Thursday, May 03, 2012

No So Distant Targets

...and Priorities!

Well, I guess work's most important right now so.
Ok, for the work part, I'm gonna
  1. keep practicing until I can crop pictures
    like a boss within 15 minutes. 
  2. not get scolded for tiny bits of stuff anymore.
    Need to use exp boost and level up faster.
  3. not be that guy who just "helps around" anymore.
    I wanna do work on something important, just like
    everyone else in his team later.
  4. Be on my way home when the clock hits 5pm.
And in order to do all that, I'm just gonna have to work
harder. College is full of shit really. When you're there,
you just do things with not even the slightest hint of urgency.
In a company, a task you're given to do in college worth 3
weeks needs to be done in 3 hours. 

True story bro. And the faster you can finish it, all
the better of course.

Maybe it's because when you're working, you just begin to
get things done out of necessity. Because you know when
you don't, bad things happen. You don't have to know what
terrible things may come. Your mind won't let you. And that's
why you're always working so hard not to screw up.

I also like the fact that my brother believes in the notion of
"coming in on time and leaving in time." It's good practice.
I mean, if anyone says staying back late is a bad habit, it's
my bro haha.

Because people tend to burn out sooner or later when work is
the only driving force. When you're in ashes, even the winds will
carry you away right?


So never burn out. Burn bright, but don't burn out. He survived the
gruelling experience of working non-stop for the sick years after all.
So It'd be a pretty good idea to follow his advice.

But what do I know right? I don't even know how it feels like to burnout P:

Ok, so anyway... Other priorities?
  1. Well, there's the driving license. hopefully done soon,
    assuming I don't have to re-sit anything.
  2. Magic's gonna be brought down a notch. I already played
    4 prereleases for Avacyrn Restored and got a portion of
    my money back, so I'm pretty satisfied with the game at
    the moment. Currently not yearning for any new cards. Might
    as well focus on paying for delicious Indian cakes saving up
    while I can.
  3. artsy self-projects.... can come a little later. Maybe during the
    weekends or something haha. Right now I just wanna focus on
    being able to work faster and more effectively.
  4. exercise... only if I can manage. Probably only weekends now.
    Unless if I could somehow manage to be back home before 6pm
    or something. Hmmm...
Yes. Looking forward to get more practice done during the 
weekends ohohoh.


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