Friday, February 10, 2012

Shadows VII


The kinda people some adore as equally as
they would abhor them.

The kinda people who jump at every life-changing
opportunity, which causes envy to a certain mass
of people because as the opportunists jump, this
certain group of useless egos don't. So they fluster
and start mocking these opportunists.

Because those useless egos are the kinda people who
look at life as if it's a one way ticket to the last train station.
Nothing but the wait for the next excitement in the next coming
train station, if any.

People say life is about making decisions.

But what people don't get is making those kinda
decisions everyday. Be it just doing your homework
earlier, preparing your food 3 hours in advance,
booking a schedule with your friends or just plains
saying no to everything during your off-day.

And more than often, these decisions doesn't just
pop-up like a Sims flag event.

They are created.

But when exactly is the right time to hop out into
the right station and say "this is where I'll settle
and take things from here"?

It's never easy. The when and where as to align as
nicely as how the stars would once every few centuries.

But nobody said you can just ignore that and just create
those moments for yourself anyways.

So people say life is about making decisions.
Aristotle made a better line out of that by saying,

"what it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do."

So in this context, he just made it easier for people
with procrastination problems. People who can't
control their own behavioural pattern properly.
People who can't organize well, etc. you name it.

Because it's just easier to say "I just chose not to do it"
without having some particular reason to it because
either you just didn't have one from the start or you're
too lazy to even create one and still get by until people
just get really sick and tired of you one fine day.

On the other hand, for people who has a depth of
understanding with their own logics and could control
their actions to a certain extent, this quotes leaves a
deep mark in their heads, asking them the big question,
"to do or not to do?" + "which would be better?"

+ "Why?"

A step people often skip these days.

True enough, certain decisions don't give you the
luxury of asking yourselves the why's due to it's
impossibly limited timespan.

But you can't deny the fact that most of the time,
those situations only happen when you've just fucked
up more than just a dozen times in your life.

The kinda times where you realized if you haven't lied
to a certain other person the other day, or if you just
checked you car before an 8 hour drive up north,
or if you would've just spend more time with your
family, things wouldn't turn out the way it'd be.

They happen mostly because you fucked up at all the
small stuff. A lot of small stuff as a matter of fact.

Which creates a big fuck up by the way.

But y'know, it's kinda human to fuck up. We're all
not build that efficient in God's image. I think.

So don't be too hard on yourself.

And this is where I want to say if you choose to
think that way, then by logical human right, it'd
only be fair of you to treat other people equally
as how you treat yourself.

If you can tell yourself to not be too hard on yourself,
then do the same to others and stop being a living irony.

Because really, nothing kills the good stuff in life better
than a shitty wishy-washy good'ol puhsover of a hypocrite.

Well, until maybe someone decides to remove it from one's life.

But of course, I'm not telling you if you're always bashing yourself,
you should always bash others or whatever else applies in that context.

Because that'd be just plain retarded.

Believe it or not, almost all of us have those kinda nincompoops who
fit that pushover profile all around us as friends, acquaintances, relatives
you name it. And you know that whenever you're around this kinda
people, even when they give you such great advice sometimes, you just
can't seem to take it in because they're just always doing the exact opposite.

It's like they're just screwing around with you all the time sometimes.

Oh the irony.

So, if you wanna be an opportunist, choose to be it and
don't half-ass it. Deal with the fact that some people are
gonna hate you for always outsourcing opportunity. And
maybe take that as a sign that you're actually doing a good
job. Or not.

So if you're not gonna be one. It's perfectly ok. But make
sure you choose it by your own right. Because sooner or later,
you will also have to deal with the fact that some people are
gonna hate you for some God-knows-what reason. And
when that happens, you better know how to wind your way
in and out of conversations, and how to defend yourself
from unreasonable people.

Because we all wanna be our own man.

But do we take pride in who we are? Ready to
repel any from of aggression against you should
they come at you off guard?

Or do we perceive things in selfish egoistic ways?
Defending our ego blindly without paying heed to
the world around you?

There's a difference between knowing who you are
because you choose to be so for justifiable reasons,
and not giving a shit about it just because you couldn't
care less about it and still claiming that you do and
insisting people believe in your crap.

But well, if you can convince people, I don't see why not.
Just don't let a certain hater find out and make your life
a living misery.

If you wanna lie, make sure you remember all the things you make up.
If you wanna crap, make sure your crap sounds believable.
If you wanna live as who you wanna be, then just be who you are,
be genuine and sincerely honest about it and don't fucking fake it.

Or well, someone out there would always be entertained
with someone else getting a little surprise-butt-sex ass whooping. OC

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