Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ordinary Individual

"An individual is not a person who stands alone and proclaims himself king. He is one who stand among others and forms a unique identity among them."

- a dear friend

And so begins a passage about an ordinary individual doing normal everyday things.
Just like how the ordinary people do. Talking about ordinary things. Thinking about
ordinary things. Probably not a lot different than the man who works the barn with
a pitchfork, or the woman who sits on a chair behind a computer.

Either way, I am ordinary person. Just another ordinary individual.

I'm no king. I have no throne nor a crown. Just a man dressed with humble clothes
and a thick hard cap above my head as I walk the roads. I probably walk the same
paved roads you do, even if they lead to different places in the end. And if I were to
fall, it'd probably hurt like hell. Like how it would for anyone. Hence, the thick hard
cap I wear. It just serves as added protection down the road, if I do fall. Even if it
doesn't shield anywhere else, at least I know I've got my head covered.

After all, I'm a nobody, in a world filled with somebodies. Walking among the
anonymous, like a shadow to an unknown kingdom. A populace filled with
people who desire to have an identity above mediocrity. A desire to be seen,
heard, and known above ordinary standards. The desire to be above equals.

The desire to be extraordinary. The desire to be given recognition.

Something that warms up our souls in the most uncanny of ways,
telling us how much farther we are from greatness, and that we just
got closer to it. Even if just a little bit.

I used to be a vagrant like a lot of people, in search of that certain recognition.
Now I'm just looking for a decent roof to settle in and call it home. You can
have that warm fuzzy feeling all over you, but as far as my feet have taken me,
I know that recognition won't necessarily get you a good roof. But you can
always still get recognition after you get a good roof.

Once you begin to realize that recognition is not for those with direction,
but for those without, maybe, just maybe, it won't matter as much no more.

I'm just a nobody wearing a thick hard cap. But being lost was never the issue.
Because if you're always looking for the right direction, you can never really be
all that lost.

In this world of somebodies, I dreamt of being somebody too. But Uncle Time
shared that being somebody doesn't mean anything. That being somebody isn't
all there is to living. That maybe I oughtta focus on what I should do instead.

From the all things that I can do.

"It's all the thought that counts," a kind fellow used to say. I used to nod
my head in total agreement. But now I find it hard to nod to these days. Maybe
the thick hard cap makes it so. Just maybe so.

But that matters not. What matters is the added protection in the end
for a fall that might not even come. Just because it might not come
doesn't mean it won't come. You can have all the luxuries in the world,
but if ya ain't got security, you really don't have all that much luxury.

So just to be safe, to have a little luxury to this small life of mine, I'll just
keep the thick hard cap on. For an ordinary nobody dressed in humble
clothes, a good shade from the sometimes brutal rays of the sun is as
good luxury as any. An eternal supply of food will be good. But for now,
a thick hard cap works just fine.

Being the ruler of none isn't something to be proud of. But in the very least,
I still have my set of humble clothes and a thick hard cap. A throne and
a crown probably wouldn't help much for a traveller. Humble clothes and
a thick hard cap would at least make the cold nights of the roads a little
warmer as I continue to walk the roads alone.

I've walked the paths of many others. But it is saddening to know that it
has always been a cause of dismay to me. Tired of such a draining feeling,
I now make my own path in a blind search, in the roads that people rarely
tread. Blindly, with a leap of faith. But definitely not lost.

I don't expect anybody to understand the thoughts of a nobody like me.
But that isn't something to be concerned about is it? I have a road to walk,
and so do you. For as long as we keep walking, nothing much matters really.

Though, if we're heading for the same direction, I'd gladly share some of
my humble clothes with you. It doesn't matter where you're going or where
you're heading. What matters is that you're walking towards the same
direction, and that someone is offering you some humble clothes. Whether
you accept it or not in the end, know that the nights will still be cold, it won't
get any warmer for those without extra clothes, and I will keep on walking
until my silly quest is over, or until my feet have given up on me, whichever
comes first.

In the end, I'm just a nobody with humble clothes and a thick hard cap. You
can walk with me, or just move along ahead. Either way, I don't mind.

You've got your pace and your destination, and so do I. And that's all
there is to it. I'm glad for the encounter, but we've both got our own
roads to walk, and that's all there is to it.


says Melanie said...

This is powerful writing. Brilliant. And thanks for the encouragement and the comments. :)

O C said...

Good for you. All the best to you ^^