Thursday, March 29, 2012


Moving without discipline, is like having discipline with no movement.
You need them both, or it just doesn't come out right.

Much to post, but I simply can't, as I'm on the golden road to perfection.
It's either I head towards the right direction, or I just won't get there.

Surprise surprise soon. Probably after June. So stay tuned.

Good day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ordinary Individual

"An individual is not a person who stands alone and proclaims himself king. He is one who stand among others and forms a unique identity among them."

- a dear friend

And so begins a passage about an ordinary individual doing normal everyday things.
Just like how the ordinary people do. Talking about ordinary things. Thinking about
ordinary things. Probably not a lot different than the man who works the barn with
a pitchfork, or the woman who sits on a chair behind a computer.

Either way, I am ordinary person. Just another ordinary individual.

I'm no king. I have no throne nor a crown. Just a man dressed with humble clothes
and a thick hard cap above my head as I walk the roads. I probably walk the same
paved roads you do, even if they lead to different places in the end. And if I were to
fall, it'd probably hurt like hell. Like how it would for anyone. Hence, the thick hard
cap I wear. It just serves as added protection down the road, if I do fall. Even if it
doesn't shield anywhere else, at least I know I've got my head covered.

After all, I'm a nobody, in a world filled with somebodies. Walking among the
anonymous, like a shadow to an unknown kingdom. A populace filled with
people who desire to have an identity above mediocrity. A desire to be seen,
heard, and known above ordinary standards. The desire to be above equals.

The desire to be extraordinary. The desire to be given recognition.

Something that warms up our souls in the most uncanny of ways,
telling us how much farther we are from greatness, and that we just
got closer to it. Even if just a little bit.

I used to be a vagrant like a lot of people, in search of that certain recognition.
Now I'm just looking for a decent roof to settle in and call it home. You can
have that warm fuzzy feeling all over you, but as far as my feet have taken me,
I know that recognition won't necessarily get you a good roof. But you can
always still get recognition after you get a good roof.

Once you begin to realize that recognition is not for those with direction,
but for those without, maybe, just maybe, it won't matter as much no more.

I'm just a nobody wearing a thick hard cap. But being lost was never the issue.
Because if you're always looking for the right direction, you can never really be
all that lost.

In this world of somebodies, I dreamt of being somebody too. But Uncle Time
shared that being somebody doesn't mean anything. That being somebody isn't
all there is to living. That maybe I oughtta focus on what I should do instead.

From the all things that I can do.

"It's all the thought that counts," a kind fellow used to say. I used to nod
my head in total agreement. But now I find it hard to nod to these days. Maybe
the thick hard cap makes it so. Just maybe so.

But that matters not. What matters is the added protection in the end
for a fall that might not even come. Just because it might not come
doesn't mean it won't come. You can have all the luxuries in the world,
but if ya ain't got security, you really don't have all that much luxury.

So just to be safe, to have a little luxury to this small life of mine, I'll just
keep the thick hard cap on. For an ordinary nobody dressed in humble
clothes, a good shade from the sometimes brutal rays of the sun is as
good luxury as any. An eternal supply of food will be good. But for now,
a thick hard cap works just fine.

Being the ruler of none isn't something to be proud of. But in the very least,
I still have my set of humble clothes and a thick hard cap. A throne and
a crown probably wouldn't help much for a traveller. Humble clothes and
a thick hard cap would at least make the cold nights of the roads a little
warmer as I continue to walk the roads alone.

I've walked the paths of many others. But it is saddening to know that it
has always been a cause of dismay to me. Tired of such a draining feeling,
I now make my own path in a blind search, in the roads that people rarely
tread. Blindly, with a leap of faith. But definitely not lost.

I don't expect anybody to understand the thoughts of a nobody like me.
But that isn't something to be concerned about is it? I have a road to walk,
and so do you. For as long as we keep walking, nothing much matters really.

