Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Metal Mettle


Hi Art.

... I sincerely donno how a Guillotine Cross's costume design really looks like.
One can only guess from the character illustrations. So I guess this is how I
interpreted the costume through my in-game fictional wife (whose priority
got ridden over by just another girl. No that's the name literally. Probably
because that other character can Mug and make money. But whenever I miss
the sound of katars with double attack, well, I know where to find Sierra.)

Will post more stuff soon. Currently unemployed and pursuing
my self-interests. Now... I guess that's a pretty important update.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hi there God(s)

I would like to extend my greatest gratitude unto you for,
1. Dropping Mjolnir on my head and leaving me with an everlasting
concussion that'd go on and on permanently for eons
2. Letting Mjolnir's impact ricochet to my laptop and blow its data
to bits of insignificant masses.
3. Making me hands and head fidget so much they will me thoughts to
lose money at the cash register without even remembering it at all
4. Ruining my perfect driving test combination of motor and car by accidentally
sliding in the wrong info into the registration account at the driving academy
5. Making me phone so invisible it becomes an unseen object to the naked eye,
not to mention the splendid lack of phone reception. It's already as if it never existed!

For without these most gracious teaching/events, I will not have
1. learnt how much I suck at things and I should never work together with family. EVER.
2. be reminded just how much I cherish all my artworks in my computer, even
though most of them suck cow poo and cry baby pee.
3. realized how much I hate a job that requires me to just sit in one
spot watching the hours go by, and that money makes my head go round
as much as it does to the world.
4. had the extra time to hone my skills with the clutch system of manual cars
5. known that not all contact in my phone are all that important. They appear to
be, but now that I've actually lost them all... not so much really.
6. awaken to the fact that time is passing by too fast and I'm taking things too slowly.

I know I'm supposed to be upset. But somehow, I'm just not. So. Yeah.


An unfortunately lucky Earth-dweller.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Seasoning With Salt

So I heard this discussion which was held right before my very eyes.
What to do, I was behind the cash register anyways so... was something about evangelism. Being a sorry-ass sad Christian and all, I guess it gave me some ground to at least listen to whatever it is their speech contect.

Anyhow, one of the crowd raised a very interesting question.

"If the Gospel, or the good news of Christ is such an interesting thing, why the need for it to be seasoned with salt (made even more interesting or attractive) to the outsiders (non-Christians)?"

The guy who was preaching the group on the subject of evangelism paused for a long while when he received the question point blank, and he said

 "I'll get back to you later."

Maybe he already had the answer in mind but didn't quite have the wisdom to express them into words.

So either if he thought of it or not, this is what I think he wanted to say.

"Salt as we all know, is a simple seasoning added to humble dishes to make the taste a little more merrier. Recall the taste of home-cooking? So to speak, seasoning with salt would mean to bring forth parts of the Gospel that could most perfectly relate or fit to the person being preached at in response to his situation. The parts of you'd be plucking out from the Gospel should be something of familiarity to that person and he should feel a sense of clarity upon hearing the Word of God you're passing to him. So to speak, you're adding the salt not only to the Gospel, but also to the person being preached at too. He's already a humble dish, all you need is a pinch of salt and the dish will become an amazing home-cooked dish. A Christian of good faith."

Anyhow, they defined evangelism as spreading good news of Christ to others, and it has to come out of compassion and love and overall, it was a pretty interesting talk. But I guess I hereby declare that I'd give no further comment about the above stuff anymore since I myself aren't that in-depth with all the Christian things.

Either way, I'm in a bad mood now. I just lost a lot of data since... ok, Thor, it's not your fault. I'm sorry for blaming you. Tell your father I'm sorry too. You might be angry, but seriously, did you have to fry my hard disk as well? Oh, wait, you're saying it's my fault? Well, true that. I pulled the cable out because I got impatient of the com loading. Bad mistake. But I doubt anything would change even if I didn't because my com was lagging the living shit outta itself to the brink of crashing.

Ok I lied. I'm not in a bad mood. I'm in a terribad fucked up mood right now. So much so I think that I could turn into Hulk anytime soon and smash anytime within my path. But I shan't. So I shall remain calm and composed and let things go. Let things go. Let things go.

.. this is pathetic. *sigh* There goes all my hard thought decklists, all my drawing ideas, my concepts, everything for the past 2 months. Looks like I'm back to square one again. I'm just wondering how many more dramatic resets am I gonna have in the future. Not sure how much more I can take.

As if watching my laptop drop 5 meters below right before my eyes wasn't enough, waited for a guy who could do a fast job in seconds, but took his own sweet-fucking time doing it and waste 48 hours of my precious worktime with my computer when he could have done it in 10 minutes, spent 300 for the repairs, saw the my hard disk was ok, brought it home, got my hopes up when I saw all the files were still intact, and when I tried to copy it, my computer hanged and Odin fried my hard disk I pulled it out. And it's a lot slower too. Well whatever. Point is, things changed for worse.

Whatever it is, I feel sickeningly miserable. But if I quit now, it's gonna go terri-bad to terri-fucking-bad. So... whatever already. Let it go. Maybe I should go suck on some salt now. Or whatever. I thought losing 6 months of my college work was terrible. This was worse. Because I know I worked so hard to collect all of them together and suddenly things just take a turn towards this direction.

Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck. FUCK.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

...and the 1002nd post

*drumroll* ba dum tss~

Mjonir struck, left a concussion in my head,
and now it left a concussion with my laptop.
I dropped my laptop.

It was struck by lightning.
Screen went black.

With roars of billowing thunder.
Sounds abuzzing.

Awesome day indeed.

Now it is left to the fate of those technicians
whom I hope aren't conmen disguised as professionals.

Man, life is so amusing sometimes. Even when you
feel like strangling yourself and destroy the world
while you're at it, you just can't ya know.

Because it's stupid and it doesn't make any sense.