Tuesday, January 17, 2012

16/1/2012 minutes

16/1 minutes

get your sponsorship kit here since Facebook
is always a bitch to any links but video links.



sioyean sharing after first batch presentation

- filter artwork according to type of industry you
wanna market yourselves with

EXAMPLES : Advertising, film & tv, Game & animation, publication

Try to give more artworks for prioritized field/career.
eg. if concept art, then put concept art folder as 1-concept
then if illustration is your 2nd choice, 2-illustration,
3-portraits and so on.

Name of images remain as 1-20. You may include additional
sketches in a group to solidify one piece if needed. Like
for Kinsun's assignment last sem when we had to use picture
reference to get natural compositions, if you got study sketches
before the final piece, include all in the sketches.

Prefarably create a preview mode so that you don't have to switch
between folders too often ^^

hopefully can pass files to me by Thursday? Today
everybody like forget got presentation, come here
a bit blur, then start around 10.30-40am liddat lol.
Ended up ending at 11.45 @_@

So, for those who haven't present yet, after cny prep
yeah. Hohoho.

after cny, please show website and name card.


updated 7 comms.

Pres - Chee Kong
Vp - Jas
Finance - Osla
Art D - Shaz
Head of Fundr - Nadirah
Head of Media - Zhe Hui
Head of Production - Chen Liang

theme - Reverie 95
to be pleasantly lost in one's thoughts (dreams)

storybook way (story theme)
main character (art direction theme will create brief)
people will be divided into groups or interest/similar skills/style
character will be kept as constant. Background will be varied.

general outlook, photos.. (plagiarize XD)

kudos to wen kang for photos :)

master collab work , according to people divisions.
artwork must stand on their own as well as connect with
each other as a whole painting.

gallery colour mood split complimentary most probably
think Kidchan/Beatrice colours, but fantasy-ish?

sponsorship kit, no need print. If can use digital copy or
jot down the information provided. But you can print
if it's more convenient for you ^^

As for receipts, we'll be getting some el-cheapo ones.
Since well... we'll be getting our RUBBER STAMP.
Hold on. Then who'd be holding the rubber stamp?? 0.o
K, we discuss next meet...
current workforce teams

art direction
liu hu
hor yee

zhe hui
kai lee
wen kang
keen fai

ah liang
zhen wei
zhun hao
yee chuan
yoon hin
wang kai

kai lee
wen wen

so people, if you encounter problems
with your positioning or are not sure of
what you need to do, please call your
respective heads. Already left their numbers
in the Facebook minutes. Donwan let people
know their numbers here trolololololol. ^^

wednesday need to show progress for robot and
finish at least outline for storyboard (refine frames)

And uh, WEAR RED, says Johnson.

Kdone. OC

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