Though, if we're heading for the same direction, I'd gladly share some of
my humble clothes with you. It doesn't matter where you're going or where
you're heading. What matters is that you're walking towards the same
direction, and that someone is offering you some humble clothes. Whether
you accept it or not in the end, know that the nights will still be cold, it won't
get any warmer for those without extra clothes, and I will keep on walking
until my silly quest is over, or until my feet have given up on me, whichever
comes first.

In the end, I'm just a nobody with humble clothes and a thick hard cap. You
can walk with me, or just move along ahead. Either way, I don't mind.

You've got your pace and your destination, and so do I. And that's all
there is to it. I'm glad for the encounter, but we've both got our own
roads to walk, and that's all there is to it.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Every machine has a purpose. They never come with extra parts. They usually come just enough, just right, to fulfill its purpose. The world is like a big giant machine, with all of us as the parts that make it run. If we're part of a whole machine, then we can't possibly be extra parts. We exist for a purpose. We exist to run something in this big giant machine we call our world.

A broken machine is sad. It's was built for a purpose, and it couldn't fulfill it's purpose because it's broken. We're also like that.. If you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing, you might just be a broken machine needing a little fixing. You might not be able to fix yourself, but someone else can definitely help fix you up.

Hugo is a great movie.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Its Not Free

The stupid Facebook service.

If you happen to update your contact number,
especially your cell number, then you'd get a
message notifying you that you get updates.

Once you do and your updates start ringing through
your phone to let you know what happens on Facebook,
you check your credit, hey, nothing down. So it's free?

Yes. For one day. After that, you have to pay RM0.09 cents
per day for the service, regardless of service.

It's a good deal actually. I mean, a month would only costs
around RM2.70 yes?

But either way, if you're not inclined to pay, you should
be able to cancel it. There's a number you can sms to
deactivate it.

Or you can do it ol'skool style. Just dial *128#
then go to Facebook & Friends. Check the
Facebook SMS function. If it says there deacvtivate,
it means that its already activated and you'd have to
deactivate it if you don't want to get charged RM0.09
a day. And.. yeah.

Pfft. I hate timeline. OC

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Facebook Pages/Liked Pages

I've always been wondering where the hell this stupid thing is.
And I finally found it.

It's not on your profile wall/(the page where you click your own name)

Go to your status update default wall/( facebook button page on top of your profile 
picture). Go to any group you have. If not, simply search at the searchbar with 
whatever that comes into your mind. Join it, and click on it to go to its page if you haven't.

Once you hit a group page, pay attention to your lower right. If it's recommended
pages, good, hit the view all next to it. If it's not that, then keep refreshing with F5 or click
repetitively on your many group pages until you see recommended pages.

It should take you here later. From here, it's easy. Just click my pages on top there.

voila, there you go.

Happy organizing/remembering/unliking your like pages. OC

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lovely Short Series

Awesome show. Favourite episode. You should
be able to find the rest of the shows under the CBS
channel. Just search 2 Broke Girls on Youtube. Lol.

Enjoy. OC


Almost everything in the physical world goes through a
filtering process before it could become something new,
better or more useful to us human beings.

As a fellow human, I feel that we people are no different
from those things.

Everyday, we interact, and engage with the environment.
And sometimes, our environment respond in a way we
least expect it to.

It creates a feedback.

Something for us to digest. Information about ourselves
that we may have yet to discover.

Like any other filter, we always block out the big chunky
parts of the feedback. A story is good. But that's not what
we want to hear. What we want to hear is just the main
parts, not the full ten-thousand-paged novel version of it.

Not that I hate Tolkien or any kinda epic though.

So after the drama is put away, we then process all the small
parts from what we got from the big chunky parts. We try to
connect the dots we see, which brings us to the core idea.
Or maybe the final product, the filtrate.

An informed version of us.

A version where we've extracted the data, but have yet to
sublimate its contents into our mind.

Because it'd only make sense to discern whether the content
is appropriate at its cause first rather then to just blindly digest
the information and assume it's correct just because its feedback.

If we do that, we'd not only kill our identities, we'd create
clouds of bewilderment with the feedback's side. Know that
feedback comes from what they observe of you, and they
inform you in probable hopes of finding out the truth value
of what they see.

