Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine True Story

"A relationship is based on trust, and trust needs to be earned. But these days, people tend to forget that to earn trust, sometimes offering it is the best way to make the magic happen."

you wanna read my Valentine's story? well, here ya go~

Woke up with a call from my girlfriend.
As I went out to open the gate I just went @_@

Squinted my eyes.

Rubbed them.

Yeap. She brought me this giganormous teddy bear
giganormous teddy. Outteds Mr. Bean's.
Man. And I thought I was gonna get it 
when I have a space of my own. Didn't
know it was gonna come this soon :D

We originally wanted to bake cookies today.
Oatmeal cookies, the first cookies that were so
sweet and warm in a special way that it just
lights you up with each lovely bite.

Because it's been spiced with lotsa love.

Best cookies ever.
Couldn't make them

Too bad we couldn't make it today. :(:(:(

Well, she's got stuff to do. She made it to the shorlisted
candidates of college tutors or something. People responsible
with coaching the coming batch of med students. Sorta like giving
senior students an opportunity to be great role models to their younger
peers. So her being busy is something to be proud of. Her responsibilities,
my pride ^^

We can always enjoy our moments together some other time anyways.
I mean, even if the world ends in November, we all still have important
things to do. And we still have at least 8 months to do it. So why rush it?


I also brought kitteh in for a while. And she went up
the staircase and poofed like a ninja. The next thing
we knew, she was on a ledge and about to fall. I tried to
catch her but failed.

Because she didn't fall of completely.


So after that I put her back into her cage lolz.

YX seemeed pretty busy. Facing her laptop screen and all.
Oh well. Can't be helped I guess. She's serious with her work after all.
So when I was hanging out the clothes to dry, I kinda sneaked away from her
with my wallet and keys to fetch some peach cakes.

I didn't know if it was gonna be available today at
Giant's branch, but I just went to try my luck y'know.

Sometimes miracles happen when you want them to.



Even the branch manager got taken aback
by my surprising expression. It's as if peach cake
from Secret Recipe only comes once in a full moon
(which they do in reality. The only branch that supplies
it constantly with fresh peaches is the one at Curve/Ikano)

Got the cake and sneaked back in. 

She didn't notice : /

Well whatever, then I whipped up some lunch
for the both of us from remnants of last night's
pasta and some random sandwich I found 
on the dining table. 

Cheapskate is one thing. But whoever said
romance has to come from costly things?

But I could be wrong. So.

She wasn't much in the mood to eat stuff.
But I kinda forced her to eat 'cause I remember
her always having flatulence and stuff. Trolz


She came at 10ish.
She was done at 3.30ish.

And she has to go by 6pm :/


Then she told me she wanted to drive out
to hunt down the peach cake.

I told her it wasn't necessary.
Then oddly enough, she also did
the same surprised reaction the
manager of the Giant's Seceret Recipe
 branch did. Trolz.

+Hugz of course <3
And lotsa trollin'

Then we caught up with whatever we could
with the limited time we had for each other.
But Valentine's is just one day to us.

Our relationship is something
that stretches beyond eternity
*fingers crossed*

So even if it's a day apart, 2 days,
weeks, months, or years, our love will
still stand strong regardless. Because
we love each other. And I believe that 
it will endure the corrosion of time.

But if there's anything, Valentine's is just another
excuse for us to make an extra special memory
for the both of us ohohohohoh.


And another opportunity for us both to meet :D

To everyone out there whose single and yadada though,
I do hope y'all get your partners one day. But just remember
that your special Valentine will come sooner if your learn
to first love yourself.

Because really.

Who'd wanna date someone who you yourself wouldn't date?


Now I have a teddy to hug to sleep to~ OC


Joey said...

awwwww...envy envy envy ...one more huggy ~~~ so good ah u

O C said...

aiyo, envy meh wor, you so pretty, one day sure got good guy come for you one la. No need teddy bear lolz P: