Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thrift. Deprive. Budget.

Thrifting. Almost everyone who wishes to have
more spending capacity does this. Done for
numerous reasons, from the ones of sound
reason to those of complete ridicule, you've
got them. But still reasons nonetheless.

Anyhow, lets talk about a greater version of thrift.
We always hear people thrifting on expenditure
from food, travelling and whatnot. But what
exactly are we usually thrifting for?

Needs. Necessities usually. We sacrifice on the
many things we want (luxury) so that we can have
more of what really keeps us going, alive, surviving
through to the next day.

You continue doing that, then maybe one day, you'll
feel deprived. Not of needs, but of wants. You'll feel
so sick and tired of thrifting that you'd just suddenly feel
so exhausted about everything and instantly wilt. Because
it's just been that darned long since you've even given
yourself a simple reward. Not even a standard McD sundae.

I mean it's just RM1 + tax. Just how anymore sad can it get?
Ok, maybe if you can't pay even 20sen for some candy then...
well, congratz. You're officially broke for the time being.

Anyways, I laud anyone who gets a kick outta thrifting
though and I really do hope they save many millions from
their outrageously useful habit as the thought of them saving
money just puts a smile across their face. I respect that. I
want to be like that too if I could. But ambition and reality
doesn't always match with one another does it?

So I can understand people who have sudden needs to
just spend spend spend like there's no tomorrow. It's
something quite similar to dehydration. When someone
is dehydrated, once they see water, they just hound at
water like its newfound treasure don't they? Like people
who've just gone through 2 hours of back to back
football training. And finally they get a recess. What's
the first thing they'd do? Drink water.

So how do we balance this out really? Thrifting is
actually pretty terrible if you'd ask me. I avoid it
as much as I could during my lifetime.

I asked this one question before to someone,
"if you had a choice of always going out
shopping or joining events/meeting people
frequently, or being able to eat Jogoya at 
every weekend, which one would you choose? 
What'd be the most rewarding for you?"

You answer that, and maybe you'd get your
basic budget of necessities. In necessities, I'm
not just talking about your basics now, but also
the stuff you think you need that keeps you sane
as a person.

Yes, the reward factor. Probably one of the only
things that keeps a person glowing besides sex love
and support.

The kinda stuff like eating good food, having the
pinch of dark chocolate, your cake crush, or that
pair of jeans that make you look and feel great. Or
maybe just plain going out with the people who make
you happy and reenergized.

You do that, but always stick to a budget. You can
always do the above over and over again, for as long
as you have the means to. Once you don't, then the
cycle of deprivation repeats itself. And then it's thrift
thrift thrift non-stop till god knows when.

And you'd start splurging again once you get your catch.
Because you haven't knocked of the habit yet, but you've
already start spending thoughtlessly.

Why suffer when you can just enjoy if you only
manage your finances better?

It's difficult to break the cycle in the beginning, I know.
But just keep at it, and you'll slowly gain more control
of your habits. People said habits can't change overnight
for a very good reason y'know.

So lets say you do wanna get retain control of your
spending habits, what should you do? What can you do?

Stop everything for a short moment. Just list everything you
want and need in your head, paper or whatever. Just make
sure you list and you're actually able to get back at it when
you need to remind yourself on the things that are more
important to you.

Keep reducing and filtering it till you can hit a manageable
amount with the amount of buying power you have.

Oh, and say no to every opportunity you can afford to turn
down that requires you to spend money. It's your money,
your expenses. Let yourself choose what to spend money
on. Don't let face or peer pressure trick you into spending
that extra dime. You know what you need the most. So do it.
No compromise. Just do it.

Creating a good budget isn't all that difficult actually. It's usually
about the amount of finite buying power you have vs the finite 
time you'd need to rely on that same buying power until you can
revise a new budget. Meaning it's actually measurable. Your desires
may not be, but your budget sure as hell could be. And every new
budget generally starts with a new paycheck or allowance.

Well, unless if you're in a communist country...

Anyways, it's always best to not always hit zero or just nice. It's
always better to have extra, in the case of that same finite time suddenly
extending beyond your wildest imagination, or whatever else stuff that
could force you to spend on emergency expenditures.

I know. People say that all the time, and it might've not happened
to you yet. But when it actually does hit you, just what are you
gonna do? Derp around and complain that you don't have enough
to pay? Obviously not. But if you did that, then you deserve a good
slap clap for still finding ways to poke fun at life even when you know
you're actually sinking into deeper and deeper levels of shit.

When that happens, well, I pray that you love the taste of shit.

So. For as long as you follow the extra rule, I think you should
be able to enjoy life decently. Maybe not in the grandest of life's
pleasures, but just enough to keep you sane and reminded about
all the good life has to offer.

Not that I manage my finances perfectly anyways.
It's rather unfortunate I know, but I'm still learning
you see. So.. I guess I'm just sharing out my
cumulative experience on the said subject matter.

So yeah. Maybe you should go do a budget now or whatever.
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