So if you just don't straighten things out, should there be any,
then you'll be doing something you're not even sure off, while
allowing the feedback side to confirm its own myth of you,
and boy, that myth won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

People can comment, critique, blame, hate or love you.
But if their cause to do so is wrong, there isn't much of
a point in doing whatever it is their doing eh?

It's ok if you don't understand something.
What you need are the facts. Not the story.

After that, you natural filter will kick-in. You may
be influenced once in a while by your enviornment.
But in the end, you're the filtrate. So filter it out.

Because it's sad to see people lose themselves to the
societal standards set by the community. Those standards
aren't wrong. Just that they're the most widely practiced,
and most acceptable's all. But just because it's like that
doesn't mean it's always right now is it? Mm.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Judging A Book By Its Cover

At some points of your life, you might have realized that
you were wandering in a certain bookshop aimlessly, without
any prior preparations on what books to look for or what you
were supposed to do there.

You just happened to be there, where books appear at nearly
every corner your look. As though each book had a voice,
shouting, "look at me, I'm beautiful!" Each screaming for
your undivided attention.

And this is where beauty, or the art of the book's display starts
to come in.

You were in a situation where you had no idea what author to
look for, or what kind of books you should be browsing through.
Then, you just begin to "sniff" if you can find any familiarities that
could associate you with the book, in any way whatsoever.

And that's how, maybe, this natural filter of what looks good 
versus what interests you collide. There are things that intrigue
you just by you looking at it, and there are also those that
makes you want to open it just because you think you know
its contents.

So maybe I'm going about on perceptions.

More often than not, we always associate ourselves with the
things around us. More often than not, they are usually the things
that walk, talk and breathe the same air we do.

These things we call people.

We first look at how they present themselves. Just like a book.
If the look of its cover doesn't make you wanna throw your
sight away from it, there's a chance you might still want to
open it up and read it.

Then maybe, what they do from what we can observe. This
could be like the synopsis of the whole book. It tells you the
brief introduction of the book without letting you know all
the other minor details there is to the book.

Just like how there are many things about people we don't
know about, but what we do know, is from what we can
see and observe.

Like some sort of preliminary inference, without the proper
setup of a workable scientific apparatus. And that inference
basically describes what that person is to you, without
getting to know the person yet. Just like the first impression
you get off the book after the book compels you to lift it
off the shelf and looks at its hind for signs of texts, and
then putting it down after extracting what minimal info
you could get from the text.

So, lets say, you already browsed through a few books,
and this little one deserved a good owner, or so you might
have thought. You purchased it and brought it back home,
ecstatic about the fact that you're gonna be spending quite
some time with a new story or contextual journey.

You open it up. You read the first page. Then the next page.
And other pages thereafter. You begin to feel a sense of
loss as your expectations of the book failed you. And so you
toss it at the corner of your room, vowing to eternally disown
it from your very sight, because it didn't match the inference
you made from the book.

The first impression intrigued you. Not the contents.

Then as time passes, you might've met a silly mundane day
of gray boredom. You might've been cleaning up your room,
and the book just lies there right in front of you, asking for
you to give it another reading chance.

As though it was saying, "You just read the front part! You
don't know the whole story yet. Once you do, you might think
I'm a brilliant book! Read me again!"

And just when you thought you had nothing else better to do,
you find yourself opening up the book, trying to recall the page
or chapter where you left it. And you just couldn't. So out of
the interest of refreshing your memory, you begin reading the
book from start again.

And this time, the book just engages you, it's as though
all the words that didn't make sense and disinterested you
in the first place felt magically changed.

They interest you now. They make sense now.
You just want to finish the book now.

Once you did finish it, you'd be saying to yourself, "that wasn't
such a bad book after all. Wonder why I tossed it away the 
other time. Silly'o me."

Similar to the people we encounter, there are those who we
think we might get along just fine with them at first.

