Friday, February 03, 2012


Originally didn't wanna post this yet, but a friend of mine was pestering me for
progress sketches. So since I already posted on Facebook.....why not.

Orthography, whatever you call it.

the ride.

This piece was one of those odd pieces that I really liked and enjoyed doing, but know
there's something that could've been better, but then someone unexpected told me
it looked good. My tutor. But well, he just said the colours look very natural, so 
I should assume that only the colours are ok and everything pretty much could
be executed much better.

I for one can never feel happy with the pose of the bloody left hand.
Urgh. Can't even find the right reference for it. Thank God I had
a mirror at home though. Man. Lets not go to the 2 legs below.

So he asked me where I learned how to do this?
I assume he was asking about the colour scheme or
something. I guess. So I told him that I just followed the
video he shared in class the other time about that Harry 
character. And the key word I captured was
"Customize a brush that will look like a palette knife on Corel painter, so that you can get quick details and define happy accidents to make your design more interesting." 

 My tutor went 0.o really ah?
Like got follow Kekai Kotaki oh.
Er.. no la, just use the tip you showed us
in class only la. 


Well, I guess its kinda true I'm influenced by Kekai Kotaki
somewhat. Just didn't know the image of his work would
turn up in my works and people'd actually recognize it.


But well, if there was anything about the colours, I just stuck
to around less than 10 colours and I just kept rendering
and rendering and rendering until it looks good somewhat.

Hmm.. I guess I should share how to make that brush.
So people can use. And maybe I'll upload my preset or
something so others can use. No point keeping it to
just myself and myself alone.

Some other time I guess.

Oh, and the metal feeling, I guess I kinda
got it from this picture..

But if you put the two pictures
side by side, you'll know how
far behind I am compared to him.

So. Well, I'm making progress I guess.
Shouldn't bloody complaint if it's good progress. OC

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