Monday, January 09, 2012

Max storage capacity?

So fast? WTF?

Oh, no wonder. I have about 400+ pictures uploaded. All scan size.
Just in case you're wondering, scan size is like... 2-3mb each. So.

I only have 1gb of free space.

Sad stuff. Looks like from now on, any pictures I have, I'm gonna have to
upload through imageshack or some other image uploading tool.

It's gonna be a pain to align everything again though. Google isn't making
it all that friendly for non-Google stuff. Man, Google, is that your marketing
strategy or what?

Well, it's either that or I have to pay like 5 usd a month to extend storage space?
Worth the convenience? Maybe. Got any other alternatives to not pay? Of course.

Downsides to not paying for extensions, maybe have to delete some photos (already
deleted some) Can't upload backgrounds to blog or any other related images.
If can't upload, cannot change. Stupid nyer... Why cannot use link? *shrugs*

Ask Google.

Lesson? Resize all your images as small as you can. 300kb should be terrific enough
in terms of quality methinks. Well, there's just far too many photos for me to reupload.
Not to mention most of them are already gone thanks to my extremely "reliable" Samsung
hard disk, which reminds me I need to get a new one before tragedy strikes back again.
And you don't need your pictures to be so bloody big. Most blogs, max are at about
1800x1600 only mind you. Pixels. So keep that in mind, if you need to resize your images
or you have some gorgeous photos or artworks that need people seeing. I think if anything,
those larger size photos should be posted elsewhere. Not here. Yeah.

Mmmmm...  guess I'll leave some of my favourite images from last year for you to see.

I guess I did some good stuff last sem.
But were they good enough? Hmmm.
And since I'm reaching capped limite
of storage, I'm considering using another
gmail account to start another blog. Or..
maybe I could try tumblr? Hmmmm...
And maybe I should start drawing
everyday again. Or should I not?  

Oh yeah, I can still post on Deviantart.
But it'd be inconvenient for certain people
would it not? Ah such a stupid dilemma. OC

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