Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Wonders That Form a Miracle

Just last week, I was at my friend's birthday party. She's pretty well off,
the house is big enough to fit in a party of possibly a hundred. Not
a mere exaggeration as much as one might hope that it is.

Everyone was having fun in their own way. The dinner was great too.
Lots of pizzas, malay delish goodness, pasta, gazillions of fresh sushis.
Eating wasn't an issue. Hunger certainly wasn't too. If there was anything
everyone could agree on, I think it'd be that all of our stomach were
content and satisfied.

Then after the dinner, we were told to gather down the hall.
I wasn't expecting a sermon, considering her dad being a pastor
and all, and I breathed a sigh of relief when it turned it that it
really wasn't meant to be one.

It was a birthday speech. Little one he prep'd for his to-be-21-years-old
daughter. Miracles can be done in small ways sometimes, and for Mr.
Daddy there, that miracle took him 21 years.

It's goes like this. Before the big house, the family lived in a proud small
residence. Then when she came into their lives, things began to change.
They didn't know how well they'd be doing after that.

Most people who get rich and wealthy tend to fall into a corrupted world
of greed and neglect, little that they know what they pursue consumes them
from within.

But this guy. This guy, made half the hall go into tears. Throughout all the
accumulated successes and wealth he's had over the past 21 years, he
never forgot his ties, love and care to his family.

He flipped the projector on screen, page to page, each year featuring
pictures of her daughter, from 91 till 2011. For us people, scanning'em
pictures, making'em into a slide is a slice of pie. But to a man in his 50's,
with many other responsibilities in his life, it was a daunting task.

He planned it in advance, about 2 weeks ahead. Little did he know the
birthday party was to be held a week earlier. And rushed he did. Till the very
last minute. He finished the whole slide just a few minutes before his speech.
And still carried it out as planned.

The picture slides, were all fun stuff about his daughter. How she evolved
from a cute little baby into the very lady she is now.

Then came this part. He opened up an album.

There was a list there and he read them all one by one.

They were all short, but in each number on the list, reads a special
moment or memory both he and his wife have had with the presence
of my friend in their lives.

I do remember a few. Hope my brain can still crack it out after
a week's worth of waiting.

91..the first time I held her in my arms. I felt like the most blessed
person in the world to be given a gift like this.
92..she walked into my arms for the first time. I felt so grateful
that she was still strong, healthy and joyful.
93..she drew her first picture. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
96 .... kindergarten. The first time I had to let her go without me being
there for her.
... she won her first drawing competition. The teacher praised her talent.
... our house were filled with beautiful drawings from her. It was a sight
to behold.
... her first prom event. I'm proud to see how much she's grown into such
a fine young lady.
08... she told me she wanted to be an illustrator.
10... she decided to join TOA. We respected her first decision into adulthood.
11... she was busy with assignments. I pray for her success and that she'd still
find time for herself and God.

he didn't write anything for 12 yet. he also didn't have any pictures for 12.
but what he did say was this.

"This is the time where she is already a full-grown-adult, and by tradition,
children at this age will be granted freedom. And..."

Her mom steps up and present her a key locket. My friend was in tears.
The crowd was in silent admiration at the moment.

When my friend finally accepted the gift and gave her parents a hug,
we all cheered and clapped as hard as we could. We were all in awe.

Definitely a very different experience. I've never been to such a heartwarming
birthday party before. I'm kinda wishing that one day I'd be a dad like him.

All the little things he did. Writing those notes down, compiling the pictures,
organizing the party, supporting her all the way. My friend actually thought,
she wasn't close to her family, and wished she could be closer. I guess we
can consider that wish granted for her. And for that, I'm sure everyone's
happy for her.

That was the my friend's miracle.


But did you catch the head fake?
Well, this probably isn't the most important thing here, but what really struck
me as a miracle from that moment was how her dad was still able to balance
out family, wealth, career and faith without having to compromise the relationship
he treasures the most. His family.

Little miracles count I guess. But I'm pretty sure he worked very hard to
get to where he is now. So if there's anyone on my honours list, he's gonna
be my first on top of the list, with a title saying -Most Amazing Dad.

He ended his speech with a prayer of success to all the attendees to the event.
I usually feel awkward when people give prayers. But I guess it didn't happen
to me this time. I donno. It felt sincere.

And thus I end my tribute to this respectable figure that is unknown to many by
extending his prayer to all my readers.

"I pray to the Lord for your success, and that the Lord will always show you
the path to your ambition and, I pray to the Lord that you will always find strength
in the many unprecedented challenges to come."

It's a paraphrase. Nothing exactly similar there.
I'm not a Christian too. But there ya go peeps. OC

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