Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Grammy 84th Oscar Awards.

First time watching such a touching
award ceremony.

Didn't even know of really good movies
titles too. Until I saw it of course. Really
need to get my hands on the video and
make it go viral to the world. It was just
that good.

It was pretty great, the whole jig.
There was the Humanitarian awards,
where Oprah, one other guy and someone
got awarded for their astounding service to
both the world of television and as visionaries
to the world.

Oh, a Palestinian documentary film about
ladies losing their faces to the collaterals of
wars and such won best documentary feature.
Saw Sandra Bullock cry there. I teared up too.
Such a beautiful sight. I believe the film's name
to be Losing Face.

The host this year was amazing. I forgot his name.
Found him! Billy Crystal to the right :D

Cirque Du Soleil's performance was phenomenal.
I can only imagine what it's like to be in the real
audience seat and watching magic come to life.

And there was this small part, about some indie
group of people who were nominated for feature
animation, about 15 minutes long.

For once I thought, maybe art could get me there.

A dream nonetheless. But if there's anything closer
to reach for, I'd like to get myself a copy of Hugo
and Warhorse when I have the chance. Maybe
Moneyball too.

And lets not leave out The Artist too. Silent film in
the modern day? Count me in! Won best movie of
the year, the actors won best actor awards, and oh
yeah, best original score too!

Oh yeah, Black Swan Padme made a great speech to
all the best leading male actors nominees too. And congrats
to the Iron Lady for winning best leading actress! I've got you
all wrong. I'm gonna watch your movie. You just wait.

Thanks Astro. You've changed my life for the better.
If only you weren't on more than half  a day everyday 
then maybe I could get more work done pfft. Just this
one time.

Ok well, there was also History HD and Dog Whisperer.
But other than that. Meh. OC

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