because we can hurt one another so easily - but love is not known unless those risks are taken. The cracks that you see are reminders of the times when I have been hurt by one of the persons I have loved, or when I have hurt one of them. Some take their love away and remove themselves from your heart and remove you from their hearts. It is things like this that cause those cracks to appear. Yes, it sometimes hurts to love, but you must keep on loving even when it is painful. Love can be a cause of both laughter and of tears, and sometimes you can't understand the cause of either the laughter or the tears. They are just a part of your real love - and, throughout, you continue to hold your friends in your heart which is the most delicate and sensitive part of your entire self."

Thanks Old Man. That's just the kinda thing I've always been wanting to put into words but could find the right vocabulary at the back of my mind to do so.

And this is one of those things that really makes me love blogger. Stumbling upon things like this in the posts I follow and being able to share these valuables to everyone else out there. Of course, you can always do it with Pinterest, FB or any other social media. But I like to think of Blogger as a very rigid and solid media to do so.

Mainly because... it never disappears until you choose it so. I'm also saddened by the fact that one of my friends decided to close his blog. It's none of my business, but I found out that he set up a new blog out there, rid of personals, but all on helping people learn the things he does. He's moving on, and for that, I'm happy for him.

I once heard from someone before that work sometimes forces you to do things that you donwanna do. Like when your boss likes to stalk his or her employees and all, and always come to question you about your personal life, and you get so sick and tired of it you just shut down all your social medias.

I'm glad to say that I'm fortunate enough to not fall into such ill circumstances. I know it's probably not the case for him, but still, I'm just glad to be able to still keep this blog open. Because there's probably so much more to share in the future.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read.
And remember to always hold your heart where it should be - OC