Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Facebook Pages/Liked Pages Part II

Ok, FB did some remodelling with their whole website layout.
There has been no more signs of any "recommended pages" tab
anywhere on the bottom right corner from the past 20-50 refreshes.

So I hereby declare this old post obsolete.

I found a solution (s) though.

Well, for one thing, if you took timeline, the like tab will always
be at your header, which is pretty nifty. I was tempted in desperation,
but alas, it still tempted me not. Besides, I couldn't find the stupid button
to change to timeline, so.. I guess laziness stopped me or something lol.

Okok, moment of truth. If you're still using the old FB thingy, then you
should be able to find it here:

or you can always just copy paste into your browser while
you're logged on. Yeap. That simple. OHFUCK WHAT HAPP-


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