Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Shadows V

Sometimes, I just wish I was born in a 3rd world
country. I might be living in poverty, suffering each
and every day while loathing my own self-existence.

But hey, at least I'd get to see what humanity really is.
Because there's a saying that goes likes this,

"Humanity really shines when they're in their most desperate moments"

And I for one, concur with whoever made that line.
But the thing is you don't need to be in a 3rd world
country to see true humanity. All you need is Astro
and subscribe to Discovery Channel. Or keep searching
online for outlets where news of this places come from.

Nevertheless, it's really sickening to see us normal people
greed and frustrate over things as trivial as social life and
such, when people over there are having such a hard time
finding food, let alone clothes and money or even a roof
over their head to even care about whatever the fuck
social life can give in return or whatever the hell you
wanna do with excess money.

We get mad over losing a game, not having a computer,
not getting enough attention form our peers or parents,
being depressed by loneliness and so many other privileges
and luxuries to name.

Yeap. Depression is actually a luxury. A luxury for
lazy people to not do things when people are just
feeding them to live.

Loneliness are for gutless people who're just too
lazy to give themselves a chance to just talk to
people and get to know them more.

But over there, it's just a daily struggle to live. To live.
To live. No water? Die. No food? Die. No clothes?


Well, if you don't get why people die because they
have no clothes, they have no protection against the
harsh environment. Especially the sunlight. You get
sunburn, fever from bacterial infection and poof. Die.
And that's just one of the many ways one can die form
not having clothes.

Of course to us, we'd probably just die of embarassment
or something of that sort. Pun intended.

Without change of clothes on the other hand, infections
creeps in with immense velocity as the bacteria continues
to accumulate in the same set of clothes everyday. But
many of those who just wanna live anyways give up their
humility and ignore whatever embarassment they'd face
if they'd be out nude as they wash and dry up the only
set they have because if they don't, the chances of
bacterial infection is higher, hence lowering their
chances of survival.

Here, we lose sight of life over a breakup. We feel
like suicidal over losing a leg.We feel hopeless without
having people to acknowledge our existence. But we
still have people to care for us, friends here and there,
food, shelter, clothes, a peaceful place with no wars.
And yet, we feel like shit. Is this what humanity is
supposed to mean in a modern context?

To them, that lost of sight, hopelessness and suicidal
thoughts are almost in-bred in their genes the minute God
or whatever higher power sent them to such a birthplace.
They have not enough food, not enough water and not
even a roof atop their heads. But they all want to live.
Even when tyrants run rampant along their streets, raining
deadly bullets amongst one another, but these regular
bunch of people just remain adamant in wanting to live.

We on the other hand, always wished some things were
different, and for most part, we all wanna just die instead.
So in other words, 3rd-world people are actually a lot
stronger and resilient than us complacent non-3rd-worlders,
despite having high death rates. Because people there don't
die of the psychology of life, but the literal physical part of it.

But enough with the angst. This actually just goes down to
the basic needs of people. When all the basics are covered
(shelter, clothes, food), privileges always go hand in hand with
it. Hence the current society we have today that consists of you,
me and everyone else.

We all have our own problems and dilemmas. But lets not
forget about the big picture. We already have the basics
covered, so what's really there that poses as a problem
or dilemma to us? Pretty much nothing.

Hence the words:

"all your worldly problems are just in your head"

So people oughtta complain less, be more grateful with what
they have and crave less luxury. I've heard that laziness kills
But lets not forget that luxury kills too. Not because what it
does to your health. But what it does to your mind, and all
the other things that come along by having it or not being able
to have it after a certain period of time.

But I guess its kinda unfair for me to compare two completely
different worlds like this. Especially when we're all living in a
different set of rules and circumstances of our own worlds.

Believe it or not, it's no sin to not care or be ignorant about
what's happening beyond our world. There's a theory called
the monkey links. A monkey link can only care and remember
at most 300 different other monkeys. Everything else is almost
disregarded or negligible.

Would it surprise you to know that humans are also that way?

We all have a limit to how much we can care. I'm not saying that
you shouldn't give a shit about what's happening with the world
because having that awareness helps to build up a more mature
character. But don't feel overburdened by people around you
who're like evangelists in efforts to ease the world of suffering
and is on the next list of saint-to-be's.

If seeing their efforts makes you feel even the slightest of guilt, it
shows that you care. But if they label you a sinner for not caring
more, boo-hoo. Give them an argument of dealing with the basic
problems before meddling in other people's business. Ask them if
their parents are cared for, their children's futures are insured, and
if they don't have elsewhere to be besides whatever their doing at
the moment. I'm sure you'll get a pause from them. Even if it's just
a short one. Because nobody, even Nelson Mandala and Ghandi
themselves I believe, could be free of the regular worries of life.

But those two special people did great things, despite being human.
So that's something to look up to.

And we have to know that its not our fault the 3rd-world countries
are 3rd world countries. 3rd-world countries are 3rd-world countries
because of their corrupt governments, they're rich with resources that
many hunger for, their geographical elements. etc.

Not because you exist. You existing has almost near to nothing to
do with whatever is happening over there. Unless if you're talking
about the amount of space the world is havin... no, your miniscule
life still doesn't tantamount to that much of a significance. Lest you
be purchasing a million-acre land and not let anyone enter it...


But returning to the evengelists, never tell'em people that their
efforts are pointless. Because what they do is a great thing and
it makes a tremendous difference. And if you could be part of
them, be glad that you could be part of a greater cause other
than yourself. If you're not, its ok. You don't have to be part
of a greater cause than yourself to be a good and responsible
person. Be proud of what you do, and be the best in doing
the things you do.

So. You know you're doing what you can. In your world's rules
and circumstances. And it's always a good idea to deal with your
own problems before dealing with the problems of others. So don't
fret. We're humans. And being human is about having limited powers,
limited resources, with infinite things to be done. So if you're ignorant
about world, it's ok. If you donno or couldn't care less that people are
dying everyday because you have more pressing matters to tend to, it's ok.

But if there's just someone at the side of the road, needing emergency
attention and you're just there and nobody is there to pick the poor
fellow up, something like the China case of the little girl, and you
refuse to give help, then...

Well, maybe you're not human or something. God bless you.

I strongly believe that for as long as you take good care of
yourself and the people around you and don't be a major
freakshow that causes unnecessary agony to others like a
suicide-bomber, its ok.

I guess this whole gig revolves around responsibilities.
As a human. As a person. As whoever you are right now.

So, here I say that it's ok, to be more concerned about
your own well-being over others'. Because if you wanna
learn how to solve big problems, it has to start with solving
the biggest problem you have that noone can help you with.
And that is your own personal problems.

Once you do that, you'll find that life isn't all that frustrating.
And it's actually pretty blessed. So its ok to choose not to care.
Just don't be ignorant for too long, or forever. Every soul has
an expiry date. So make sure you make the most out of it. OC


Mr Lonely said...

honestly, i started to realize what you means..

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good for you ^^


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