Friday, March 09, 2012

Help me by taking action.

Or help Inivisible Children (IC)?

Recently, I've been having friends sending me requests
to sign petitions on the KONY 2012 thing on Facebook.

I regret to tell you that I've not signed any of them.


Because as I was searching for more information,
I came across some status updates some other
people on Facebook had posted, and I'll tell
you one thing for sure. If you wanna sign that
petition, you might wanna read this article first,
and maybe this one a little later.

I support an end to any form of heinousness done to
humanity. But to just blindly support things just because
you assume it's a good cause, now that my friend, is like
signing a contract assuming you will get profit from it without
first thoroughly going through its contents.

And before you knew it, you just set a time bomb to yourself,
or which in this case, people not related to you at another corner
of the world, but still people nonetheless.

So for now, I hereby declare that I will not do anything
about KONY 2012 until I'm better informed of that matter.
And that is my stand.

Thanks for giving yourself a chance to better informed
of this matter. Kony is a terrible person from what I've
been digging so far. But he shouldn't be made anymore
terrible than what he already is. People deserve to know
the truth about him, not the hype around him.

The question now is, is what KONY 2012 doing right?
Sure, they make us really aware of this issue. But what
about how are they handling it? What are their methods
of dealing with this issue? How is our support helping them?
And when we help them, what do they do with our support
(funds)? Is it beneficial for the people they're targeting to help?

And I therefore quote a friend, who might have quoted another,

"Let’s keep it about Joseph Kony, not KONY 2012."


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