Monday, July 16, 2012

To Ignore

...This sorry issue called "awkwardness". Not directly implying on my artwork or anything.
But in everything I guess. Mostly in people, since that's the kinda thing where silence 
between a large group of close-knit people is like almost blasphemy. Yeah.

It is said by some that "the silence shared between people can sometimes be beautiful,"
probably a more positive anecdote to the it's "silence is golden" counterpart, with strongly
suggests a form of nuisance.

Anyhow, I believe that awkwardness is really just your mind telling you something's off 
somewhere, sometime, someplace. But if you happen to choose to ignore the illusion that 
awkwardness exist, then just maybe, maybe, things won't be as awkward.

Of course, if you call a painting awkward, that's a completely different thing as an awkward
painting would definitely show a certain degree of wrongness with how everything comes 
together in the composition, and just by looking at it, you feel rather uneasy.

So aside from that, conversational awkwardness is pretty much non-existant to me. I mean...
what's wrong with a little bit of silence now and then anyways? Does everyone have some
sorta verbal obligation to speak whenever you're around a group of friends? Nonsense.

It's like saying if someone were to visit the washroom, that person's definitely gonna poop.

Yeah. And I'm tired of putting in OC and changing them to orange and blue at the bottom of
every single post. I initially did it to give myself some sorta identity. 

But I guess these days I find such efforts to specifically identify myself in such a way is
pretty much futile and is a waste of time. Even if it really just takes a few seconds. 
And I don't even really enjoy doing it. So I'm giving it a rest for now.

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