Thursday, February 09, 2012


An assignment to design a living creature.
Can be anything. Kinda got sick of doing
humans after all this time.

Just thought might as well do something other
than humans and learn what I can from the process

Human skin, reptilian scales, mammal fur and fish scales
are all different stuff after all. And doing the robot assignment
helped me with establishing characteristics with metals a lot
stronger. Certainly not perfect yet. But better than before.

And Facebook doesn't seem to have any storage limit.



Here ya go~

frog is cool. but snake-looking wyvern thingy looks cooler.

nothing good here. the profile of the ape-thingy is nice though.
No. It's not because it looks like Namewee.

niddhoggr. that 16-limb evil-looking muthafucka. I like it. It's cool. But a lot of
stuff here are also cool. But I like him the most outta everything I've done here.

blerhz, lost steam after niddhogr. FARK. The scorpion can be developed though.

My initial design idea is to create something that lives in harsh environments,
probably somewhere where food and water is scarce, fucking hot and dusty
almost every time of the day and temperature differences can be extreme.

Hence the predatorish looks and if not, you've certainly got some scales or
rocky textures down somewhere.

Or not. Whateverla. I was stuck with what to create, I didn't have a set
thing I wanted to do. So I just vomited everything out and see what I
can work with.

And I already see a few I can work with.


Niddhogr thingy looks somewhat like the one on
Shin Megami Tensei's one on the left. I was probably inspired by it too. Looks creepy, badass and evil. Who wouldn't wanna create something like that and amplify its characteristics a thousandfold?

But I'm gonna go for that rock-carapace
version instead. Maybe. Just to avoid some
copyright blerhz again. And it'd only make more
sense to have that carapace to live in a place where
it's just dry all the time.

Well, unless of course I could just say that that niddhogr thingy is
a twisted shamble of human bodies from a failed epic homunculus
experiment. And well, it escaped and evolved to adapt to the
subterranean climate it'd be submitted to if it lived below the
caverns of the earth's crust.

If not, then I'm gonna power it up with scales so that it'd make
sense to my environment.

Or I can just screw the environment altogether. Mmm.

Fun day. Spent my book vouchers already. OC

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