Friday, May 25, 2012

You Won't Know

You won't know unless you try.

It isn't about giving up at your first shot, nor does it
have to do with giving in to circumstances, but it is
about putting up the best possible fight you can
to to bring out the best of yourself, no matter what
the case may be.

Destiny or a foretold future are a bunch of crap. They are
reality to only those who let Fate's wheel to continue spinning,
forever remaining idle even when they know full well that
they can change things if only they put up an effort to make
things different.

Nothing is ever set in stone. Nothing.
Nothing is, can or will be predetermined if you don't choose it to be so.

Whether you are gifted or accursed with disabilities, that's
besides the point. There's always a choice of being pitied for
eternity, or being acknowledged with respect from the world
around you. How you wish to continue your living days however,
is only something you can decide for yourself.

So give yourself a chance. Give things a chance. Give the world
a chance. You really won't know something for sure until you
really just try it out.


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