Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

The 3 days from last year... Not gonna do them. My reason? Why not just finish it when it's just 3 more pieces to go right?

It's not worth my time. If you realized, along the past year, most if not all of my drawings are just something to show. Does it mark any significant improvement? More often not than yes. Do they make me feel better? Not really. In fact, I feel like shit because they are just filler work. Not to mention how many times I cheated time. If I can cheat time, then what's the point of having a deadline right?

Anyhow, one wise bastert once said that if you wanna cheat, at least make it look good. Not like Najib. I for one, cheated, and made them look terribad. As if being terrible with my rudimentary art sense and principles isn't bad enough.

She is probably gonna tell on me again for making her look scary, because indeed, she does in the picture. I should have chosen lighter colours or whatever. Now... it's just not right. That's all I can say.

What of my 365 day thingie? Scrap it. It's not working. I'm pretty sure most people got sick and tired of reading post after post every single bloody day that shows nothing great. Why bother right?

But I tell you what. If there's ever a new year resolution for me, it's me not trying to half-ass anything ever again. I hope the top picture is the last half-a-butt artwork I'm ever gonna do. Because I pretty much half-assed everything last year. Almost. There were good ones. But mostly bad. And if there's anything I know from last year's 365 thingie, it's that daily deadlines are too tiring when your mind is not into it, which mine for one isn't even functioning properly, let alone get into anything for that matter.

This guy over here, will talk some sense over putting
focus to anyone. He might not have been in the worst
possible way a person could be. His look was passable.
But meh, wtf right. He wanted to look better. What other
way than to work his ass off?

And to those of you who think that he made what he did look 
easy, know that he took quite some time to make it appear
as so. So whatever it is, you watch this. Than maybe you
can figure out whatever it is you're thinking from the video.

He's right. People don't wanna see the bad stuff.
It's just not good. And if you wanna do something
and think it's the best you could do, you better
give a 10/10. 9/10 won't cut it. 10/10 means
10/10. No excuses. Just turn every fucking stone
there is around you and make sure there's none
left unturn.

So, what's my plan this year right? Well, stick back to the plan I made up last year of course. Long story short, I want to be sleeping by 11pm every night, wake up at 7am every morning, go for a jog once every 1 day after the first jog, finish up my assignments on time and still be able to play a bit of RO everyday. Or whatever it is I want to be playing. I'm putting Magic on a pause at the moment. There's already a lot on my plate already. Having that extra one not only costs me money, but demotivates me every time I lose. Not like I hate it or anything. But I just need to save up money for now alright? Magic is an expensive hobby if you're going serious. I went serious. Lived it. So I think I'm not ready to go serious yet. 

Other than that, well, I have 3-4 months. My license thing must be done by the end of May. If not, back to driving boot camp for me. So hopefully I can finish it in time. I have Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays off. So maybe I should take a day each week to finish up the hours I need to qualify me for the stupid test. I got my L already anyways. But L is not a P you see, which is a huge difference.

And... there's storyboard. I have 9 weeks to finish up refined versions of whatever the hell I did back then. Cut a week away because of this week. So I have 8 weeks. That's 56 days. 24 hours a day is bullshit. What I do have, if I slept maybe 8 hours a day would be 16 hours of solid good work. in 8 weeks, I'd be gone for the driving classes 8 times too. So I'd have to subtract another 8 days. 48 days left.  So I have roughly around 768 hours to finish up everything. My simplified style is like shit frankly speaking. And I have around 70-80 boards to paint. Lets just say I do have around 100. If I spent 7 hours on each piece. Will that be enough?

And my schedule. I hate the fact that it's in excel and when I wanna transport or export whatever data there in Excel to somewhere else, the tables and all get jumbled up, which is very annoying. 

But whatever. My schedule is as follows:

Monday  10am-12pm Grad campaign 
Wednesday 9.30am-1.30pm Final Illustration Project (concept art 2 I presume)
Thursday 10am-1pm Digital Imaging
Saturday 10am-1pm Storyboarding 2

I like the current schedule. All of them are in the morning. Good news, I can clock myself again, manage my time better and sleep earlier to make sure I never get a pesky fever ever again. Bad news, evenings are the worst times ever for me to put my head into something at home. I'm gonna have to deal with this somehow. Not sure how, but somehow.

So yeah, back to the drawing board for me. Man, it sure feels good to not have to worry about another extra deadline caused by my own sense of false pride. Maybe now, I can at least get things done for real. I donno how long I'm gonna take. But I want to have at least 100 artworks I can be proud of. So I'm gonna take as much time as I need to complete it.

And yeah. There's that for now. I also subscribed for VIP with RO for a month. So whatever I've got to do with RO, I'm gonna have to do it within a month, taken into consideration all aspects of college and personal well-being as well. Anything else, you'll see an update sooner or later. So...Bye.  OC

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