Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free Movies

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa, watched Man on a Ledge and
The Descendants today yesterday with my gf cuz
she had free tickets!/edit (she paid through Groupon)
free from CIMB Youth /edit

Man on a Ledge satisfied my expectations of the
movie. I thought it was gonna be a smart thriller
movie with lotsa reasons and purposes for
whatever it is supposed to be done there.

And. It. Was. AWESOME.

The Descendants... IT WAS GREAT! Well,
supposed to be. According to my friends.
And I thought it was good too. But
I guess my mind just couldn't register it.


I mean, it's the part where you just got all
fired-up after you watch and action-packed
movie and then you enter a mellow slow-paced
drama about relationships and it just begins to....

The Descendents is good The Descendents is Good!



I'm never ever gonna watch a fast-paced movie first
anymore if I know I'm gonna watch a slow and calmly
mellow movie afterwards.

The mood just doesn't click anymore y'know. Ugh.
Might as well just watch 2 action movies straight
or 2 romantic movies straight =_=

And the funny part is that my gf also feels the same way.


*current state - not in the mood to go out or dine out with friends P:
assignments on priority ohohoho


Joey said...

dammit wanted to watch man on a ledge ended up watching chronicle free watched two movies straight ah

O C said...

more like kinda had to 'cause the tickets expiring on Wednesday. Ngamngam today no class. So quickly go watch lo. Lolololz.

yx said...

Cimb youth account voucher lah... not groupon....XD

O C said...

oyeah lolz.