Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Facebook Pages/Liked Pages

I've always been wondering where the hell this stupid thing is.
And I finally found it.

It's not on your profile wall/(the page where you click your own name)

Go to your status update default wall/( facebook button page on top of your profile 
picture). Go to any group you have. If not, simply search at the searchbar with 
whatever that comes into your mind. Join it, and click on it to go to its page if you haven't.

Once you hit a group page, pay attention to your lower right. If it's recommended
pages, good, hit the view all next to it. If it's not that, then keep refreshing with F5 or click
repetitively on your many group pages until you see recommended pages.

It should take you here later. From here, it's easy. Just click my pages on top there.

voila, there you go.

Happy organizing/remembering/unliking your like pages. OC

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