Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Shadows VI

These days, you just start to feel the full speed of life
blowing against your face.

Especially when you have the little ones reminding
you every single day just how fast they grow.

So my parents are friends with this lovely couple.
They visited us one day and brought along their 
cutesy son.

Which is already 8 years old and speak queer fluent
English with amazing fluidity by the way, so I commend
whoever that helped him to be that boy he is now.

I was gaming the day he came. And he curiously came
up to me with bright eyes, asking;

"Eh, koko, what game are you playing? I never played it before."

I replied saying,

"This game very sien one. Don't play yet ler. You whack and whack
and chop and chop. No quest. Nothing one. You go study hard first
la. 'Cuz when you start this, it's gonna be hard to stop when you do."

And then he got distracted by my cutesy chubby Felicia of a pet cat
and went along to go play cuddle fuddle with it.

And right after that, I realized that I could've just said,

"You know, this kinda games aren't all that interesting. You
wanna know what's the best game ever that's so difficult that
you can never beat it no matter how hard you try?"

If he prompts for a what is it then I'll tell. If not then maybe I won't.
So let assume for now that he did ask the said line.

And so this is what I'll say.

"This game is called life. Everyday, from the moment you open your eyes to the time you close them, you're playing that game, you just won't notice it. It's probably the most ninja RPG game ever that doesn't even need to be MMO to be epic.

So here's the thing, what I told you before already sounds impossible. But lets say you could, and you can. What will you do to win this game? What will you do after you win this game?

If you can beat this game, you won't just make mommy and papa proud, you won't just have a lot of friends, but you'll also be a very happy and accomplished person."

"Errr, koko, why so complicated one? I don't get it." (Assuming he didn't
understand at first. 8 years old is still very young after all.)

"It's ok. It's not meant for you to understand now. But one day, if you still
remember what I said, and you've started to understand it, then maybe we
can have another nice little chitchat ^^."

But meh, I already missed that opportunity. So what the heck.

So I'm gonna etch this down as hard as I can in my head so
that the next time another small child asks me something about 
the game I'm playing, was playing, or just played, I'm gonna ask
them if they can beat a game called life.

It's rough being a game addict. You feel so down when you're not
doing the stuff you wanna do but isn't all that integral in making you
into a better person.

But if only,

if only,

you can be an addict in a game called life, then 
I doubt you're gonna have any problems with
what roughness life has to throw at your face.
Even when it's on purpose.


Because you're gonna be so damn addicted to trying to beat the
crap outta it that you couldn't care less about what gets thrown
to your face.

As long as you get to just beat the crap outta it. OC

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