Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hi there God(s)

I would like to extend my greatest gratitude unto you for,
1. Dropping Mjolnir on my head and leaving me with an everlasting
concussion that'd go on and on permanently for eons
2. Letting Mjolnir's impact ricochet to my laptop and blow its data
to bits of insignificant masses.
3. Making me hands and head fidget so much they will me thoughts to
lose money at the cash register without even remembering it at all
4. Ruining my perfect driving test combination of motor and car by accidentally
sliding in the wrong info into the registration account at the driving academy
5. Making me phone so invisible it becomes an unseen object to the naked eye,
not to mention the splendid lack of phone reception. It's already as if it never existed!

For without these most gracious teaching/events, I will not have
1. learnt how much I suck at things and I should never work together with family. EVER.
2. be reminded just how much I cherish all my artworks in my computer, even
though most of them suck cow poo and cry baby pee.
3. realized how much I hate a job that requires me to just sit in one
spot watching the hours go by, and that money makes my head go round
as much as it does to the world.
4. had the extra time to hone my skills with the clutch system of manual cars
5. known that not all contact in my phone are all that important. They appear to
be, but now that I've actually lost them all... not so much really.
6. awaken to the fact that time is passing by too fast and I'm taking things too slowly.

I know I'm supposed to be upset. But somehow, I'm just not. So. Yeah.


An unfortunately lucky Earth-dweller.

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