Sunday, April 29, 2012

Messing Up

The funny thing about being honest is that, you may
very well never be able to know what you can and
can't say, until you've messed up.

And with that lesson, it usually comes with a heavy price
that you're never ever gonna be willing to pay.

Circumstances or underlying lies or falsities that coat
people's lives shouldn't be a cause for concern to us.
They should concern them.

So why must we be obligated to preserve or help protect
something that's not even ours just because people have
things to hide and they can't tell the world about them?

Because we are human.

We know how fucked up it feels to mess up big time and
create a disastrous cluster-fuck. Normal people who have
a regular sense of kindness won't want that piece of shit
feeling to befall any other unfortunate people.

Because that piece of shit feeling literally sucks fucks. And like
how parents knows best about their children, humans knows best
about that piece of shit feeling, since we were made to endure
suffering anyways. And we hate suffering.

I hereby apologize in advance for the obsessive abuse of vulgarity.
But that's just how much emphasis I want to put into this rather
spastic issue.

Moving on from before, many people's lives are already messed
up enough as it is to actually make them want to go that extra mile
to just make some fucking thing up or remain fucking silent about
it so that they can get through another day more laxly.

So why should we add more poison to their despair?
Do we have that right?

We don't have the right to burn down those barriers people
created to shield what they need to protect, just like how we
don't have that goddamn right to take other's lives like they are
ants we can step on anytime.

You are not Light and Deathnote will never be a reality.
So wake up already. That book DOES NOT EXIST.

And I'm not saying that we can and should step on ants
though. That's just plains fucked up. But I digress.

The bottomline is, it's their shell, so only they can tear
it down themselves if they want to. Who the fuck gave
us the right to be the public community bulldozer anyways?

Well, unless if it's a nuclear warhead or something being
brewed up under a madmen's closet then... maybe.

But how do we even know if that's true anyways?

There's no way else to know but to just pry and
snoop really. It's terrible no doubt, but a fact
nonetheless. Which brings me to this one fucked-
up line from a drama called Community:

 "when I see a suspicious Arabian in the airport, I always scream out TERRORIST!! If I'm wrong, I'm just an asshole of a racist, but if I'm right, I'm a national hero.

Stupid and really racist. But it's a fact. We often
have to always test the waters before we can really
know whether it's truly safe to jump in don't we?


So... what's the point of this whole ramble?

The point is this.

For your own fucking sake, live a life where you have nothing
to hide so that people can't go blackmailing you or pushing
you over because you have a dark secret to lock away.

If you have one or more, then you're just begging for them
to happen. You know very well there's nothing in life that
can hold you back to whatever you want to achieve or be
in life when you choose to live a good and honest life unless
by some sudden spur of destiny, you suddenly choose to fuck
yourself up real bad.

And for other's sake, make your mistakes as fucking early
as you possibly can. The younger you are now, the better.
Tell the truth more while you still can. But when you've
already known what spells poison, please don't fucking
repeat them for no good reason. Just because you know
it's poison doesn't make you a venomancer. Your words
don't conjure toxic. It's just your imagination. Just know
that what goes around always comes around. And mighty
Thor will smite you with Mjolnir if you're caught being bad.

People can forgive dipshits who've messed up because
they don't know what those mistakes are yet, whether
they were actually right or wrong, being in the mental
state of ignorance, naivety, and ultimately innocence.

Mess up, and you'll experience first hand how fucked up it
feels to actually mess up. After that, hopefully you'll mature
from it, and by the love of God, grow into a better person,

It's definitely not ok however, to fucking make more
messes of the things you already know you shouldn't
mess up after fucking messing them up the first time.

But of course, if you're looking for someone to literally
knock you off your feet with ironclad hammer-like fists
of fury, then you're definitely on the right track.

Thank you for reading this annoying post and I hereby 
rest my one-sided profanity-ridden ranty case.


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