Friday, March 16, 2012

Its Not Free

The stupid Facebook service.

If you happen to update your contact number,
especially your cell number, then you'd get a
message notifying you that you get updates.

Once you do and your updates start ringing through
your phone to let you know what happens on Facebook,
you check your credit, hey, nothing down. So it's free?

Yes. For one day. After that, you have to pay RM0.09 cents
per day for the service, regardless of service.

It's a good deal actually. I mean, a month would only costs
around RM2.70 yes?

But either way, if you're not inclined to pay, you should
be able to cancel it. There's a number you can sms to
deactivate it.

Or you can do it ol'skool style. Just dial *128#
then go to Facebook & Friends. Check the
Facebook SMS function. If it says there deacvtivate,
it means that its already activated and you'd have to
deactivate it if you don't want to get charged RM0.09
a day. And.. yeah.

Pfft. I hate timeline. OC

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