Wednesday, May 02, 2012


I remember saying this from a certain post.

"If any of you were wondering why that widget up 
down there is still there (I assume you read my 
previous posts before) it's just to remind me that 
we're still together. At least not physically. I donno 
how she's gonna be dealing with her mom and 
everything. Sure as hell gonna be tough. So I don't 
intend to fall back either. For as long as that thing's 
there, that's proof that only one girl resides in the 
deepest depths of my heart. She's working hard, 
and I'll work even harder, just to make her mom 
see that not all guyz are stuck up losers. Just because 
she had a bad husband doesn't give her the right to 
think that way and pass on all the stress to her own 
children. It's traumatic for them. 

To right this wrong, i'll succeed."

Fuck. I think I did forget. 
eh wait, I did score 3 A's in my previous sem.

Sorry, just very occupied with things to do lately.
Just started my first day at my brother's office last
Monday and well, being a graduate from Illustration
shifting in web and graphic-designing, well, I guess
you might already have a gist of what I'm doing on
the first day. *does basic stuff*

Anyhow, I can understand how people can lose sight
of long-term visions now. When there's just so much to 
do and so few things you can focus on, your future just 
doesn't seem to matter that much anymore. All you wanna 
do clear up whatever falls onto your plate first.

And I'll be doing just that. So for everyone who's been
trying to contact me or anything, I'm sorry for not replying.
strictly no replies from 8am-5pm, weekdays. Drop me a 
message and I'll get back to you after.

I've also learn this pretty nifty thing called Microsoft Outlook.
God, such a wonder I should've known and gotten used to
since forever before.

Anyhow, I'm gonna layout some short-term plans soon unlike
what I did previously over here, which is pretty messy and
unorganized, I know. I'll concise them better next time.

I have to be more organized anyways. Literally. Since... I'll be
doing layers and passing my stuff to other people and all. Yeah.
It's work brah.