Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA, If Only I Don't Have Assignments Tomorrow, the Day After, And the Coming Days to Come.

I'm probably doing this wrong.


But heck, something is better than nothing. So,
here's a link to whatever is it you should be reading
about what's gonna happen tomorrow.

And since it's Malaysian time over here, I guess
whatever strike happens later tomorrow will be
of 13 hours difference, since the strike will be
happening at 8am EST till 8pm EST from what
I've heard. So be prepped for the tweet updates
or however it is you wanna follow up with before
9pm preferably. Clear yourself off assignments/
dates/events, whatever. But if you donwanna,
well, its your choice. Just don't start complaining
when the internet begins to become something
you don't even wanna access to anymore with
all the inappropriate censorship going around.

So, if you guyz wanna continue blogging and all,
at least read the stuff there. Once the act goes up,
it might be less distractions for people who face the
com all day, and it'd be the day hallelujah is shouted
amongst college students for being able to focus on
their studies for once. But for people who use internet
as a communicative tool for sharing ideas and ideals,
it's gonna be a huge blow to each and everyone of us.


Evolution of the web will stop. And if that happens,
lets just say we'll begin to deteriorate faster than we'd
be able to evolve due to the cut of real reliable information
to our progressive thoughts. I hope the idea of living with
monkeys suit you though 'cause if you don't, then, well, it'd
make a difference for you to act.