As some time passes, you find that the person's character
or personality is not to your liking. There lacked events to
meet you up in the process too. So your last impression
that person made to you, stayed for as long as you remained
apart. And slowly, you just don't think about it anymore,
because it doesn't seem to matter to you. Or maybe you
just didn't want it to matter.

Then one random day, you bump into one another by chance,
and you managed to have a small chat. And this chat completely
shatters the perception of what you had before of that person,
into what that person currently is, and you begin to ask yourself,
"that person ain't that bad after all. What happened between us?"

What happened between us?

There are things that we all can't understand at first. They may seem
bizarre, or maybe just plain awkward. It just makes you want to pull
away from it the more you know about it.

As time spun its wheel, those blurs begin to form lines of clarity,
and the pieces just begin to come together somehow.

I guess relationships with people, are like relationships with books.
There are the those who we're not quite fond at the beginning.
But after a certain lapse, and a rekindling moment, you just
begin to realize the details of what had happened, and look at
it in a non-personal way. When the personal human filter is out,
that's when you truly know a person for what he or she is.

So blink. Close your eyes. Clear your mind.

Read it again.  From start to finish.

What seems to be what you think may not always appear
to be how you have perceived it to be. Once the illusion of
what seems is thrown out, maybe the real picture of reality
will be painted out for you.

Perhaps this is what people meant when they said,
Free your mind off things, and you'll begin to see what you could not.
The world and its many inhabitants are each beautiful at its own right. 
It'd be a shame to allow the mars of prejudice to lose their panoramic 
colours to all the unimaginable beauties we could only dream behold.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Log of Depression

God knows when was this. Bleh. Probably
 first year of col when I was an egocentric 
hobo of sorts. Seems like it was dated at
2007. Oh, I was a complete fucktard back
then. epic period of time.

It was left in draft form. I just happen to stumble
on this while I was digging through some old archives.

Hm. Why not just post it?
Why not?

Because it's stupid.

But that's not the point.
I just wanna post this thing up.

Because I'm sick of being depressed.
I got over it a long time ago. And seeing
this post right here, right now pisses me off.
Actually, reading any sort depressing post
without good reason pisses me off.

A post about a saddened state of mind is normal.

A posts about a personal cataclysmic doomsday is
out of this world outrageous. The world is not gonna
end if you end. So get a grip or by the love of God,
just end your life already so that you can stop making
other people's like miserable by making you yourself
feel miserable. You might as well be miserable once
at your deathbed to help people move on than to be
a continuous nuisance to the world around you.

Because depression is like a contagion. You stick around
it long enough, and it might just be your next best friend.

But at least I knew the Osla back then took the
initiative to turn things around for the better.

Though, its important not to confuse initiative and
continuous action.These two are different separate
matters. Just because you have initiative doesn't
mean you're getting things done in the long run.

And as far as I remember, depressions was like
multiple spikes in a disorganized graph chat.
It goes up one time, and down for a very long time,
then it sets itself in a repetitive motion.

Ok whatever, to the post already.

Seems that I'm actually under a depression now called dysthymia.
It's not really that bad actually. It's just mild depression but if I don't
something about it soon.. well, It might just get worse. SO, I'm actually
making my first advancement towards healing myself from what I've read
in the health website which is to write down whatever that depresses me.
I find it pretty stress relieving if you'd ask me. If any of you feel depressed,
I think this might be a good thing to do. Oh well, let's begin...
[edit] I'm gonna cross out whatever I've overcome lolz. [/edit]


1. I just can't say what I want...
What do you mean I can't say what I want?
Now I'm known to say a lot of things too much.
Should anything shitty happen, it's not your fall. It's theirs.

Guess that's what happens when you're sick
of not being able to say anything at all.

I'd rather always be able to speak my mind
then hugging my knees in silence at every
goddamn opportunity.

Because it sucks to not have a voice when you
know damn well you have one.

2. Why can't I change even after giving myself so much time?
Old bullshit. Moved on. I've already changed so much. Who 
says I can't. Give yourself time and action and the magic will
happen by itself.

