Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Almost everything in the physical world goes through a
filtering process before it could become something new,
better or more useful to us human beings.

As a fellow human, I feel that we people are no different
from those things.

Everyday, we interact, and engage with the environment.
And sometimes, our environment respond in a way we
least expect it to.

It creates a feedback.

Something for us to digest. Information about ourselves
that we may have yet to discover.

Like any other filter, we always block out the big chunky
parts of the feedback. A story is good. But that's not what
we want to hear. What we want to hear is just the main
parts, not the full ten-thousand-paged novel version of it.

Not that I hate Tolkien or any kinda epic though.

So after the drama is put away, we then process all the small
parts from what we got from the big chunky parts. We try to
connect the dots we see, which brings us to the core idea.
Or maybe the final product, the filtrate.

An informed version of us.

A version where we've extracted the data, but have yet to
sublimate its contents into our mind.

Because it'd only make sense to discern whether the content
is appropriate at its cause first rather then to just blindly digest
the information and assume it's correct just because its feedback.

If we do that, we'd not only kill our identities, we'd create
clouds of bewilderment with the feedback's side. Know that
feedback comes from what they observe of you, and they
inform you in probable hopes of finding out the truth value
of what they see.

So if you just don't straighten things out, should there be any,
then you'll be doing something you're not even sure off, while
allowing the feedback side to confirm its own myth of you,
and boy, that myth won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

People can comment, critique, blame, hate or love you.
But if their cause to do so is wrong, there isn't much of
a point in doing whatever it is their doing eh?

It's ok if you don't understand something.
What you need are the facts. Not the story.

After that, you natural filter will kick-in. You may
be influenced once in a while by your enviornment.
But in the end, you're the filtrate. So filter it out.

Because it's sad to see people lose themselves to the
societal standards set by the community. Those standards
aren't wrong. Just that they're the most widely practiced,
and most acceptable's all. But just because it's like that
doesn't mean it's always right now is it? Mm.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes you give interesting insights to things and your points of view are justified. Remember though that they are opinions, and the feedback goes both ways.

You mention of the fact that we as people digest each other as data, as main points. It is true, in every extent. The only people that will choose to see the details are the ones who care enough to begin with.

For a person to change based on the feedback he is given is not wrong thing. It does not kill an identity, it builds it. There are people in this world who have too much a sense of self, and not enough a sense of community. Though I understand your inherent need for individualism, your actions and words in the search for it may defeat your cause in the first place.

When you only listen to your own feedback, then it will forever be a looping coil. We are not made to observe ourselves, nor are we meant to. At best, we can learn from our memories and process our actions accordingly through trial and error.

A creature that does not evolve to its environment goes extinct. That is the law of life. Make informed decisions based on the critiques and advice of others. There will certainly be those who will hate you for your guts, and that is the time to put your foot down. There are also those, who truly see a problem and address it.

I know you, and I have observed you. I am now the feedback you write of. A person must learn to follow the rules before he can break them. Our mission as a human is to get our message across. The message of ourselves, the message of our beliefs and our convictions. If you have shown no aptitude to conform, then more so will you show less to lead and to be a man of your own.

In the end, these are my opinions. I speak to you as a friend. I tell you the truth from my side. An individual is not a person who stands alone and proclaims himself king. He is one who stand among others and form a unique identity among them.


O C said...

Good feedback indeed. I think I'll allow the comment to sink into my head first.

There's little that needs addressing, since I agree in a lot of things you said. But I'm gonna let it sink first :)

Thanks again for the feedback. A very useful one too.