Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Sorry...

Felifelifel~ Fel fel ferrrrlicia. FER LI SHIAH

that I didn't bathe you more regularly
that I didn't always feed you on time
that I didn't spend more time playing with you
that I ignored your cutesy purrs from time to time
that I couldn't let you go without a leash everytime I let you out
that I didn't sing enough lullabies for you to fall asleep
but at least I cleaned up your freshly baked cakes daily :)

and now it's time for you to go
to a better home i'd reckon
with noone having to live in fear of fur allergy
with many people to keep you company
a home where you can run around freely
and scratch every kinda cloth you come upon

so farewell my fluffy Felicia
it's been nice having you around
you'll always be my cuteh kitteh
I hope you bring as much happiness
to the new guardians of your life
like when I first named you


On another note, I didn't know carrying weights in 4 sets of 12 repetitions
can be so fucking tiring. Maybe it's because I just started. But, still!

Zzz, that bench I bought last year turned out to be not as effective of a
workout tool as I thought. And now I'm down to the hard floor
going back to primal basics of abs building. Sien.

Man. Working out is tough. Good thing my lil'bro is there to
coach me... and I'm supposed to be his older brother. Pfft.

I'm fat. So goddamn fat. With a tummy. That shall disappear. Soon.


***I find jogging extremely easier than building muscles mass. ugh. I'd rather
jog to Batu Caves from my home anytime compared to doing high intensity
weight training at home. No, seriously.



Joey said...

why u gv her away she's so kyut =(
graduated ady fuck wat
wah getting buffed up ah..

O C said...

What to do, everyone allergic to her, and our baby absolutely cannot come in contact with the cutesy kitteh. Sien.

Fuck college la. Wasted so much of my time lololol.

Still buffing up. Lolz.