3. Am I just lazy or don't I want to do work again?
Huh? Lazy? C'mon. That's overrated. Not intrinsicly or
extrinsicly motivated? Ok, maybe that's the right word
for that. But inspiration is everywhere just waiting for 
you to see. So. Obviously, this isn't a problem. At all.

4. Why must people around me be so hardheaded all the time?
What the fuck does people being hard-headed have anything to do
with you anyways? It's not your problem to deal with. Geez. If
people around you are all like that, wouldn't that be just so easy 
to deal with? Just mind your own business, case closed.

5. Why can't my dad just understand how my mom feels?
Doesn't matter to me anymore.

6. Why can't my mom just understand how my dad feels?
Like I said. Doesn't matter. I'm tired of trying to get them
to peace things out. Things are already peaceful enough.
So whatever. I don't need to do anything here. I ain't needed.
If you feel you ain't needed, then simply walk away.

Or, fight for you right to be needed. If that's even a right.
Too lazy to do that. Wait, did I just said lazy? HOMG
I must be depressed again FUUUUUUUUUUUU-

7. Why can't my little brother just be a bit more patient?
Hey, he got bullied way harder than me before. He has
the right to punch anyone in the face if he/she hurts him.
I second any of his reasonable self-defense actions.

It doesn't matter if you don't second violence. He's
family, and he has my blessing to throw a punch so
hard that anyone's bile would spill from the blow if
anyone would cause him to retaliate that way.

8. I don't like sitting around thinking to myself and doing 
nothing all the time.
Bah, happens from time to time. Whatever. It'll pass.
It's not like it's ongoing for a very extensive period
of time. If it is, well, it's only natural to not sit around
thinking to yourself any longer.

9. I think I'm a loser because I act pretty cowardly..
I think I'm anything but cowardly now. And maybe
even ended up being too arrogant for my own good.
But I guess being arrogant have its uses.

Though, it has a record of pushing people away for me
Way to go bro. Way to go.

No, this doesn't win me an exclusive brofist.

10.I can't face my problems with people because I'm afraid 
I'll hurt their feelings.
Excuse me? Hurt their feelings? What about yours? If people 
give me shit, I stand up against them. Truth, done and proud.

But if you know you can't win, you should ask yourself
if it's really worth the trouble.

11.I feel like I can't be around my friends because I feel like 
I trouble them whenever I'm around.
Dafuq. You felt that way for what? They being them isn't anything 
you should be worried about. And you being you isn't what you 
should be worried about. But if they have a problem with you 
being you, but another group doesn't, then there's something up 
between you and them. You either leave the matter unsolved or 
go stir some trouble for yourself. How you deal with that trouble
though, will require very thorough understanding of the situation.
Good luck though. Both scenarios aren't easy to deal with. 

It depends on your preference really. Full scale war or cold war? 
Either way, we know only one helps you solve problems permanently. 
Whichever you think that is entirely up to you ohohohoh.

12.No one tries to understand me...
I don't need people to understand me anymore. As long
as they could hear me talk if I need something said, that's
enough. Clarifying things is one thing. People believing
what you say is another matter entirely.

13.Why doesn't anyone just listen to me when I talk?
Don't care lo. If they don't listen, it's their problem.

So in the case that shit did fall from the sky, it'd help if 
you had a shit-resistant umbrella  have good memory. 
That way, you could at least provide some alibi should 
they toss the heat on you.

But if you're in a group however, and you're part of the 
leadership, it's your duty to pull things up together. If you 
give up, naturally, the group follows. 

So don't give up until you really think all hope is lost.
Because if you don't, someone else out there would
kick you in the face if it's not me. 

14.I can't bring out my honesty because I think I'll hurt even more people...
Truth is truth. People can't runaway from it forever. Having the courage
to be soft is one thing. But having the courage to face problems to quell
the current conflicts you have for good is a whole new thing. And yes,
it takes a lot more courage to do that then being soft. I was soft once.
I never for once regretted doing this change. 


