Saturday, January 14, 2012


This other time, I stumbled on my friend's blog and he was talking
about his dad, who was a carrot cake merchant. I never tried it
before. But according to the customers, they're pretty awesome.

So anyways, he was helping out his dad as usual at the store,
and there was this regular. After finishing the customer's order,
and time to receive payment, the customer asked him to keep
the change with an RM10 note.

His dad insisted to give back the change, but strangely though,
he stopped resisting when the customer said this, "I've been
eating your carrot cakes ever since I was small. And they
still taste great! Think of this as a token of my appreciation
for still making those delicious cakes you always do."

Both my friend and his dad were both stunned and touched.

What's my point? Well, for one thing, his dad is a hero.
Because, he continued doing what he does best the best
way he can without putting a stop to it. People with great
working etiquette like that is always a hero to me.

And now, this is about another friend. This time, not a blog
post, but about what he does. These few days, no, these 2
weeks, he's been working really hard on this once piece of
artwork. So deliberately self-driven. Even after doing it for
2 weeks and the finishing still didn't hit the par, I started to
develop a deep sense of respect to him. He was able to
continuously work on it even when knowing that he might
not get the results he wanted. He didn't get the results, but
it seemed like it didn't matter. It was as if the process for
him was what mattered most, something a lot of us artists tend
to forget when pressed under a lot of deadlines and all. And to
me, being so lost in all this buzz, what he does just seems like
such a heroic trait to me, breaking the silent hectic norm.

Well, there's also this one person. She always tries her hardest
in all her plans, even thought most of them are pretty much
doomed to fail. But amidst all that, she still manages to maintain
close contact with me even when we're so far apart. Long distance
takes lotsa effort to run! And that's why she's a hero(ine) to me
and I try my best to understand her situation even when she forgets
the little stuff from time to time. Because no matter how flawed someone
is, if you love that person enough, those flaws just seem to match like
jigsaws to a puzzle.

So, in efforts to be as determined as the above people are, I shall
now bombard you with loads of ?artworks?

my tutor is awesome ^^
There are some ticks there. Mmm, what should I choose?
Wanna choose for me? XD Can't let my determination waver. OC

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