Sunday, July 15, 2012


I recall someone saying something about dealing with art blockages. OR something like that. Maybe it was about a good start or something. Should be this link I think.

If you're looking to expand your skill repertoire, just see how he paints, and you should be able to pick up the things he does real quick.

Anyhow, regardless if he said anything about blockages or not, if you ever find yourself in a position where you're just stuck, if it's not a project of particular commitment, might as well just keep sketching along new ideas until one really strike you fancy, fancy enough for you to actually want to see it through completion through thick and thin.

So yes... I'll be doing just that.

And I've been wondering a lot about skillsets. Why even bother expanding your skillsets when you're not even great at anyone of them yet? At the moment, I feel like I can't do anything without this particular brush I'm always using. So I'm gonna rely on this method for now. Maybe after I've achieved a certain degree of mastery with this form, I can move to another tool or skill with a bit more confidence, knowing that I can do great works with that thing alone, and should anything of wrong with whatever experimental ideas I'm gonna work on, I can always fall back to my base.

Not sure if you get what I mean. Anyhow, I guess this is it for today. Will you see a complete work soon? Mmm... we'll see. We'll see...

You better do.

Alright alright I get it. Sheesh.

Oh by the way, ever heard of something called steganography?
No? Ok, you can save yourself the hassle of googling it up. Just
click here.

I've always been weary of opening anonymous e-mails. But I guess
my suspicion was confirmed when I watched this episode from a
drama about cyber crime. You can read about this case scenario
here. You can skip everything by ctrl+f and searching for D7. Reading
from there onwards should suffice. Sure, of course it's fiction. Don't
believe it if you don't want to. Still, it's just better to be educated 
about the matter than to continue on blindly.

Anyhow, what'd you do if you were just browsing through your e-mails
about Groupon and whatnot, then one day, you find your cursor beginning
to move by itself and strange things begin to happen to your computer?

Well, the good news is, at least you'd know it's not a ghost fooling around
with your computer. The bad news is that it's actually a virus attack someone
is using to hack into your computer and making your life miserable.

Don't worry, opening up e-mails are perfectly fine. Just don't simply open
any attachments included within the e-mails. Well, now you might actually
understand why so many e-mails are actually using that virus and spyware
checking before you could open it. It's really there just for your safety.

So once you click the attachment, there's a possibility of something self-
extracting itself, and there you go, you'd better go get yourself a new com.

Anyways, if someone does actually hack into your device, the wisest action
would not be to activate your Firewall or anything. How do hackers get into
your account or computer anyways? What gets you connected?

Yes. You guessed correctly. It's your internet. Pull the plug of your wifi or
you most immediate connection device out. Then deal with the virus accordingly. 
Dealing with a virus while remaining online is just asking for a hound to bite up 
your ass real hard. But if you're up for the challenge... sure, why not. Have fun :)

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