Maybe I'm just such a dumbfuck to not regret being different from
what I was before. But heck, anything is better than what I was before.
I might as well be a full-fledged criminal rather than being a sack of
degenerate meatloaf doomed to rot in the embracing cascades of 
the eternal abyss.

But I won't stab anyone. Well, at least, I don't have the intention to do
so yet. Lets see if I happen to face a moral downslope that might trigger 
me to do so in the future.

Who knows who I'll be in the future. But it's highly unlikely. I'm the kinda
guy who'd rather stab myself than stab someone else.

Because I kinda got used to hurting myself when I was a depressed fuck.
So it's not a problem to me.

Maybe reading People and A Sudden Eruption would help to paint out
the picture of what softness and the ability to be disabled does to me.

Remember the quote from Aristotle
“What lies in our power to dolies in our power not to do.”

Not saying that softness isn't a bad thing. It's great in so many ways to avoid 
problems. Just not great when it comes to solving them is all.

You think time solves problems? No. Time just helps you to delay the current
issues at hand long enough to hopefully make them disappear, but we all know 
that's not a proven fact now do we? 

You may forget them sooner or later, but as far as I'm concerned, 
people are pretty unforgiving. Especially if you have scores or debts 
remain unsettled. It'd be peaceful for a long certain period of time. 
You'd probably even turn gay meantime. But one of those days, you'll
never know, that certain someone will just come knocking at your door, 
asking for an end to the story when you're already at a point of time where 
you'd actually be a married person with children at home. At that point, things
just get into an utter mess. 

So on the off chance that something like that might happen, I'd  personally rather 
settle all my conflicts first. Unless if I think it's that's really not even worth thinking
about. Yeah. I'll let it slide and turn a blind eye.

15.I don't want to meet new people
This is something that happens all the time. Deal with it. People come and go. 
If you're afraid of people leaving you, then don't have friends. If you're scared 
to show yourself in public, I donno, go trap yourself in the room or eternity?

There was a quote from a movie.

"Hey, everybody wants a short cut in life. My guide book is very simple. You wanna lose weight? Stop eating, fatty! You wanna make money? Work your ass off, lazy! You wanna be happy? Find someone you like and never let him go."


Man, I sure had shitloads of time back then. Because I believe I
said sometime before that depression is ...

...actually a luxury. A luxury for lazy people to not do things when 
people are just feeding them to live.

I guess I was like that for a while. 3-5 times. Stupid me.
Fuck. I feel so bad for my family and friends now. Ugh.

And it's kinda funny to stumble upon an old comment
that says:

Took you long enough.
Haha, touche.

If you, the reader, happen to be reading this, and is/suspected
to be depressed, know that whatever people say to you won't
dissolve into your head until a certain period of time. So listen
to the people around you first. Digest them later.

You won't get it at first. And when people won't give
you time, know that they're doing that because they
give a damn, not the other way around, but most
important of all, when they tell you to stop being
depressed, you have to give yourself time to gradually
stop being depressed. You can't stop it all in one go.

Well, if you were Professor X, maybe.

Know that no non-depressed individual can't understand your
gibberish miserable emo rants. So just use them asking you to 
stop as words of encouragement to get out of the emotional rut
you're digging yourself in. When you're depressed, it's all about
you, your state of mind, and your perception of things. So you
have do something about it yourself. People can help you heal,
but before that can happen, you have to want to heal you see.

Oh, and don't forget that when you get depressed, you risk
losing the trust of all the people around you. So go ahead
if you still wanna be depressed. Just brace yourself for the
worst shit you can ever face in your entire history of friendship.
It's bitter alright. Sucks big time too. But you ain't possibly
gonna listen to some straightass hobo like me wouldja?



My Log of Depression

Original text:

Seems that I'm actually under a depression now called dysthymia.

It's not really that bad actually. It's just mild depression but if I don't
something about it soon.. well, It might just get worse. SO, I'm actually
making my first advancement towards healing myself from what I've read
in the health website which is to write down whatever that depresses me.
I find it pretty stress relieving if you'd ask me. If any of you feel depressed,
I think this might be a good thing to do. Oh well, let's begin...

