Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shadows IV

Life is so short that you can literally just walk through your
memories and be surprised how soon you'd stop walking.

There's so much to do. So many people to spend time with.
And yes, the problem here is spending time. Every second
spent will not come back. We all know this. But feeling it's
effects at middle age with no achievement nor security in life
whatsoever can be comparable to a patient battling out his
last moments with cancer in the wards.

Financial freedom is one issue. There's a myth that says that
as long as you're a millionaire, you'll be financially free. That's
not particularly true. And you don't need to be a millionaire to
be financially free.

All you need to gain financial freedom, is the freedom from debt
and enough auto-income to allow yourself to live without having
to worry about looking for a job.

But of course, if you have a family, then you're gonna have to
recalculate everything.

Obtaining the right insurances for the right things and paying for
their premiums is also another issue. Health insurance is one thing.
If you have wife/husband, make sure you know they have one if
they don't, because the hospital stuff will be very brutal with you
if you give them the hassle. And costs for emergency action when
things happen is a big blow to your wallet. You not only pay for
surgeries if needed, but also the amount of days you need to stay
in ward if you have too. Health insurances cover that for you, so
make sure you get one.

Car insurances are pretty much the same, just that it's about car
accidents and insuring for the repair costs of your car instead of
your sustained injuries during a possible accident.

If you've got a family already, then saving up a fund for you children
is very important. You want them to have the freedom to choose
what or who they want to be. But if you don't do it, then make sure
you don't regret not doing it.

Then if you're having debts, paying them on time is mighty important.
You'd probably have to take leaves from your job to deal with them
sometimes. Because if you don't pay them up, they add up penalties
or fines to your tab. So you've gotta watch that debt thing from getting
outta hand.

Lets not forget taxes. You have taxes for almost bloody everything. Car
tax, house tax, land tax, license tax if you own a shop and others that
that might have slipped under my nose.

But there's a trick to reducing taxable income. You can do that by giving
out charity funds, saving transcripts of your payment for educational institutions
wherever your children are enrolled in, and getting loans for lands and properties.

Of course, you have to pay back loans after acquiring them. But getting
properties whole immediately makes it taxable immediately too. So there's
something to juggle already over there.

Then when you have children, you've gotta make sure you don't screw up
for as long as they remain under your care and supervision. This is the time
where life is almost all bad bad bad bad then suddenly something good
comes out and makes it all worth while, then bad bad bad again.

And a higher pay doesn't necessarily mean a better life. If
you've got higher pay, there are higher taxes and higher living
standards and expenses if you wanna lead that lavish awesome
life. Greed seeds in all humanity. So unless you learn to control
that demon within, trust me, even if you earn 100k a month,
you're never gonna be financially free even when you hit the
age of 60.

So, that's the general basics up there. Everything else are personal
expenses, needs, wants, goals, and whatever else you wanna put into
the equation of priority and time.The stuff up there are all things you're
gonna have to put up with whether you like it or not. Even if you own an
island somewhere, if a country happens to claim it, you're also gonna be
taxable. So there goes your free life.

You've got these, relationships, and your own life to cover, so how're
you gonna juggle them all around? That's up to you to decide. If you're
ambitious, better make sure your eyes are not blind to the things listed
above, because ambitious people tend to focus so much on their careers
that they just miss out all these stuff. And things will get really ugly when
all the basics are not put out right.

So yeah. I think there's one more shadow to splurge out. But if I don't,
well, we'll see. OC

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