Friday, February 10, 2012


This here is a link to mah kitteh.

My Facebook page ain't private so feel free to browse
through even if you're not on my friends list? lolz.

But here are some of her latest pictures.
So cuteh cuteh.

But she might be leaving us soon.
My family members are kinda sensitive to her
and about 3 of us got ringworms the other time.

Funny though. The cat's actually pretty clean.

But anyway, yeah. I wish I could take care
of it myself. I would really want to.

But I guess I just have other priorities in mind.

Maybe I'll fight for her.

But if you have interest in adopting her,
maybe you can leave a comment or
contact somewhere?

I'll let you know if we really want to give
her away for adoption (man, she was even
RM1.8k too. Not inclusive of all her cages,
litter, food and care products lolz.)

Grrr. So frustrating. OC


Joey said...

try shortening her hair first. quite effective for ringworms =]

O C said...

Hmm... maybe I should. But then her hair not supposed to trim to short I think. Her breed is kinda liddat. Have to go ask my brother first lolz.

Joey said...

hey....mind telling how was ur valentines ? =D