1. I just can't say what I want...
2. Why can't I change even after giving myself so much time?
3. Am I just lazy or don't I want to do work again?
4. Why must people around me be so hardheaded all the time?
5. Why can't my dad just understand how my mom feels?
6. Why can't my mom just understand how my dad feels?
7. Why can't my little brother just be a bit more patient?
8. I don't like sitting around thinking to myself and doing nothing all the time.
9. I think I'm a loser because I act pretty cowardly..
10. I can't face my problems with people because I'm afraid I'll hurt their feelings.
11. I feel like I can't be around my friends because I feel like I trouble them whenever I'm around.
12. No one tries to understand me...
13. Why doesn't anyone just listen to me when I talk?
14. I can't bring out my honesty because I think I'll hurt even more people...
15. I don't want to meet new people

Friday, March 09, 2012

Help me by taking action.

Or help Inivisible Children (IC)?

Recently, I've been having friends sending me requests
to sign petitions on the KONY 2012 thing on Facebook.

I regret to tell you that I've not signed any of them.


Because as I was searching for more information,
I came across some status updates some other
people on Facebook had posted, and I'll tell
you one thing for sure. If you wanna sign that
petition, you might wanna read this article first,
and maybe this one a little later.

I support an end to any form of heinousness done to
humanity. But to just blindly support things just because
you assume it's a good cause, now that my friend, is like
signing a contract assuming you will get profit from it without
first thoroughly going through its contents.

And before you knew it, you just set a time bomb to yourself,
or which in this case, people not related to you at another corner
of the world, but still people nonetheless.

So for now, I hereby declare that I will not do anything
about KONY 2012 until I'm better informed of that matter.
And that is my stand.

Thanks for giving yourself a chance to better informed
of this matter. Kony is a terrible person from what I've
been digging so far. But he shouldn't be made anymore
terrible than what he already is. People deserve to know
the truth about him, not the hype around him.

The question now is, is what KONY 2012 doing right?
Sure, they make us really aware of this issue. But what
about how are they handling it? What are their methods
of dealing with this issue? How is our support helping them?
And when we help them, what do they do with our support
(funds)? Is it beneficial for the people they're targeting to help?

And I therefore quote a friend, who might have quoted another,

"Let’s keep it about Joseph Kony, not KONY 2012."


It isn't a feeling.

Regret isn't a feeling. It's a fact that you'd have to face every
single demented days of your horrid mortal life. An everlasting
punishment for those who have turned from their devious ways.

The repented.

Sentences are just extra baggage.


 it's gonna be around to mock you even as you walk straight for hell.

- Convict.

Friday, March 02, 2012

This Philosopher. I Like.

A philosophy professor stood before his class with some items on the table in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks, about 2 inches in diameter.

He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles, of course, rolled into the open areas between the rocks.
He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.

The professor picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else.

He then asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “Yes.”

Now,” said the professor, “I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life. The rocks are the important things – your family, your partner, your health, your children – things that if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter – like your job, your house, your car.

The sand is everything else. The small stuff.

If you put the sand into the jar first,” he continued “there is no room for the pebbles or the rocks. The same goes for your life.

If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the things that are important to you. Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take your partner out dancing. There will always be time to go to work, clean the house, give a dinner party and fix the disposal.

Take care of the rocks first – the things that really matter. Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.

                                                      ~The Important Things in Life;

                                                        Author: Unknown.

Got this from a friend's post. She only posts once in a while, and can be kinda long sometimes, but its normal because she just updates all her previous experiences in one post. More than often, I just find a little good stuff that pop up here and there in her many posts. I guess this is one of them that I really like and wanna share haha.

I'm a bad friend. A horrible person too. But who cares, I'm just gonna post this out to whoever reads this, especially those who're working towards whatever it is their going for. We all tend to get blinded at times. I just hope this thing reaches the blind and grants them renewed sight at what they really have.

And you might wanna read the passage again ^^
I shall now leave you to digest the contents of the passage. OC