Tuesday, January 03, 2012

3/1/2012 minutes

a little teaser. got told off just now saying that it's too early. I agree. I missed that part like totally. Man, even took the
trouble to make the FB page and blog too. But later eh? Need to bomb our audience when we swing by in style.

So.. first Grad Campaign meeting has ended. A little minutes here.


done collectively
14-26 april (monday 16th launching)
exhibition booklet
class website

individual objective (for every student)
personal website and namecard
free web hosting behance
30th Jan finish all personal stuff.

Advisor Contact (10am-6pm weekdays)
012 2500 659

pres chee kong
vice jas
finance osla
other posts will be done by volunteer/application or by recommendation.

Other stuff:

  1. Need to get quotations for prints (Chee Kong got it. A1 size. 27 each with lamination and something coating. Not inclusive of 10% dc yet. But can get.) Basically we need to think about quantity+quality+frame if needed.
  2. Booklets. Price quote and confirm how many pages per member, artworks, etc.
  3. Theme. have to wait for decision. Peeps ain't not wanting the numbers, but I think FA95 sounds cool. Courtesy of Shaz and his awesome imaginations. It's read as FAGS mine you. But it also means like Fantastic Art 95 or something. Whatever. See what they decide.
  4. Need to create budget. Can't create budget without'em price quotes.
  5. Decoration~ later.
  6. Promo. Theme not even finalized yet. What promo wor?

confirm getting 4k d. There are another few students not sure if they'd be participating or not. If yes, then maybe 4.8k+/- After settle budget, need to see if we have enough funds or not. If not enough, then have to do a little fundraising.

OK, that's it for now. Time to do other stuff. OC


Joey said...

no more blogging everyday ?

O C said...

Yeah. Got too tiring after a while. I need a break and time to put my attention into other things besides blogging everyday.

Wouldn't wanna end up like Lonely lol. Man, if he sees this, I'm gonna rofl. XD