Sunday, February 26, 2012

So High

It's funny how it took me this small magical
moment of pure chance to make me realize
again what makes me so happy that I could
literally just die happy the next minute or so.

Of course, death isn't an option.

At least not yet P:

So I was out visiting Uncle at Comics Corner
Atria, where the weak-beated heart of a mall
once *ahem* reigned.

I was there to unveil the myth of Toyzbar taking
over his shop by force by chance. Boy am I glad
I was wrong.

Uncle's still doing great as always. Got some cards
from him for a snag. Kinda got a hang of haggling with
him. Man, I'm such a leeching-bloodsucker sometimes.

But hey, at least I'm still giving him business right?
Kinda one of the reasons why I still go there. Just
to support him.

Rumor has it that he's pretty wealthy though. But
who am I to know? *shrugs*

So I met this guy at the store. He was looking at my
purchase at the counters, so he presumed that I had
a deck, in which I did, and we continued to play a
casual game.

He intro'd himself as Kah Chen, if I head it right. And
we went to the game immediately.

Someone else dropped by, forgot his name. We ended
up making some racist Malay jokes without realizing that
there was a full group of Malays just sharing the table behind
us. Good thing nothing happened. *phew* Should have threw
more racists insults in the air Better watch my sorry mouth lest
I get my butt literally busted one fine sunny day.

So yeah, we were playing, and he was playing this really janky
deck. Green. Beat him to a pulp I guess. He won a few games.
I remember winning more though. Probably just 1 win more than
him or something liddat.

The funny part was that in between the game, he keeps getting this
calls from "Dear" and "Dad". And the way he replies to the phone
is just so hillarious. Makes me wanna die laughing haha.

Then he explained that he's needed in a function elsewhere and needs
to go in about half an hour or so. By then, we already finished a few
games. So I was actually pretty contended already.

Not until I played the last game. Oh wait, the second last was funny
too. We both drew really crappy hands and folded together to begin
a new hand lolz.

And there's where the fun starts. We were screaming like mad cows
during the game. I think. I remember having a hilarious amount of life
due to my lifegain effect from one of my creatures. And he had a mass
of creatures, riding against me on the opposite side.

I thought I was about to lose.

A normal game would give us 20 life.

He had 12. I had 37.

My creatures were locked and he had an advantage.
A 7/7 creature that can't be touched by any creatures.
So he just needed 6 turns.

I got him to a 7 poison count. Having the opposing player
down to 10 poison also allows you to claim victory. I was 2
turn away from victory.

Until he made a decision to use Overrun.

He even had a 19/19 trample.

After distributing damage amongst all my blockers
and his attackers, I survived with an astounding 1life.
And swung the final 2 poison for the win.

He was in joyful pain. I guess. I donno how to describe it.
It's like, he's so sad that he lost but he's so happy that the
game was so amazingly close-tied and awesome to the max.

Well, at least that was how I saw it.

We even made a joke about being good friends with
2 of our cards. I remember making a remark like, "Uh..
I'll remember to add you on Facebook lol."

And we just laughed haha.

Man. Magic used to be very fun. But it sorta loses this
sensation once it begins to enter the world of competitive
sportsmanship. People in the tournaments are really dead
serious, and it's just so stressful to play with them sometimes.

They reminisce about mistakes, contemplate the past and
revise their strategies very closely like they are sergeants
leading and army to battle. The mood is often killing.
But I guess that just comes naturally with competition.

And the funny part is that a lot of this people actually
kinda traded their life for Magic. They spend so much
on them, but they can't seem to knock down the Malaysian
top 8. So. Sometimes I just ask myself if it's all worth it.

I do want to enter nationals one day. Being able to fly
across countries for free, play with pros of different
nationales, and enter the Magic Hall of Famer. And
maybe snag the highest prize pot of RM36k too.

But when you actually calculate it, you'd have probably
spent more than 2k just to get all the right cards somewhat.
Sure, tickets are free, but travel expenses aren't haha.

But I guess I'll leave this thought for another date. It's not
like I'm giving up on Magic anytime soon. So why think
about it so much?

I guess it just saddens me sometimes to see people like that.
The ones who go head over toes just over one silly game.
Man, if I were a girlfriend to that certain guy and if he
complains about stuff like that to me, I can try to understand,
but I'll get turned off by his lacking sense of realism if given
enough time.

I mean.

Serious is serious la. So more often that not, when I play
with'em serious people, I just act like I'm serious. Then
I do abrupt joyful busts in between lolz. Just for the lolz.

Hobby sports are meant to be fun. Are they really? 0.o

I mean, if you wanna stress, why not stress about something
more important like your real life issues right? But maybe it's
just me lolololz.

So anyways, enough with this. You're probably tired of
reading this anyways.

Just wanna say that I've found my route to Sunway Giza,
and that when I was going back, someone told me of a
shorter route, in which I might have misheard his directions,
took several too much turns, ended up on the mountainous
side of Damansara, even passed by RRIM, constantly
chasing after signboard depicting the words SHAH ALAM^
board after board.

And then I saw a signboard that said

At first, I was like @_@.
Then I just went XD

It's been a long while since I've actually
cycled like there was no end to tomorrow.
And for once, my happines went so high up
I didn't even realize how happy of man I was
until maybe today. Foolish ol'me oh boy.

Life is good.


It's great. OC

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