Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Malaysia Top Car Websites

Hey all, doing another blogging job today. Today, I'm gonna write a review about Carsifu and maybe compare it with Autoworld and Carlist, which are both having a lot more car ads and better user experience in my opinion. But lets leave that until later shall we ^^

First up, Carsifu looks very clean and modern overall. I hold nothing against the design, other than that funny looking Formula 1 car thingie beside the Carsifu logotype. Just looks a bit weird. In fact, I'd rather if the logotype looked like PropWall or iBilik (formerly known as Caribilik) but heck, I'm sure they italicized it for a good reason, and that reason being wanting to show how fast cars can be. Well, besides that, I have no further comment on that part XD

Secondly, I don't get why Carsifu doesn't have an advanced search toolbar like the Autoworld and Carlist fellows. It makes things a hell lot more convenient if you could just filter out the information you're looking for. Without it, competition with other top car websites is next to obsolete. So I really do hope that the design team puts it up as soon as possible for convenience purposes. If not, there's a good chance people will choose the latter ones compared to Carsifu. I mean, there is a big difference when you can set a minimum budget/mileage/cartype/location compared to just car type. Or maybe its just that most people who'd want to purchase a car would already be looking at the bran type/model first? If that's the case, then maybe it is justifiable to the site to make it as such. I'm interested in cars, but I don't dabble in its economics too much, not to mention that I have zero experience with car dealing so I might not be all that knowledgeable with how a real car deal works.

Kinda odd to start off with the bad stuff eh? Not to worry, I have some good stuff too. Good stuff being that they use the same ad system as PropWall and iBilik, which is a good thing. Just sign up, no verification required and they'd send you straight to the Dashboard, where you can do your stuff like posting up new car ads or whatever you have bookmarked.

Now, to add on from where I left off above, Carsifu does have its very own quality perks that sets it apart from the other top car websites, and that is the fact that on it's Home landing page, you'd find a list to your right with the car brands of the coolest cars you'd have ever heard, ranking from Audi's to BMW's and etc.
Pretty handy stuff for Audi/BMW lovers. But I think the order has changed somewhat. Maybe now it's up by popularity or some sort? 'Cause Porsche is like in between Perodua and Proton, like number 8,9,10? Audi, BMW and Porsche all fall under the expensive cars section. So it'd make sense if they were all on top together. Now, only if my speculation is correct, than yes, the list is arranged by popularity.

But if that's the case, doesn't that change the target audience of the website? Originally, it might've been targeted for people with/looking for hot rides. But now, it's like trying to focus on convenience, but without an advanced search option? Ok, I'm really confused. So you wanna cater for both or target on a specific interest range? If not then, please, if you do happen to read this, just put on the Advanced Search. If not, well, there's nothing much for me to do about it? I'm just a blogger after all XD.

So yeah, there's that for now. Carsifu is great for searching for that special car, just not as great Autoworld and Carlist, only and only because they don't have that advanced search option. Once that's put in, then maybe the competition level of the sites will be equal once again haha.

Cheers y'all.

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